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  1. it will probably make sense when that redhill easter egg solved.
  2. I opened a ticket about that like 2 weeks ago and still no answer. LO u guys should do something or that clan will kill the game and engine wont save.
  3. Dude, y'all were crying about engine upgrade. Now they are working on it and they cant do everything at the same time. Just be patient and wait
  4. We are not complaning about winners dude (I mean I m not) They said they will chose a 4th winner if the top 3 costumes are premium. As the winners confirms the all winners are made their costumes with premium so where is the 4th winner ? That why I M here atleast.
  5. Im not complaning about winners their costumes are decent. I just want to see the 4th costume. Thats all I need.
  6. Probably they have made the out when they were premium but its not fair. U guys gotta check the cloths !!!!
  7. Wha what ? HOW ? Can someone explain how they did these without premium PLS ????? A no premium player can use only 3 symbol u guys now right ? Im confused right now.
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