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  1. I guess u need to watch the video again. His graphics are not at low it is on max or high. If the 4:3 rez, off bloom and brightness makes the game look potato. . . ok
  2. He is using 4:3 res, bloom off and max brightness thats all. His textures seems ok is that what u call "potato" ?
  3. I didnt say "Dont add new things". I said "Solve the major problems first". No one left the game cuz there are no motorbikes or pets. Everyone left cuz the matchmaking sucks, weapons and mods are not balanced, threat system not working good etc.
  4. I said "Change" not bringing new things. None of the things u wrote gonna save the game. LO should solve the major problems. Matchmaking system, progression, threat system, bounty system, map rework etc. Bringing those things may make some of u happy but sorry it won save the game.
  5. The thing y'all don't want understand is, apb has to change. Accept it. If LO wants to increase the pop of the game they needs to find a way to change it in a way that not gonna mess the spirit of the game. I got u, u dont want them to change the game to something different than u played for years but otherwise this game will die.
  6. I know lots of players been called "BLATANT" by others even they were not cheating.
  7. Exacly, When I say "There are no cheaters as many as u all think" every one dislikes my comments but it is the truth. With enough experience and skill u can do nearly everything in this game. Im not saying "There are no cheaters". They exist ye but not as many as u guys think. Most of u creating the issue with blaming ppl with no reason. Dont u guys watch cs clips with ppl flicking why when someone do that in apb everyone cries like "U cHeAt"???
  8. Yeah, Start to game with a 0 sloted star, no mods, a weak patootie car and u will match with a max rank that has everything. The system works like that for a new player. Where is the progression u mentioned ? MMORPG Progression works fine for the PVE games not for the PVP focused games. MMORPG Progression is a huge disadvantage for new players as swft said. Make the new players match eachother or balance the game progression for everyone otherwise population will not increase.
  9. Where are those +200r spinn bots. Am I the one that cant see them ? or you all just hackusating . . . Dont get me wrong u are not wrong about GMs and stuff but everytime I join to a damn district I always see ppl complaning about "cheating" even tho there is no and Im sick of it.
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