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  1. Dope. I also see you've finally been accepted to the SPCT, congratz
  2. Strado

    Reapers [Crim]

    Wow, that's a name I haven't heard since like what... OBT?
  3. I mean like. 1 player has let's say X amount of ELO, 2nd has Y and 3rd has Z. The MM would try to get opposition for them that's as close to X+Y+Z as possible. Actually, I don't even know. I just wish to take away the placebo effect of ranks and threats.
  4. Well yes, sort of. Have the matchmaking match teams based upon a group's cumulative, hidden ELO. People just assume somebody is better simply because somebody has a different icon next to their name, even before the match starts. Another thing that needs to change is the community's mentality. People start calling out others as cheaters after losing one or two missions. Instead of actually playing the game and learning on their mistakes, they just accept the outcome "because oppo was gold or high rank.", so maybe hiding everybody's threat and rank in the missions would work out better and people would concentrate on the game itself rather than flaming and bashing eachother.
  5. Remove threats totally, don't look at people's ranks, just play the game.
  6. Oh i even forgot I was subbing you on YT xD
  7. Granted, but all other actions drop to 0,0007% efficiency. I wish I could speak all the languages in the world.
  8. Damn, Pufty, that was cool!
  9. Paintball guns! But then again, LTL and sirens is the only thing that makes me log on my enf time to time.
  10. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be fit for the role, but I'm not going to list any names. I'm really fine with anybody as long as they go through a tough and careful selection.
  11. Glad I could be of help On a serious note, I'm quite eager to hear more about this, as I'm preatty sure, you've already hosted this event once
  12. Thank you for claryfing this, Matt. Really appreciate it!
  13. Didn't read through it, but +rep for the idea and the effort you've put into it. Thank you in the name of the community.
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