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  1. Perfect just came from "another game" to continue leveling my enf and BOOM. Teleportations, great lags and other well-known stuff. Seems like APB wont break that circle even now. Well i have 68 days of premium, maybe they will fix it till it expire so i can finally play normally lol.
  2. Yay! Nice to hear it and i hope you will fix server's problems too. Is there gonna be any new badass stuff in ARMAS? For enforcers lol
  3. I have Razer Imperator 2012 mouse and Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth 2016 kboard both connected with Synapse and got few macros (as for led and for some other stuff) but ive never been kicked out to char.select screen or login screen coz of it. Only 'cause of server problems (ddos etc) or my connection issues. I dont think it matters which mouse you got so you better check other options as was told before.
  4. Если оплата через paymentwall, то там и не такое может быть. Без скрина и подробностей никто тебе ничего не скажет. P.S paymentwall различные твои карты могут заблокировать ибо "у каждого клиента должна быть только одна карта для оплаты покупок через paymentwall, которую мы подтверждаем и привязываем". Так что проще платить через стим, так как у стим проблем с оплатой вообще никогда нет. Единственный минус это налог.
  5. Thanks for lettin us know! I hope you will fix everything soon.
  6. If you cant make a gold threat...well its sad (my problem is to get rid of gold to play with my newbie friends in bronze dis.). Soon (maybe) there will be new matchmaking and we wont have any problems.
  7. We just need a clear, informative answer from LO - when and how. Nothing more. If they are working on it - good, we can wait (i guess). If its not a priority atm - you know what to do. And untill that - all speculations and rumours just makes no sense.
  8. Alekero

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    Oh god you still alive Best of luck folks, hope ya doin well
  9. oh...its time to live a life again lol
  10. The thing is (if to be objective) - APB got cheaters with or without BE. BE is not a perfect 100% solution, and there a lot of private cheats+macro that help kids to be awesome. Thats true and everyone knows it. Every game got cheaters, more or less. Remember PUBG? or The Division (again that chinese ones)? Another question - how LO will deal with em. Its all about speed. How fast BE or support will check and ban suspects. Since G1 did nothing for ages - you can suppose how much time LO will take to deal with this issue (since they got enough problems and without cheats). p.s btw in silver\gold districts more cheaters\macro since its easy to say that its your skill, rank, threat and over9000 hours - but not cheats lol
  11. Anyway it wont be smooth and unnoticeably in APB so it has to be polished and tested much. Or we gonna get another bunch of bugs with flying cars, falling through textures etc.
  12. Same stuff but i dont experience any freezes in other games (like BF1\R6S\Overwatch etc all runs on ultra) and never got troubles in different games xept APB. I did more than you (even tried on other pc with top specs) and im still got stutter especially when im shootin in CQC or enemy showing up in front on me with spraygun(nfas, medusa). And i can say that i never faced that problem before (even in 2010 or later). And got no idea why its happening now because CPU good, no malware and stuff, overall temperatures are perfect etc etc etc...
  13. Hi! Want to buy Nano, 2 mil. Mail ingame (Alekero) UPD bought, thanks. Thread can be closed
  14. Well that "crying" about low-yields since da game start. If you are "skilled enough" - dont use it. If you wanna finish your enemy in cover - use. Simple as that. Ive never seen much crying about OSMAW, O-PGL and other " low-skill" nade weapons lol always low-yields. Butthurt huh?
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