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  1. Vastly prefer Waterfront for aesthetics and general feel, but absolutely hate it for game balance (or, the lack thereof)
  2. Can you please bring back the Waistcoat item as an event reward soon? I've waited for 2x 4th of July now, without seeing it return. It would be nice to have a chance to get it again.
  3. I did reach out now, but I don't pay much attention to Discord (outside of the event) so I didn't see the message. I mainly just read these forums, and here it was said by Matt that LO's producer was reaching out to us. I was waiting for that. I don't know what qualifies either, but I have a few stickies in the channel, so I would assume that counts as active contribution.
  4. Have all the Tier 2 actives in Discord been contacted for their in-game details? I would consider myself as one of them, and nobody reached out. Feeling a little overlooked here, considering I didn't get my tinfoil email either, even though I signed up for it.
  5. Question: Does the Find The Dealer take place in Social or in Waterfront/Financial? The blogpost states: "Find you friendly neighborhood dealers decked out in green within Social." but also "One of our GM's (#1) will hide somewhere on the map in Financial or Waterfront while a second GM(#2) stands in the general area of GM #1."
  6. Any clothing item unlocks in this event, or is it just the 4 titles? Never played any easter events before, not sure if I can be bothered just for titles.
  7. I added my actual, real email, and haven't received anything yet either. Checked spam folders, nothing. Sad, really would've liked the tinfoil hat.
  8. That's actually based on a real life city called Detroit
  9. You're laughing but I unironically agree with all of this post
  10. I'm pretty happy with these rewards, I think that's cool. I especially like that Tier 1 doesn't get something exclusive, because that would create a lot of salt. Very decent and fair rewards. Would still prefer the next one to be without rewards though. Creating an official discord is a very good idea. Outside of #redhill in the unofficial one, it's a pure clusterfuck. Actually, all of the unofficial discord is a clusterfuck. AMA with the team behind the ARG is a cool idea also. Thanks again for a cool event.
  11. We did. ShyLO said in Discord that it was a typo, and was going to fix it. It should be A. Partridge.
  12. Maybe it's just me, but I would have preferred the ARG to be without any rewards at all. It was a very fun experience and I really enjoyed the spirit and sense of community on Discord while we were trying to crack the codes and find clues, and that would have been enough reward for me. Uncovering bits of the lore, and feeling like LO actually cares about the community is all the reward I could possibly ask for. I feel like this whole "the staff will judge who publicly claimed the most glory and reward them more" unnecessarily poisons what was otherwise an amazing, community-building event. Just my 2 cents, thanks for the event regardless.
  13. You need to line up the boxes correctly. The spectrogram code image had a reverse L in the bottom of the image, and the horizontal line too. Lining those two up will make it match. Like so:
  14. Please, someone pick up where I left off. I need a break. Notes: WECAN'TDOTHISALONE. was the morse code, punctuation included. DCRXJLPDCLAAGVEIVYW are the letters in the spectrogram code, numbers excluded. Notice that these two line up perfectly. Notice also that both of these letter strings contains the letters for CLAWDIA, the name of A.Partridge's cat, which is likely what her password hint refers to.
  15. Not necessarily. Composing an email does indeed create a POST to the backend, but it might not be an -actual- email. Still worth looking into.
  16. Wrong. They already have a database for the emails stored in the newsletter form.
  17. The password in JP was "mr. goodbytes". None of the variations thereof (with without space, dot, and capitalization) work and result in the same screen. SQL Injection doesn't seem to work either
  18. That's interesting, can anyone confirm if this voiceline was in the game before this event? I don't recall ever hearing it.
  19. Update on the ARMAS redeem page: From what I can tell, there is no functionality to display messages from the server, when a code is inputted. There is the hardcoded response for the RedHill code, and there are the normal ones. All the normal messages, like "Your code was successfully redeemed", are also hardcoded into the JavaScript, depending on what the server responds with when redeeming a code. In other words, I think ARMAS is a dead end for now, since there is only 1 hardcoded code, and there is no way (that I can find) for the server to respond with anything other than standard, boring messages. There is of course the possibility that there is a secret code, that just redeems normally, but sends us in-game mail or something similar, but I doubt that's the case. At least for now, I think we should focus elsewhere than ARMAS.
  20. Nah, your searches for the 4 digits will obviously turn stuff up. Keep in mind it's (pseudo)random, and the internet is full of those, so of course you will find some. You cannot really back engineer the UUID if it's version 4. It's random, there is no structure to the data. EDIT: that being said, there is of course the chance that it's a custom made UUID and not a randomly generated one. Still, I think we're stuck for now, waiting for LO to drop more stuff.
  21. More info: The actual redeeming of the code on ARMAS is hardcoded into the JavaScript for the webpage, found in _js/store/redeem_code.js if (the_code === '32584') { setTimeout(function () { $('#button_loader').hide(); $('#redeem_code').show(); $('#the_code').val(''); $('.message').removeClass('message_red').addClass('message_green').html('You have completed Part 1. The first part of the code is 6ac20d50-____-4f0f-____-____________').fadeIn(); }, 1500); return false; } This means any future codes will probably show up here as well. For now, it's the only hardcoded one.
  22. Reposting my message in the Discord here: The code from ARMAS appears to be a UUID https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_unique_identifier It's in hex, format of 8-4-4-4-12 digits. The format is explained here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_unique_identifier#Format Code is 6ac20d50-____-4f0f-____-____________ The first 4 bits in the middle part (in this case 4) indicate the version of UUID used. Version 4 is random: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_unique_identifier#Version_4_(random) Correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe the code itself contains some hints. I don't know enough about UUIDs to be able to interpret it any further. Also found this, but probably not relevant: 6ac20d50 ---> Hex to decimal: 1791102288 ---> Unix timestamp for: Sun, 04 Oct 2026 08:24:48 +0000 Maybe someone else can find some meaning out of it. EDIT: inb4 "Sun, 04 Oct 2026 08:24:48 +0000 is release date of engine upgrade lmoa"
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