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  1. Inquitoria

    No free Trial for weapons?

    Free trials last 3 hours. If you like a gun, you can only play with it 3 hours for free, then you're done. If you like a gun, you will purchase it so you can always play with it. Almost every gun on ARMAS is objectively inferior to guns freely available in the game. And if there is no trial, nobody will purchase any weapons, therefore even less revenue.
  2. Inquitoria

    No free Trial for weapons?

    This implies ARMAS weapons are strictly better than non-ARMAS weapons, which is simply not true.
  3. Spearhead is by far my favourite gun, best purchase I made in this game.
  4. Inquitoria

    i can't buy guns in armas

    Faulty hardware, excuse me? My hardware is just fine, thank you. It's their BattlEye integration that's messed up. And if you think new players experiencing crashes on launch isn't affecting revenue then you're naive.
  5. Inquitoria

    i can't buy guns in armas

    "My PC crashes with blue screen every second time I launch the game, causing disk damage" @MattScott : *sleeps* "Hello I can't give you 20 bucks for a virtual weapon" @MattScott : REAL SHIT
  6. Inquitoria

    Blue Screen of Death caused by BEDaisy.sys

    Windows 7 is still a supported platform and literally every engine in existence builds to Windows 7 just fine. Shitty excuse. There has been 0 help from neither LO nor BattlEye in resolving this issue, which is insanely annoying.
  7. Please continue the event sometime into January, for those of us travelling for the holidays. Sounds good tho. Any sales or promotions?
  8. Side topic, but still: I like the fact that a lot of the people who actually got the skin by winning, don't mind it being given out to everyone. That's a pretty wholesome attitude, and not at all what I would have expected from the community. Props to those guys.
  9. I voted yes. As I pointed out in the feedback thread, giving an exclusive weapon skin only to players who can finish no. 1 in a highly RNG gamemode seems unfair. I didn't get it, and I tried many times. I would usually end up in the top 10, sometimes around top 3-5, but for what felt like unfair reasons, I never managed to get the win. I would spawn 200m away from the area with a shotgun and no cover, I would get shot by a grey who I couldn't shoot back at, or I would be randomly kicked off of the event for not being inside the zone (despite running straight at it since spawning). My reason for voting yes is completely egoistic. I would like the skin. And exclusivity is a horrible argument, considering you're putting holiday rewards on the ARMAS store for all to buy. In the future: please put skins like this as a contact reward, that can be leveled up by playing the event, or a daily, like you did with the Halloween event.
  10. Inquitoria

    Cross-faction vehicle kits.

    Yeah I dno, I would love the V20 and Pioneer crim kits on my enforcer, but I can understand why it's nice to have some separation between the two factions.
  11. Inquitoria

    This whisper I got from a GM

    a) The event is poorly implemented for this to even be necessary b) This has been said multiple times and you're just being a banana for not paying attention to it
  12. Inquitoria

    When LO trolls you good...

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that maybe it's not a good idea to come up with sales last minute, that require you to apply backwards discounts. But I guess Matt already learned this lmao.
  13. Inquitoria

    When LO trolls you good...

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but sounds like a few engineers will be spending a few days trying to implement solutions to properly reward players who missed out. Maybe those days could be saved and spent on something more productive, with a bit of extra planning and foresight in terms of sales and events. Just a theory.