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  1. Inquitoria

    Autumn Assault!

    I will try my best to not be rude but there's no way to sugarcoat this: it's a horrendous event. Technical feedback: Extremely bad performance No indication of when you are "inside the area". Area inconsistent: sometimes triggers at 70m, sometimes you need to go to 30m Some people are grey but can still shoot you Some people are red but turn grey when you shoot at them Sometimes the mission text is wrong (ie. streak gungame but it says "get kills with your weapon to proceed" Design feedback: 0 skill, 100% luck gamemode. 100% of the time I died to somebody that either turned red but was grey when I walked past them, or to somebody that spawned right behind me. Never once had a fair fight. Terrible idea to lock an event skin behind literal randomness and only award it to a handful of people every day. If it was actually skill based, same 10-20 people would win every time. If it's random, there's no way I can influence my chance of getting the skin. Make it a fixed progression with either an activity, a role or a contact, that awards the skin. It's not hard. Stop spawning people 200m away from the zone. I spent half the time just walking back to the point, and when I get inside (I don't know when) I instantly turn red to everyone and die without any chance to prepare myself. Make the areas bigger so people aren't clustered in the same 30m radius area. I got a few hundred JT out of playing it tonight, which all things considered is a fair reward, but I had no fucking fun, and to me it was a diceroll where I was finishing on the scoreboard. Event feels half baked, unfair and unpolished. Please do better in the future, this is underwhelming as hell. EDIT: That being said though, with this and the Halloween gamemode, it's clear that there is some potential enjoyment to be found in larger scale gamemodes. I'd be all for a district type where I play with everyone and objectives. This ain't it though.
  2. Inquitoria

    Blue Screen of Death caused by BEDaisy.sys

    Still happening to me. Every day. No word from LO yet. Nice.
  3. Well, this may relate to the fact that I only really play 1 char and have no alts, and can't imagine myself forgetting the details of my toon. A usecase I could -maybe- be interested in is to see lists of what stuff I have unlocked when I'm browsing apbdb or armas. (ie. you already own this and this item, or you have or have not unlocked this weapon skin)
  4. I have no idea why I would ever want to use this sort of application, regardless of the security of it. Who seriously needs an external app to read info about your own characters?
  5. Inquitoria

    harassment ban question

    anything that hurts my fee-fees
  6. Inquitoria

    Name Change Availability

    here's a tip get a dictionary, flip through it find a real edgy word with plenty of syllables, like "verisimilitude" or "apocryphal" and let that be your name. all the cool kids are doing it if it's taken just swap a lower case L for an upper case I
  7. Inquitoria


    3 reskinned gun skins that look just like the other Halloween skins, was in my opinion too little and too underwhelming, in terms of new content.
  8. Honestly just make the range 35 on all of them and be done with it. Talon already has the mod that does stuff (if tracers worked), that should be enough disadvantage for it. But the regular RFP might be slightly OP.
  9. I don't know, I tried out the Talon also, and I felt I couldn't get kills nearly as consistently as I can with the normal RFP at range. I think it may be less, but it's only a gut feel.
  10. Inquitoria

    Blue Screen of Death caused by BEDaisy.sys

    I'm having this exact same problem. I'm getting a BSOD every other time I run APB. This has already once caused a corruption on my discdrive that required a system restore. @MattScott @Lixil Can you please look into this? It's quite a serious issue. I can help troubleshoot it if you need more info. (or just get rid of battleye it does literally nothing anyway)
  11. I don't think you're gonna convince me, either. Having played with the mod, and against it many, many times, I get kills when my enemies play poorly. And I almost never get killed by it myself. So it's definitely possible to avoid.
  12. But being out of cover almost always results in death, remote detonator or not. You haven't made a single argument for why remote detonator itself is the problem. I can HVR or NTEC you down with just as high killrate as I can with a car with remote det.
  13. Why are you out of cover? Or, why is your cover made out of something explosive, when you know the opponent has a remote det? I repeat myself: It's very easy to counter. If I can just send my car towards you and you die without any way of escaping, then that's 100% your own fault.
  14. Alright, that's fair, I'll try to explain why I don't think this is an issue: You say it forces the person on the receiving end to play a certain way. I'm not sure I agree. It just forces the opponent to avoid my car. They can still use whatever weapon they like, or go where ever they want. They just need to avoid a (roughly) 5-10m radius area around a car (that usually is stationary). You can always just bait the trigger, nade the car, or go around it. That's all that you have to change of your playstyle. But speaking of changing playstyles: I would argue playing against an HVR requires you to change more of your playstyle than playing against a remote detonator. Now, all of a sudden, you need to go up to that roof and clear the sniper out, because he's covering the point, and he's gonna keep doing that until you go up there and kill him close range (or switch weapon and counter-snipe). Isn't that a much bigger forced change in playstyle? A much bigger strategic advantage? If I hide, relying on my remote detonator, 1 grenade from you has ruined all the strategic advantage of that. The same goes for shotguns or SMGs in tight quarters, or playing against ALIG on a vehicle mission: I have to adapt and change my playstyle, because of the significant strategic advantage of those weapons. There's plenty of stuff that has a huge strategic advantage, and more potential to force your opponent to change their playstyle. But that's what the game is about, and remote detonator is not the worst offender by far. I hope that answered your points.
  15. Okay, a lot of people in this thread who don't like remote detonator. I don't see a lot of valid criticism though. If you think it's overpowered, please stop and think if it's because you're doing something wrong. I'm silver half of the time, and I have no problem at all avoiding enemy player's detonators. The first time I die to it, I remember what vehicle it was, and just don't go near it. Or, I run up close to bait the trigger, then back off. It's so incredibly easy to make them waste $100. The only reason I get any kills with remote det is because of people who simply refuse to adapt and keep running into my car, which I won't deny I take great pleasure in punishing. Remote detonator isn't overpowered, enemies' brains are just underpowered.