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  1. I paid $150 up front for multiple games in the recent years on the sheer concept that I was paying into the idea someone else would get to play the game even if I didn't have time to play it 14 hours a day making content for it. I'm still subbed to FFXIV even though I havn't played it for nearly a year now. I've been thinking it'd be nice to divert those funds into a different game but there are very few actually unique and interesting games to feed. Fallen Earth was a damn nice niche game that didn't have to rely on caving in to Anime and memes to keep the player base interested, and I miss that mature flavor like a fine wine. That said, I've been casually watching the progress on APB and Unsung Story. I see progress being made on both projects, and I think I'd rather see them finish Unsung Story rather than split the team on 4-5 different projects. If a Fallen Earth server could be feasible run without causing undue stress to the creators, I'll dogpile with the players who miss their home, but I think it would be a disservice to both the new developers and the customers to put something online just for the sake of having something online. Give me a sandbox and I'll build you a city with events and stories. We'll meet again some day, I have faith.
  2. I remember the day I found out specific outfits and shoulder pads were proven to alter your hitbox size in combat and folks went from big burly suits full of heavy armor stats, to rushing the vanity tabs to put on T-shirts to reduce the size of the hitbox around the shoulders. Fallen Earth was a weird, janky old engine. If we're going to mention how much GORE destabilized PVP, though, we also have to address how positively badly balanced Heavy Weapons were, to the point that I accidentally forced the previous Devs hands to make them virtually unusable. Remember Snipers having a 90m range you could push a little with good aim to about 120? Remember Heavy weapons had bullets that didnt despawn no matter the travel distance so you could shoot them further than targets could render? Remember when I sold all my build info to the Enforcers because the CHOTA were running out of people to fight, and they made a 30 man army to keep The Dump under their control with a mass line of torpedo style explosives in any direction? All I ever hoped for was they'd be unusuable in zones under 40 and the old Devs responded by completely locking the levels that could participate in open towns period. I really miss the hybrid pvp play and the community that let in a dirty casual roleplayer in to their games, and kept inviting me back. Once splash damage and oneshot kill mechanics were implemented, it was chaos.
  3. Sorry, I just had to comment because this stirred up an old memory. I remember when I first got into the game, I ended up getting really invested in Bloodsports entirely because of how beaten and bloody the earn-able PVP gear looked. But when I joined, the popular color to dye your gear was Pure Black. People back then told me it was to make it more difficult to be seen in PVP, but it also made me remember the art styles across some of the old gear was inconsistent. I wont say I was the first person who did it, but it was fun seeing the shock from people when I ran into PVP in a bright yellow duster and cowboy hat on the plainest clothing I could find. I had people tell me I was the 'trigger' that started people wearing more colorful outfits in general, because everyone had been so entrenched in Mad Max fandom that it all had to be either black or brown and what was this horrible eyesore charging into their territory. XD I was one of the worst PVPers in Fallen Earth, and tons of people thought I was Pro "because only pros wear bright colors to lure in noobs". I miss you guys.
  4. Pretty neat update. I actually really started to wonder how spaghetti the old system was back when G1 was trying to do polygon reductions for really laggy areas and minor info was passed down about the reductions they were doing with newer tech. I hadnt even considered the polygon count for the actual characters and how many slots we were able to fill. (It might be a nightmare to code, but I really miss having two different shoulder pads or gloves.)
  5. Hey Hollywood, if you still read these forums, I got a question that I never had answered; During that silly little 'war' we had against the Saints, what was the thing that happened that caused a server wide message from the GMs that said no one was allowed to trash talk the Saints any more, and I think Dr Dolittle got banned permanently? I remember that completely changed the tide of PVP and suddenly everyone was afraid of talking openly for a while. I remember everyone thought you were in the Devs back pocket, but I always wondered what was so bad that it needed a server wide announcement, since literally everyone trash talked during pvp.
  6. Honestly I'll just be happy if I dont crash the entire game running a Crafters Market again because 80 people showed up. XD
  7. I miss the Telepathy mutation, but I'm probably entirely attached to it due to several years of roleplay and character development around the skill (and subsequently being driven insane by it), following the predefined lore presented by the game. Its great seeing both old and new names on the forums and I hope everyone is safe and healthy.
  8. I would have been okay with 'old gear' if they could bring back the stuff from before we lost the extra gear slots and pre-gore. The Yellow Chip exploit was too much and people breaking the currency cap is ultimately why we cant have nice things. I doubt Little Orbit has access to the 'golden age' era of design and playability, because we were never supposed to have literal billions of high end currency. Plus by the time I joined, you could already grind to level cap in about four days with maximum reputation in three factions almost totally naked, and I joined before F2P happened. Welcome the facelift and enjoy the nostalgia of the development phase, don't hate on the change. Cherish the memories you had, and the ones you may yet make in the future. (As a side, Secret World relaunched and gave all their grandmasters all their loot and shit and the game is basically dead because the people who played it already owned everything so they werent making money. And now Tencent owns them and lootboxes and pay to win is all over their games.)
  9. I wonder if FE2 is going to be rated Teen or Mature. I remember liking the game a lot more before the rating got changed for free to play and the kiddie rushers flocked in from Steam. and I started getting punished for stuff that had been considered 'normal every day activity' before. But I don't know if a Mature rating would keep the cash flow going. I paid my sub faithfully while it was an option, though.
  10. Wow, this is a ton of info! I love all the details and explanations behind the systems being worked on. The overhead shots of the old towns is pretty cool too, and brings back a lot of nostalgia. Poor Boneclaw. We'll dig you back out again, dont you worry. Gotta keep those Enfo's at bay after all. Edit; Facebook legit just showed me a gaggle of screenshots from six years ago making my heart strings tear. I miss everyone.
  11. This has been my favorite find this week. Several tracks have reminded me how much I've come to notice MMO music more often and analyzing it in depth. Fallen Earth had some of the best ambient music and soft themes that set the mood. The soft strumming of a guitar in a half remembered song as the crickets began to chirp as the sun began to set. The dull hum and warble of the machines in the lifenet bunker. The way the huge old buildings creaked and seemed to talk to itself. The familiar tunes clanking out of the old bunker bar radios... Its just so different from other games that have something constantly on loop with bouncy noises that repeat so often you mentally tune them out without thinking about it. I hope they can preserve this sense of loneliness and the joy of seeing another live person with the remake.
  12. I keep getting tempted to start writing an old RP tavern style thing in the forums, base it out of the old triage station that was in oilville... Just to get my fix.
  13. Man, I really miss the canyon and how open it was. Games im playing these days are so full of invisible walls and hand holding to make you follow the rail of progression that its all blending together. I miss being able to take a break, set up a camp fire somewhere remote, and just listen to the ambient noise and watch the sunset, or sitting in the teepees at Paper Mill listening to the rain.
  14. Ardenn has been preparing for the collapse of LifeNet for years. Dont worry your pretty little head, he's lurking out in the wastes somewhere. Its up to you to find him. CHOTA!
  15. Welp, sounds like its time to do one final tour of the wasteland and screenshot as much as I can, see how much I can remember and write it down for future generations. Its been a good run. While I will hope for a FE 2, I wouldn't change the experiences I had in this game in a million years. Had a great time.
  16. All my screenshots were destroyed in the great HDD meltdown of 2013 and I havn't taken many since, but a few places that I remember as being 'tricky' included; - Vaulting forward on a wolf mid-jump can get you into some odd spots in lakes in Kabab. Going prone then trying to jump repeatedly can send you into a slow crawl into the sky. (The easiest spot to do this used to be the Chota camp with the little puddle that had a bit of land in the middle. Supposedly G1 fixed it?) - I only ever managed to do it once, but there is no 'water' in the Campground lake in Terminal. Not even water physics. (It took a lot of people trying to jump the dock one night before someone finally glitched past the invisible wall and fell into the crater to look up.) - You can go a lot of places by driving backwards. Like climbing over the mountains in S1 to get into Deadfall or on top of cliffs in PVP zones. (This is mostly specific to ATVs, but some buggies can reach a similar angles, and certain hills in S1 and S2 don't have proper collision tags for a vehicle driving in reverse.)
  17. I'm just posting to say I started laughing when someone mentioned the dumpster fire that is ArchAge. I have so many, many, many reasons to hate the management of that game. I'll leave you with a golden nugget; their GMs begged me to apply for work because of how badly things in the home office were going. Trion and Nexon (look at Riders of Icarus) both pay their workers so little, they cant even cover the cost of gas to get to the offices in the first place, but their cash shops will encourage you to spend thousands every year instead of adding content into the base game. I hope Little Orbit's staff are in a better, happier, healthier position than their oversized lumbering train wreck competition. Regarding TSW Grandmasters; Yes, they were utterly spoiled and whiny. They kept trying to force the dev to bend over backwards for people who had essentially paid $150 up front four years ago for the privilege to never have to give the company money again. Throw in a few guys embezzling money out of their vanity cash shop system pushing out content no one actually wanted and putting the things people DID want into Loot Boxes that rarely give out anything other than items that cannot be traded and things that noticeably upped a player's power. Grandmasters get free items every day that immediately offset any pay mechanics and continue to burn a hole in the company pocket as the old surly grandmasters chase off new blood by being set int heir ways and ranting whenever someone tries changing their personal playground... then complain because there's no new content because they don't have the money to push out new completely voice acted content and intriguing case files every month. PS; As much as I like the voiced NPC vendor lines in FE, I legit hope it never gets full voice acting just because the costs for advances and story content would go through the roof. I don't care if the new generation hates to read.
  18. Casual thoughts and opinions after going through two game revivals (FFXIV and Secret World); With the smashing success of FFXIV destroying 1.0 and responding to all the testing feedback (finally) to make 2.0 and onwards, many companies have been going back and re-assessing older content as possibly viable as relaunching with updated code and more 'polish' on old systems and regretfully bad decisions in the past. "If Final Fantasy can relaunch a bad game into a good one, we can do it too!" Along with a heartfelt apology from the team Director before firing all the old staff and hiring a new team to head the new and improved game. Something that sets FFXIV apart from other companies however, is the relaunch actually happened during the aftermath chaos of the Tsunami that they still are feeling the impacts of today. The money they were making on the game wasnt just lining their pockets, but being mass donated to relief teams and rebuilding neighborhoods, and their fanbase knew about it and were encouraging others to subscribe in an effort to help a positive force in their home country. While some diehard fans loved and adored 1.0 and wish it had never gone away, its obvious the revival was way more successful and Square Enix has no problems with having "Only" a 2 million player fanbase. Titles and vanity items were rewarded to people who graduated from 1.0 and were willing to give them another chance with 2.0. Items and titles that will never be reprinted just so those early adopters can stand out and say they did something good for the game and how it was before. I love the company enough that at one point I just didn't play for a year due to IRL circumstances but I kept my sub running and had someone manage my house because I believed in the game and the company that was managing it. My experience with Secret World has been drastically different, and a large part of it is due to the Grandmaster accounts. As a Grandmaster myself, I have a bunch of Pre-release content that can never be reclaimed due to the old ARG's that ran on Facebook that were shut down due to literally breaking the engine when their first 'real life minigame' happened. Most these items are of no consequence and can be re-claimed and now recolored under the new system, but there is one outfit that cannot be re-earned, ever, and is tied directly to a specific account. This was the only thing I was concerned about when they announced their re-launch, but other Grandmasters had the same problems as Sang or Mutare; Having been there from the beginning, collected everything, and stockpiling defunct or non-retroactive items that can no longer be earned and DEMANDING their progress to be pushed into the relaunch of Secret World Legends. Unlike most games, Secret World was more about Vanity than anything else. Your character equipment never showed up on your render save for maybe a bracelet or an earring. It was all about weapon skins you liked and buying shirts and pants by talking to vendors or mysterious traveling men in an old run down bus or through various hard earned achievements. For many,t he thought of re-earning these vanity items after years and years of play was THE WORST thing imaginable as it was the only way they could differentiate themselves from everyone else. I've actually seen fights break out over someone having a similar outfit or 'copying someones look' even though the cheapest outfits are all one piece and you CANT change their appearance (hoodies are stupidly common, as are people fighting, claiming the look only belongs to them)... So when the relaunch was announced, more than half their playerbase stated they would not move to the next game or even promote it unless their ENTIRE vanity library was converted into t he new game. There were essentially riots and the devs got piled with demands and eventually caved and had people write down a mass list of items they wanted transferred into the next system. (TDLR; during a live stream, they mentioned they had to move and test the textures of 6,000 clothing items alone, which delayed their relaunch by quite a bit, on top of other issues.) When the relaunch of the game came up, there were a lot of rumors going around and a great deal of people HATED the new gimmick based combat system. Not just because every weapon suddenly had a Borderlands style reflex roulette tied to every weapon, but because the build customization process was ripped out completely and now it just railroads people into specific paths. The entire reason to promote the game as independent and unique and a must experience feel, was gutted and now its more of a visual novel game with a korean style upgrade system where none of your gear actually matters because its all exactly the same anyway. They even dropped their MMO tag and forcibly lowered the population cap of all maps despite claiming they were upgrading the engine to deal with the lag and problems that cropped up when more than 20 people were on the same map (the old map cap was 80. Now its 10). The worst aspect in my opinion of Secret World Legends relaunch (and this is a very personal opinion) wasnt so much that the head developer played "Division" and suddenly wanted to force everyone into controller only reticle play (And was basically lynched by his own staff and forced to put keyboard controls back into the engine), but that the previous incarnation greatly respected and was very open arms about the Roleplayers that had gravitated to the game and the hundreds of people that put work into making the world seem alive with parties, events, giveaways, radio stations and so on. There were two different groups (one of them used to actually play here before G1!) that were dedicated to meeting up int he newbie zone and pulling off roleplay events and patrols that new players could join in on even if it was their first day and they were still learning ho to move. I spent years watching and recording these group efforts and how many people they brought in to be permanent subscribers, and how much they begged the devs to leave the newbie zone unrestricted so they could keep promoting and creating long term players. I even used to give tours of the first few dungeons, showing new players around while in character, acting like an agent taking greenhorns around to their first missions and playing up the Chtulhu jump scare and so on... FunCom decided to strip the protections on roleplayers, remove all references save for one to people who had helped the game in the past, reduced the range of local chat to pretty much only the people up in your face, shut down regularly used instances for events, crated an ugly hub no one actually wanted and reeks of micro transactions, shoved all lore heavy events into one bland arena that gets re-used for everything now instead of the world breaker events which brought people into old maps to do content, and generally and openly forced the "Isolation" feeling on its players. They legit said in a live stream that they didnt like how populated the adventure maps were and told people they should feel like there was more danger to their missions, so they dropped the MMO tag and reduced the player relationships to almost nothing. Now they are re-introducing content the old game had before and are trying to sell it as brand new content for late game when it used to be tutorial faction missions. Trying to play Secret World Legends is like asking FunCom to shovel another load of horse dung into my mouth and expecting me to like it. In comparison, FFXIV feels like I'm being handed content on a silver platter thats constantly updating and changing, NPCs recognize my accomplishments and I have so much to do that I can play a whole day and barely notice time has passed. TDLR; I understand older players not wanting to give up their stuff, but I'm also wary of people making promises to the older players and doing exactly the opposite with intent of chasing out its former player base. Compromises can be reached, but it'd take a lot of discussion and questioning what individual players think are actively important to them. Reputation can be boosted with injectors, but fruit from the pre-G1 system will dissolve into ones and zeroes if moved but not reinstated, etc. Somewhat unrelated tangent; Icarus used to have a two page section in their terms of service specifically about what constituted as harassment and that you weren't allowed to claim you were 'just role playing' to repeatedly harass someone, general guidelines about the kind of play that was and wasn't welcome (where do you think those old tool tips about ignoring elves and paladins came from) and generally was the first game I'd ever seen that had something protecting and adoring their role player fans. G1 completely removed the section and the community rapidly went down hill with no one to keep them in check and I can think of multiple incidents where people with multiple accouters went after one RPer because he said "No" to someones party or a girl turned down a dance. If our new big boss CEO loves role playing events, it'd be nice to revisit what the company is willing to do regarding support.
  19. Dang, Vit! Three plus hours of convoy video! That must've been crazy to upload. I do love me some mass gang of motor vehicles all roaring in one place. Was great seeing so many old and new faces.
  20. Sorry I couldn't stick around to shutterbug the Boss events Maybe next time.
  21. I'd have to list like 250 or so people and like fifty clans if I wanted to really name names of everyone who influenced my gameplay, but mostly I was trying to focus on stuff I liked about the game and hoped got preserved in the new system.... Buuuut I've also been pretty gosh darned sick in the past few weeks, so I see my posts kind of ended up in a long ramble, and I'm sorry for whoever slogged through all that. XD Of all the games I've played online, people from the FE community are the only ones who still check up on me and ask how I'm doing. I actually had to step out of the old war games and event planning schedules due to a developing health problem that badly needed to be addressed. I'm more stable now and getting better, but I've been surprised by every message I see floating its way into my mailbox or via messenger to see how my progress is coming along or whatever I'm playing now. I have to say, I love the optimism that is coming out of people talking about the sale of the game to Little Orbit. I havn't seen people this hopeful and optimistic and discussing future plans in a long time and its brought a smile to my face, even when I'm stuck in bed and too weak to sit up some nights. I wish I could help somehow, other than posting walls of nostalgic text.
  22. A few things that didn't fit into the rest of the ramble, mostly misc memories and thoughts about experiences I havnt had in other games in a while... Specifically the engine and what kept making me want to come back, not just the people who lived here. - "Off the Beaten Path" is a phrase I saw someone else use and it spoke to me. I've always been kind of an eccentric player so when someone told me to walk out of a cloner and pick a random direction and keep going, I did it, just to see what I could find. I expected to find bland flat orangy-yellow rock like everywhere else in Sector 1 in those first few weeks of play. Instead, I found; A campfire and a tent with a dead man inside (never found a quest related to it, it was just there), The Carhenge (before Global faction control existed, there was no reason to head out there), Amazing rock sculptures and archways (I hid just inside the edge of Windfarm between the walls and the radiation zones, writing my journals because no one looked there), an abandoned hunting lodge surrounded by man hunting bears, The mysterious voices of the dead in Sector 3 (I dont know if they are still there, G1 might have removed them), The sobbing, lonely scientist in Alpha with the only voiced line that ever made me feel bad for leaving him behind ("Please dont leave me alone...")... Theres so many more but I cant list them all. What mattered were things were there to be found, even if they had no meaning to the main story. - There were Rare spawns that actually felt Rare, either because so many other people were looking for the spawn and killing it, or by the sheer fact that I never knew exactly where this rumor I heard about once actually spawned. Monsters that could potentially show up and path around anywhere in the zone gave me a reason to keep looking through zones I'd already completed the story for. In particular, I had someone challenge me to find a roaming White Gorilla and bring back his drop as a badge of honor. I NEVER FOUND HIM. At some point I actually became convinced he never existed and camped in Kaibab for an entire week, running back and forth across everything and learned the place like the back of my hand. Never found him. People swear he's there. The drop exists. I like to think I was just really unlucky and that he does exist, but I've never seen a screenshot of him from people who say he does exist. It was my Bigfoot/X-files moment that kept making me go back to Kaibab when I had free time... looking for proof. - I want to talk about my experience with Earthwalker because despite all my experiences with Warcraft raids and epic level events, I still like taking a rag tag group of various levels of kids and veterans alike to go and fight the Earthwalker. When I first met him, Aiid was helping me get a Fast travel point and try to find a crafting material I needed. For the most part, the guy was dead silent most of the time, spoke in one or two word sentences when he wasnt just smacking me up side the head with his axe (I kept pvp on for years). He'd let me get ahead of him because I saw this weird change in the terrain and everyone had always encouraged me to explore. It took me a while to realize Aiid suddenly wasnt following me any more. I looked back at him and he was backing up. The ground and the screen shook. I heard a roar and suddenly a massive foot mashed my body into a pancake. Aiid was laughing his patootie off and calling a nearby GM to rez me because he felt bad and they werent busy. The GM laughed. Aiid laughed. The Earthwalker laughed. Aiid got stepped on. The GM kept laughing. Good times. Some time later I got to tag along and learn how to do the Wolf run, and found the strategy to fight the beast was similar to one of my all time favorite bosses from WoW.... But better! And in the open world, so I wouldnt be restricted by faction or super specific level range or elitist item levels to invite anyone who just wanted to see the beast to come hang out and give it a try. It was like going to my own little Rodeo and I was always excited when I heard someone was doing a run and asked if I could go. - It'd take too long to explain everything, but Fallen Earth completely changed my perspectives on PVP and understanding of combat up to that point. I was never a heavy pvper and stuck mostly to self defense mechanics or counter-ganking when it did occur but I rarely ever personally hunted people. I mostly avoided Bloodsports once I figured out it was mostly Capture the Flag with the same group of people all the time. Between WoW and all of Halo, I was really tired of CTF and pretty much refused to play, which meant if I wanted the armor related to pvp, I had to learn about World PVP and Territory control. I'd basically never played a long term control game before, nor had I been exposed to the long term negotiations of PVPers. I was only just barely starting to grasp that there were honor systems with regular fighters when I came into Fallen Earth, and the hybrid maps that had claimable PVP cities but werent mandatory to enjoy the game was FASCINATING. In five years I only ever managed to kill seven players by my self, and most of them were when I was level 35. Because once upon a time, the system's power creep was slow enough that a smart player with a bit of decent aim could overpower and take down an overconfident capped player. I chased people higher level than me because I felt bad killing questers my own level. I could go on for days about stuff I learned about people and gameplay both here and how the different nationalities of the PVPers I met changed their tactics and shifted negotiations and on and on and on and be excited about it even though I probably had the worst k/d ratio for years. And I don't consider myself a PVPer. - The only time I really felt the closed in feeling was the Wall in Kaibab. Most other games I play these days have obscure reasons you cant go beyond invisible walls or convenient impassable mountains or a three inch heigh ledge your character cannot pass even though you just climbed and jumped off a hundred foot tower. I know, this is another 'off the path' feeling, but I specifically wanted to embrace the Dead Zone for giving me a feeling like maybe some day the world would get bigger and I could go further into the rad zone and maybe I might find something this time before my husk collapses and LifeNet forces my consciousness into another unit. There are a few special places in every map where I kept trying to push, just because I wanted to see how far it rendered, where I'd start to bleed to death from invisible death. In Sector 1 theres a valley with a path that goes down into a long dip that has no warning that its going to lead you to death. I still want to know whats out there. Another is behind the small PVP zone near the LB outpost in Sector 3. I regularly went behind the CHOTA outpost in Territory Control and just drove beyond the rim of the map and set up a camp, then challenged people to find me. I even used it in PVP a few times, either to force spawn myself back to the cloner because I got chased too far out, or to mess with the naive people chasing me and we all died while I laughed maniacally (and got shot in the back when I stepped out the cloner. Yeah, I deserved it. ;) ) - Combat buggy + Pup Tent glitch. It made my year the first time someone showed that to me. It was the most beautiful bug I'd ever seen and I spent months trying to figure out how to use that mechanic in some kind of game. Eventually I heard about a group that used to do a combat motorcade event but no one had done it in a while. I asked around but never found the guy and eventually worked up some basic rules and donations to do my first Buggy Demo Derby which I eventually ended up handing over to Hooligan. Seeing a dozen or more players in combat buggies in bright colors launching over tents trying to dodge or break a chaser is really something that needs to be seen to be believed. The screenshots I had just never did it justice. - Dont tell a Turk and a Greek to stop fighting, hug and make up. Man, that was a lot of yelling and several days of history lessons.
  23. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I tried to keep it short as possible, but its hard to make 4-5 years of game play history 'short'. Despite the fact that I "left a long time ago" for other games, Fallen Earth has remained in the back of my mind for years in ways that other games have not. I think I have had more unique experiences in this engine and universe than any other game I've played, after more than 50 MMO titles I've ground my way into late game stages. Most of them are a blur that fuse together and become the new korean standard of color coded difficulties and bland use of random number generation promoted as 'content' or mega-monoliths so old and crammed with trivial minigames that their own communities struggle to explain things to new players. Where more and more companies promote cloud servers and megashards that do more to split up people who are like minded that want to play together in favor of always having an active "Pick up group" random dungeon generator where you never have to get to know anything other than basic mechanics. I run into more and more people in new hip videogames who feel alienated by the very technology that is trying to reach out to satisfy the lowest common denominator for the biggest bucks, preying on those who cannot control themselves financially or feeding fame to those who do nothing but harm the people behind the screens. Fallen Earth was a strange experience for me from day one because when it was promoted to me, I basically hated Post-Apoc games, and I found basically all of the Fallout games to be interesting on an engine perspective but actually really boring to play. I was pretty angry with the guy who was trying to get me to buy into Icarus Studios and this grunge, dirty, violence laden hellhole of a game that looked like it was full of rejected WoW skins, and the game was still subscription only at this point. Not to mention it looked like it was an Mature/Adult rated game, and I had suspicions that adult games were all full of really creepy people. I'd already determined at that point that the more 'realistic' a games graphics were, the more disturbing the trolls got, and this was later enforced when Wildstar came out and massive amounts of people I considered scary refused to play it entirely based on "I dont want to look like a cartoon". But I digress. This fellow ended up convincing my Boyfriend to play, so if I wanted more time with him, I'd have to play their stupid, dirty game they were probably going to get bored of in a few weeks and abandoned anyway. The guy I was angry with (more now that he had talked my mate into playing) had a hardcore boner for all things Enforcer, right on down to strangling out the CHOTA and Vista for being terrorist scum. This immediately became a problem and started fights because I thought the CHOTA lroe actually looked really cool, but he demanded we all be the same faction as other games taught us we werent allowed to be buddies if we werent the same faction. Eventually over time a compromise was made when we found about the old shoulder faction data and how we could share points on certain quests just by being allies. So my friends went Tech, and I agreed to be a Traveler, since I sure as hell didnt want to play a military character. As I predicted, the guy pushing the game basically got to a point where he couldnt progress in missions without treating us like slaves and got mad any time we wanted to spend time alone together. Refusing to play with other people already in the playerbase who were actively helping people (like 1st Canyon Army was really active at the time), he quit the game outright when I ran into something I really grew attached to and completely stopped paying any and all attention to what my IRL friends were doing. More specifically, I had my PVP flag on because I used to play on PVP servers in WoW and had gotten addicted to the thrills of being hunted by strangers in the wild and just randomly needing to fight for my life over a crafting resource. Back in the day I used to be notorious for fishing in high end combat zones just waiting for someone who was bored enough to fight to the death, because all the rules people kept applying to regarding what was 'fair' in a duel was annoying. This is how I met Aiidoneus and got introduced to the Fallen Earth Roleplaying community. The game was a lot different back then to how it was now. Melee was king in the hands of an experienced twink. There were three different stuns nearly anyone could use that could screw up melee, but at the same time, if they got close enough to you and you didnt have that stun ready, you were essentially dead in one hit, two if you were high level. As I continued to play, it felt like a good balance compared to how much damage dual pistols could do to the same melee player if the gunner had decent aim. I started to specialize specifically in heavy pistols to fight Aiidoneus because he actively went out of his way to hunt me down and kill me "In Character" as a method of teaching me how to pvp better, read the minimap better, and above all; recognize when I was fighting a weaker player who was more likely to quit if I kept killing them because they were there. His stories inspired me to go out and seek others, start reading things posted to the FERP website, asking questions, seeking out and participating in events, and being genuinely shocked and amazed how hard people were working to make their little sandbox game alive and vibrant despite the gloomy nature and subjects of the genre. There was battles between CHOTA and Enforcers in a 'cops and robbers' kind of back and forth, there were Biker Gangs peddling smuggled goods and drugs to those who would buy them or escorting people to strange monuments off the beaten path, there were weekly neutral rides where 30+ people got together to dance in a tavern for an hour then pack up their gear to ride to S1 as a unit and put on a show for newbies, the Market was always packed with every facet of the community and celebrated each other for existing, and there was an honor system in place with the higher PVP clans to support fair play and not just non-stop camp lowbies at the spawn point. By my 5th week of play, I had started writing in character journals for the things I was experiencing because I wanted to keep track of peoples names, places I'd been discovering, and because the wiki was spotty at the time, certain quest lines I wanted to remember the dialog for and how I felt about them afterwards. I showed these journals to the person who inspired me to get into MMO gaming in the first place and his response was to keep paying for my sub in the event I promised to write a new post every week for him to read. He didnt have time for new games but was interested in the Telepath lore and asked me to follow up on learning more about the All-Mind. It was also his belief that the only way for niche games to survive is to take notes from the EVE universe and how its been written entirely by the fans for other fans for years, blowing up everyone's expectations of the longevity of the game system. Basically all of my old fanbase and any of the new fanbase I gained from writing about my Roleplay and PVP experiences have told me my writing style evolved a lot while working and playing here. After about eight months of recaps, people started asking me to make an actual e-book out of it and offering to buy it to continue funding my writing and gameplay, helping people express their characters and get their stories out because some people just didnt feel like they could write a story format out of a conversation or one line idea. There was even discussion about taking my "book" to Icarus themselves and asking if they would be interested in backing it as 'official' promotional material, so I could maybe get an editor into my writings and make a better, cohesive story of players and player history (I got permission from a good 190 or so people to write about their characters, I think only three ever asked not to be mentioned/removed). But I didnt, because the announcement of G1 buying the company happened before I finished the book I was working on. Then the HDD I had the final chapter and all the reference screenshots and logs on got corrupted. In the roleplay world, the "Real Ardenn" got assassinated, and the clones people have been experiencing since then have been husks and shades of his former self. The "End" of the story is now just player speculation about how the war between Saints and Condemned actually ended, and legends were born out of every persons different version of it.... and it was promptly forgotten as G1 started to change things for the worse. I was leading a Plague storyline during the Free to Play transition. I wrote up some short fictions for why weird stuff was happening like entire species of plants going missing because G1 decided we had too many crafting mats and recipes were too complicated (and sucking a lot of charm out of the crafting system in the first place, not to mention the need to explore new areas when everything gave the same generic meat/fruit all of a sudden). I watched G1 ignore the hand crafted spawn zones of materials that made sense to their surroundings and the week of crashing when they forcefully implemented node randomization, making everyone who played feel alienated in their own homes (Did they ever fix the bugged spawns inside walls and the unreachable trenches around LA?) ... And the release of incomplete content, finally devolving into a constant stream of reskinned vehicles and outfits as the new owners seemed to down right give up and just frantically seem to want to pump as much money out of the loyalists as possible. I just shook my head when KNIGHT Online closed and didnt thin much about it initially as anything other than 'another failed KR game'.... Until their team was added to the Fallen Earth team, and then GORE happened. Untested, released into a world where it immediately broke the slow power creep and completely turned the game up side down because it worked on the korean model of "Every upgrade should have a chance to fail so bad you lose all your progress" then claimed it was okay because you could grind for the upgrades very slowly through an end game defense point that felt like a dead end for progress and story both on a level that made EA look fair. I'm sure the new owners have heard enough about this topic so I'll get past it. Despite its negatives, despite how often I found global chat to be toxic (I'm just not a very aggressive person, I legit had global chat off 90% of the time), despite the fact that there was a scary crazy russian squad of gamers who were hunting peoples IRL information and threatening families of people because their dad was popular in a videogame, despite the creepy stalkers who hunted me for years demanding attention or making erotic art without my consent of my characters and selling them to other people, despite how buggy and chaotic and the obvious decay of the engine as technology continued to advance.... I really love this goddamn game and on some level I low key hate the community who keeps reaching out to me to let me know when the anniversary events are, asking me to come back for special roleplay reunions or most recently, the excited prattle and screams about Little Orbit buying the game and maybe a chance at Fallen Earth 2, in a sense. But I also really love all of you, even the trolls and the crazies and the Heretics. You all made this game freaking special and I'm not going to forget the times I spent here easily. I still log in from time to time and check up on people. I still see some of the things I started being maintained, and I'm glad to see someone picked the Market back up when I just didnt have the energy to do it any more. My Boyfriend still hates it every time he sees me booting up the launcher because he knows the second I get into a conversation, he's going to lose me for 8 hours while I talked to people and ask about what they've been doing and how they entertain themselves without new content. Maybe its not a multi-million dollar blockbuster MMO with millions of players to give it a 200 man team of artists and coders.... But it's Home. For all its flaws and problems, its still Home. ~ Ardenn, Former CHOTA/Condemned Warchief PS; Should I send the CEO my old journals?
  24. The rule was made so I stopped touching the butts of customers. (Also G1 was banning adult roleplayers for a while so it was a precaution)
  25. Sounds like a plan. Just don't mind the CHOTA rabble kicking around on the floor.
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