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  1. I also remember this company openly admitting they had never done any kind of MMO or online gameplay experience before. They had experience in story writing and converting a popular IP into an RPG format but live services was new to them and they thought our games were small enough projects that they could handle them. I wish them the best, but suspect they may be eating their words now. I would describe the projects they took over as "chaotic" and likely a stressful transition as Disney executives are a vastly different beast than several communities being able to constantly outreach and express displeasure at you. Not everyone can take that or even know what they are getting into when stepping into the "always online services" territory. There's a reason I only organized once a month events and didnt get into game dev
  2. You'll see a bit more activity out of the company over on Twitter, but not much. They've been busy and dont really have a lot to openly talk about. Among other things, they had to take over a project a totally different team kick-started and then abandoned, and are now responsible for. Not to mention trying to update APB which is still a live service and... not going as planned from what I've gathered. Not impossible, just difficult for a team that took over a whole bunch of spaghetti string projects and then a pandemic screwing the supply chain for... just about everything. Actually saw Matt post yesterday, so, they aren't dead at least.
  3. I dont know about the official FE Trivia events, but the trivia masters that showed up at the Crafters Market's were pretty wild. I still remember there was some long winded paragraph that had people scratching their heads for ten minutes until someone who wandered in late heard the question repeated and was like "Oh yeah, the Textiles trade of 1732? Yeah, that was a wild year." I havn't heard from any of them in a while though. Most of them were Enforcer players and as a CHOTA, I didn't get a chance to mingle much outside of the Markets.
  4. I paid $150 up front for multiple games in the recent years on the sheer concept that I was paying into the idea someone else would get to play the game even if I didn't have time to play it 14 hours a day making content for it. I'm still subbed to FFXIV even though I havn't played it for nearly a year now. I've been thinking it'd be nice to divert those funds into a different game but there are very few actually unique and interesting games to feed. Fallen Earth was a damn nice niche game that didn't have to rely on caving in to Anime and memes to keep the player base interested, and I miss that mature flavor like a fine wine. That said, I've been casually watching the progress on APB and Unsung Story. I see progress being made on both projects, and I think I'd rather see them finish Unsung Story rather than split the team on 4-5 different projects. If a Fallen Earth server could be feasible run without causing undue stress to the creators, I'll dogpile with the players who miss their home, but I think it would be a disservice to both the new developers and the customers to put something online just for the sake of having something online. Give me a sandbox and I'll build you a city with events and stories. We'll meet again some day, I have faith.
  5. I remember the day I found out specific outfits and shoulder pads were proven to alter your hitbox size in combat and folks went from big burly suits full of heavy armor stats, to rushing the vanity tabs to put on T-shirts to reduce the size of the hitbox around the shoulders. Fallen Earth was a weird, janky old engine. If we're going to mention how much GORE destabilized PVP, though, we also have to address how positively badly balanced Heavy Weapons were, to the point that I accidentally forced the previous Devs hands to make them virtually unusable. Remember Snipers having a 90m range you could push a little with good aim to about 120? Remember Heavy weapons had bullets that didnt despawn no matter the travel distance so you could shoot them further than targets could render? Remember when I sold all my build info to the Enforcers because the CHOTA were running out of people to fight, and they made a 30 man army to keep The Dump under their control with a mass line of torpedo style explosives in any direction? All I ever hoped for was they'd be unusuable in zones under 40 and the old Devs responded by completely locking the levels that could participate in open towns period. I really miss the hybrid pvp play and the community that let in a dirty casual roleplayer in to their games, and kept inviting me back. Once splash damage and oneshot kill mechanics were implemented, it was chaos.
  6. Sorry, I just had to comment because this stirred up an old memory. I remember when I first got into the game, I ended up getting really invested in Bloodsports entirely because of how beaten and bloody the earn-able PVP gear looked. But when I joined, the popular color to dye your gear was Pure Black. People back then told me it was to make it more difficult to be seen in PVP, but it also made me remember the art styles across some of the old gear was inconsistent. I wont say I was the first person who did it, but it was fun seeing the shock from people when I ran into PVP in a bright yellow duster and cowboy hat on the plainest clothing I could find. I had people tell me I was the 'trigger' that started people wearing more colorful outfits in general, because everyone had been so entrenched in Mad Max fandom that it all had to be either black or brown and what was this horrible eyesore charging into their territory. XD I was one of the worst PVPers in Fallen Earth, and tons of people thought I was Pro "because only pros wear bright colors to lure in noobs". I miss you guys.
  7. Pretty neat update. I actually really started to wonder how spaghetti the old system was back when G1 was trying to do polygon reductions for really laggy areas and minor info was passed down about the reductions they were doing with newer tech. I hadnt even considered the polygon count for the actual characters and how many slots we were able to fill. (It might be a nightmare to code, but I really miss having two different shoulder pads or gloves.)
  8. Hey Hollywood, if you still read these forums, I got a question that I never had answered; During that silly little 'war' we had against the Saints, what was the thing that happened that caused a server wide message from the GMs that said no one was allowed to trash talk the Saints any more, and I think Dr Dolittle got banned permanently? I remember that completely changed the tide of PVP and suddenly everyone was afraid of talking openly for a while. I remember everyone thought you were in the Devs back pocket, but I always wondered what was so bad that it needed a server wide announcement, since literally everyone trash talked during pvp.
  9. Honestly I'll just be happy if I dont crash the entire game running a Crafters Market again because 80 people showed up. XD
  10. I miss the Telepathy mutation, but I'm probably entirely attached to it due to several years of roleplay and character development around the skill (and subsequently being driven insane by it), following the predefined lore presented by the game. Its great seeing both old and new names on the forums and I hope everyone is safe and healthy.
  11. I would have been okay with 'old gear' if they could bring back the stuff from before we lost the extra gear slots and pre-gore. The Yellow Chip exploit was too much and people breaking the currency cap is ultimately why we cant have nice things. I doubt Little Orbit has access to the 'golden age' era of design and playability, because we were never supposed to have literal billions of high end currency. Plus by the time I joined, you could already grind to level cap in about four days with maximum reputation in three factions almost totally naked, and I joined before F2P happened. Welcome the facelift and enjoy the nostalgia of the development phase, don't hate on the change. Cherish the memories you had, and the ones you may yet make in the future. (As a side, Secret World relaunched and gave all their grandmasters all their loot and shit and the game is basically dead because the people who played it already owned everything so they werent making money. And now Tencent owns them and lootboxes and pay to win is all over their games.)
  12. I wonder if FE2 is going to be rated Teen or Mature. I remember liking the game a lot more before the rating got changed for free to play and the kiddie rushers flocked in from Steam. and I started getting punished for stuff that had been considered 'normal every day activity' before. But I don't know if a Mature rating would keep the cash flow going. I paid my sub faithfully while it was an option, though.
  13. Wow, this is a ton of info! I love all the details and explanations behind the systems being worked on. The overhead shots of the old towns is pretty cool too, and brings back a lot of nostalgia. Poor Boneclaw. We'll dig you back out again, dont you worry. Gotta keep those Enfo's at bay after all. Edit; Facebook legit just showed me a gaggle of screenshots from six years ago making my heart strings tear. I miss everyone.
  14. This has been my favorite find this week. Several tracks have reminded me how much I've come to notice MMO music more often and analyzing it in depth. Fallen Earth had some of the best ambient music and soft themes that set the mood. The soft strumming of a guitar in a half remembered song as the crickets began to chirp as the sun began to set. The dull hum and warble of the machines in the lifenet bunker. The way the huge old buildings creaked and seemed to talk to itself. The familiar tunes clanking out of the old bunker bar radios... Its just so different from other games that have something constantly on loop with bouncy noises that repeat so often you mentally tune them out without thinking about it. I hope they can preserve this sense of loneliness and the joy of seeing another live person with the remake.
  15. I keep getting tempted to start writing an old RP tavern style thing in the forums, base it out of the old triage station that was in oilville... Just to get my fix.
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