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  1. a dream would be to have more basic, highly customizable (the exact opposite of stuff like the street rx outfit pack, all of the juggernaut gear etc) clothing. forget about adding prexisting buckles, hemlines, folds, uncustomizable material (im looking at you, weird leather stripe on the snood) or at least give us an option to toggle them off. some examples off the top of my head which the community has been trying to recreate endlessly with the existing clothing in the game a variety of cropped shirts high waisted bottoms socks for female characters!!! idk some new shoe perhaps? thanks im waiting to see all of this in the game next wednesday
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    5 suggesto

    good suggesto
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    shooting oil

    not a good look
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    just want to bring everyone's attention to one simple fact: we do have a google drive folder for everyone's feet pics that should be updated monthly, at least. i could name and shame but the ones responsible know this is about them.. glory to the elders!
  5. some kind of patch-work stocking, inspired by her creations.
  6. me: comes up with a design that works as an outfit and also as separate clothing pieces some dude: slaps default skull decal all over a dress some dude: proceeds to win, having their design go on the joker store me: ???
  7. thank you so much Blank, and everyone else involved! congratulations to all the winners, although i am sad to not see my desigs go up on joker store, the cash prize more than makes up for it!!!!
  8. bring back beacon permanently please!!!!
  9. She's really into striped turtlenecks.
  10. back at it again with always recycling symbols/clothing for new outfits
  11. this game's balance has got a lot bigger issues than 3ps3 having no downsides
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    dont forget weekly roleplay nights on wednesdays
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