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  1. Would be good if name change also wiped you from everyone's ignore and friend lists because now you can track people and their new nicknames by adding to ignore list.
  2. Yeah, your famous stream during Halloween event with no-fog shader after which community went nuts and Tiggs enforced "any shaders are not allowed" rule.
  3. In a way it is as it benefits certain weapons alot more then others and turns them into things they arent supposed to be. Just curious, explain me how exactly certain weapons "benefit" from macro/scrollwheel? You think emptying full mag of semi-auto into wall in an eye blink can improve your aim and tracking? You may have some luck and "benefits" while killing static silvers but anyone who can strafe and use covers just going to wait till you magdump without hitting single bullet and finish you off. I've seen it a lot of times and it's always a good chuckle. Just ban all golds, because all golds are cheaters.
  4. FFmpeg is the best all-around tool for audio/video processing, conversion, filtering and some other useful stuff. ffmpeg -i somevideo.flv -c:v copy -c:a aac -b:a 128k somevideo.mp4 Or you can use built-in OBS muxer, open OBS, go to File>Remux recordings.
  5. Nah, just realistically estimating APB "coding" scene, most of people are on "rename ayyware source and sell it as p2c" level. I.e. RX/HS, clueless noname and paster who wasn't able to compile ready-to-use base without spoonfeeding a year ago, now runs "invite-only" "elite" apb p2c lmao. Here we go, kid downloads some packet editor and pretends to be a b1g BE bypasser and cheater by clicking few buttons.
  6. I don't think, I know. There were like 9 unique pay2cheats which were sold under different names, shitton of renamed pastes from leaked source and even more AHK/Autoit "cheats". You wanna count all those renamed pastes? That's on you, if you like "math". That's not the case when you want to chill in FC without tryharding CJ3 OCA. Missions are meh, G1 made my friendlist offline and soloing sucks. It's getting better since LO/BE, people are coming back, some "big" players are now getting shredded like newbies while good players who weren't cheating are as good as before. If LO don't give up, in the end we might get our perfect APB.
  7. It's not wasting, $420 will be added to your ingame money counter, isn't it what every swagger wants? Limited offer so HURRY UP to BLAZE IT xD I feel the same when you blindly believe in everything what pasters who can't even code "hello world app" write. BE wiped 99.9% of APB cheats and it's a fact. If few nerds are still cheating, who cares? It isn't like before where half of matches were group of 3 maxranks and one 180 fov low rank ragebot who carries them and FC was literally a HvH district with at least 2-3 ragehackers on each side.
  8. Hold your Tiggs, I mean horses. Real world money trading is against ToS, so yeah, after you pm me WORKING and PUBLICLY available to download CHEAT (not some shitty virus/scam with false advertising and 2018 registered whois domain) I will gift you $420 ingame money. :~) Now, lets talk about so called "private". Do you even know what means "private"? Yea, sure, there are some skilled coders that can get around BE but will they PUBLICLY advertise their success and give out such information to randoms (no offense) like you? Private means very few people like coder and his close friends know about and have access to it. Pay-to-cheat IS NOT a private cheat, now you know the difference. A lot of pasters and trolls pretending to be "cheaters" or have "working" and "private" cheats who are either messing with network packets to fakelag/lagswitch (which gives you more disadvantages than advantages and imo is not a cheat) or are good players without cheats and just trolling salty silvers after beating them. I mean, yeah, you can pay and sig your own driver to cheat in game with 1k peak online but do those kids have enough money and most important, coding skills to write one and successfully utilize to bypass BE?
  9. You're kinda late, it's Global Offensive since 2012. 1. All p2c providers disabled their cheats. 2. AHK/Autoit memes aren't working anymore because BE blocks winapi so no more color trigger/aim assists and macros. 3. After BE there was massive skill drop amongst some "known" players which are now going negative all the time. 4. If you prove me wrong with actual evidence of working AND publicly available to download/buy cheats I can gift you $420 in game money on any server :~)
  10. With your post I can see that you are just mad because outplayed by better player. BattlEye is strong enough on it's own to wipe 99.9% of free, public and pay2cheats at this time.
  11. Refer-Your-Alt was abused so hard, I don't think it will come back ever, at least in it's original state.
  12. OBIR+FBW or OSCAR+.45, I play with such setups like 99% of time anyway after completing rifleman 16. #RoadToMarksman16
  13. If you ask nicely, support probably can do it. I used such "feature" once and support paused my premium for 3 months.
  14. Again, try to record such stuff during actual mission against decent golds who know how to user covers and strafe. But knowing how you like dethreating to green/bronze and farm roles in bronze district I wasn't surprised you gonna backpedal and write some bs excuses.
  15. "I ttk'd some static silver once so OSCAR must be super op" Try to record such stuff during actual mission against decent golds who know how to user covers and strafe. OSCAR is absolutely fine, no need to touch it with greasy "nerf" hands.
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