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  1. I really like this idea, it would actually reward players who have better aim and still keep them somewhat reliable, completely the opposite of what we have right now, where partial hits are almost as effective as full hits thus reducing the skill gap by allowing worse players to pull off some lucky kills. Everything can easily change though, as they implemented this pellet damage mechanic to compensate for bad server performance. So, they should actually fix the root problem instead of working around it, I know it's not easy, but it would certainly lower the chances of taking a bad design decision and upsetting a bunch of people. Anyway, regardless of server performance, I'd still really like to test this idea to see how it would compare to the actual gameplay.
  2. You didn't even read my post, did you? Now you are going completely off topic. I love when people make stuff up and let go free their imagination, where did you get this from? I wonder how someone can come up with stuff like this, are you part of some sort of community similar to that of ffbans? That would explain somehting, or do you simply like to spread misbelief just to encourage toxics behaviours? Anyhow, i won't even bother reading your posts anylonger, thanks for your constructive criticism and critical thinking (Kappa).
  3. That has nothing to do on the matter and your point isn't valid, replicate the same thing at that range with any gun hip firing and see for yourself. The context in this situation doesn't matter, standing still or moving, you can't do that with any other weapon. Does the rank of the enemy matter? Does his skill level matter? Does it matter if he is standing still or moving if i hit all my shots? A weapon behaves the same independently of the enemy you are facing. Do a little critical thinking, but by your answer i guess you can't.
  4. The oscar is the only weapon that lets you do this. Four burts and perfect ttk, i shot the 5th one because i wasn't expecting him to die so quickly at that range. It's almost impossible to replicate the same thing (again, 6 shots and perfect ttk) with a carbine while hip firing considering the bloom and rng, at that range. That's the problem way too much range for a gun this accurate and mobile, i think it would be a good idea to scrape off 5m from its effective range. Edit: well, what @Kempington said.
  5. The only change i would make to the carbine is increase its ammo capacity to 120, i feel like it runs out of ammo too quickly compared to every other gun.
  6. Well, depends on your dpi, i'm using 800. Also this was my old sensitivity, right now i'm around 10.2
  7. Contact customer support, they will help you out, the same thing happened to me in the past, cheers.
  8. As it is right now if you change the mouse sensitivity but want the marksmanship sensitivity to stay the same you have to either use inverse proportions or just do some testing ingame. The ideal solution to this problem would be to make these sensitivities independent from each other, but it would probably be quite hard to implement without screwing the relation they have right now. So i thought that the problem could be easily solved by adding a checkbox in the mouse options menu to enable or disable the automatic adjustment of the marksmanship sensitivity. What this does is, basically, perform an inverse proportion to keep the same marksmanship sensitivity in relation the the normal sensitivity. For example: Mouse sensitivity 10.6 Marksmanship Sensitivity 0.282 If i want the same marksmanship sensitivity with a normal sensitivity of 10 i'd want the first one to be (10.6*0.282)/10=0.298 Here's the menu as i thought it.
  9. I wasn't playing back then when threat had 15 levels, i only started when there were 10 and i really liked it, it always pushed me to improve and play better mission after mission. When G1 changed from the old threat system to the current one i was really confused for a moment as i didn't read the patch notes and had no idea what was going on, when they first implemented it they made gold threat starting from gold 2/3 (or a little more) and a couple of patches later they lowered the gold threshold to around silver 7, that's why we have so many fake golds today that should actually be mid-low silvers. This move always felt like a punch in the nuts, someone tries to improve themselves to get a higher rank just to later be put in a mediocre level that doesn't truly represent the actual skill rating. Meh...
  10. As i said in my quote from 2014, in 2013 everyone was saying the ntec was the most balanced weapon in the game. This changed after G1 nerfed the obir and obeya, after that the ntec became the most effective gun in the game and this is why it was nerfed in 2015, it's an infinite loop without an easy way out. We have to look at the game balance in general, it's not only about the hvr and ntec, there are plenty of guns that aren't being used simply because they are not worth taking in consideration, even if the hvr and n-tec get changed the gameplay will still feel repetitive and heavily influenced by the map. The gameplay being influenced by the map is a good thing but it shouldn't be over-influenced, this would force players to always make the same choices and decisions (guns, positioning, strategies). This is the reason why i'm all in for a smoother damage curve, giving the possibility of more dynamic and fun fights where the winner is determined by who played better and not who had the best gun for that specific situation. You could argue that having the right gun at the right time is part of a strategy, but as i said before, that would end up in having so many repetitive fights and matches that it would get boring really quick (just like the game in it's current state). We are far off from a good weapon/mod balance right now that if we want new content added we should first think at what we have available at the moment and why it isn't being used, for example in mission districts i don't see any act 44, rsa, dmr, cobra, tommygun, n-fa9, (scout sometimes, very rarely), nssw, nfas (not including the ogre), every stun weapon, s-as pdw, shaw (except cheaters) and star. Only some random silvers will use these, all the rest of the player base will resort to the usual meta. As for the jump shot accuracy for the scout, it can be increased, but not made 100%, it was a great feature that made that gun really fun to use and dynamic at the same time. As i proposed in the previous post, i think we should have a testing district back in which we should test the old gameplay mechanics with additional changes.
  11. As it turns out i was pretty accurate with this statement. To be honest i really liked the game before they changed the damage dropoff curves back in 2012(?), i always hated the fact that certain guns would only and exclusively work in their limited range without any sort of smooth damage reduction as the range increases, take for example the act 44, at 72m it takes 4 shots to kill, at 78 it takes 8 and at 80 it takes 12. I'm not saying the range is bad, i'm just pointing out the steep slope in damage reduction. Other examples would be the Colby RSA, this gun has a time to kill of 1.7 seconds with 3 shots, at 70m it takes 4 shots to kill, at 80m 10 shots; the stabba NL9 (tts 1.56s) is really bad past 45m and useless past 50m, while the CCG has better range and can be used in any situation (before the dropoff change these guns could be interchanged with each other and operate equally as good, having diversity in gameplay is a good thing). This change was intended to make guns effective only in the range they were supposed to be, i get that, but this simply made them useless just a couple of meters out of this range. This is what created the actual meta, HVR being the first on the list, it has almost no drop off damge (90m does 850) and it's always a 2 shots to kill weapon at any range, even 100m. Next we have OBIR and obeya, both superior to the ntec, especially due to the increased range, accuracy and damage; the OBIR has a ttk of 1.2 seconds which is pretty slow, but the problem of this gun is its damage, 1 single burst does almost 500 damage (half health), 2 burst is more than a hvr shot. The obeya is just an upgraded n-tec, more damage, 1 less shot to kill, better accuracy, less bloom. Then we have the ntec, this gun was changed in 2015 after the weapon testing district i think (i could be completely wrong here, i wasn't playing during this time and i can't find any patch notes, i'm looking on the blog for any date reference on this one), the nerf happened because many people considered this gun too versatile in many situations (cqc, medium, medium-long range), personally i don't think it needed any changes as only good people could use it to it's full potential in any type of fight, the problem wasn't the n-tec being too versatile, but rather every other gun being restricted to a very specific range/situation. Now all this cycle is happening again since the general balance hasn't been found yet. My suggestion: implement another weapon testing district in which we have the old damage drop off curves for every gun, every weapon available (ARMAS included) for everyone, let only good max threat veteran players play in it and provide feedback, make the following changes: HVR: damage reduced to 750, this gun wasn't as dominant as it is today due to the fact that other guns had better range and damage dropoff curves and could easily counteract it, it only had 2 problems: base damage too high, and the ability to annihilate the ttk taking advantage of quick switching (which still needs fixing, and to be honest i'm not sure how to fix it without making disruptive changes) OBIR: single burst damage reduced to 400 Obeya: increased vertical recoil by 10-15% N-tec: same stats as the old one (pre 2015 nerf) Scout: increased jumping shot accuracy (aka bring back jump shooting) SHAW: reduced horizontal recoil by 8% and increased vertical recoil by 10% - on this subject we should talk about muzzle brake and the requirement of rank 195 Joker carbine: increased ammo capacity to 120 I feel this would be a solid starting point to see how stuff evolves from here, of course there are a lot more guns to talk about such as shotguns and smgs, but i think the majority of the problems regarding guns balance is caused from the inappropriate damage dropoff slope and base damage. Keep in mind this is my view on the subject, i might have missed some aspects or arguments so feel free to express your opinion. Cheers! Edit: The reason i'm more for a damage dropoff rebalance rather than a strict nerf of guns that don't fit in the actual curves is because the gameplay would otherwise become too repetitive and heavilty influenced on the map played (aka waterfront snipers/obir/obeya only with some n-tecs and casuals smg at cqc). Keep in mind there are a ton of weapons that are not being used simply because they are heavily restricted to very very rare situations and or aren't versatile enough so there is no point in using them.
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