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  1. Look at it this way, This community is like a piece of poop that dangles. It dangles and holds no matter how you try to shake it off. The people that are still sticking around on this game are that piece of poop. They either can't play other games, or just choose not to but still this game is obviously their last line of life. This community is comprised of the TOXIC people that have no where else to feel accepted and play because they get shunned from all the other games out. They are so toxic themselves that they just lurk here in this cesspool of toxicity. I exclude myself because I've given up playing this game. I have many other more enjoyable games to go play and actually ENJOY. SO LASTLY , MOVE THE HELL ON, THERE ARE BETTER GAMES, BETTER COMMUNITIES. MAYBE LO WILL REVIVE THIS GAME. BUT TILL THEN JUST MOVE THE HELL ON.
  2. Now it's probably at what, low thousands? Honestly I still think this game is trash and it has a LONG way before it can reach what it once was. And in light of that, I've decided to stop even bothering to even continue to try and play until 3.5 or maybe even UE4, if that ever even makes it.
  3. 1) They are already Mitigating. 2) No shit.... 5) That's most likely because they use DDoS as a scapegoat to buy more time to fix the real issues, which is this broken patootie game with terrible networking. You have a decently valid point there because if it were DDoS a restart wouldn't do a damn thing. (Atleast one would hope this is the case, because any idiot in this community will blame DDoS. A tiny lagspike happens and it's all you see in chat.) 6) Their server is hosted on a physical box, located at Softlayer Technologies, not their office. Google it. 7) Why not just fix the in-game issues instead? Maybe the game is causing the issues on the server and the server is perfectly fine. 8 ) Well GTA for example is Peer2Peer for the most part, while it calls from R*'s server for things like money and others that were once abused and now patched. 9) Yes, bingo. 11) If the ISP was NULL'ing them you'd know...Because that is what they'd be doing. 14) You want to be the one to transfer all of that Data, and pray it doesn't corrupt along the way? Also, what the fuck man.
  4. He could just out them on here and still probably get the job done, doing otherwise only says he has something to hide and doesn't want them being detected. Even if he outed them it's not going to self-incriminate because he's doing the right thing, but withholding them is pretty much self-incriminating. It's like knowing about an glitch that can be abused, but not reporting it. You're only in the wrong at that point.
  5. Well he wants to talk the talk, will he walk the walk though? And right like he said, the guy does nothing but sit on the forums all day anyways.
  6. Well maybe you should turn them in, so that Bastian can go and get them since they are so Public. You'd be doing a huge favor, unless you don't want them to get detected or course.. Which would only say one thing.
  7. Coming from someone that used to hack, ALL of the hacks that I used to use are down now. Obviously there is some hack that you clearly know about that is still usable, whats to stop you then? Also most of the threads getting deleted, yes.. Still a handful that just had information they would rather keep under wraps, that wasn't breaching any forum rules.
  8. Mainly because of Battleye's presence, alot of cheat providers have closed up their APB:R Shops. No public hacks for people to cheat with, of course there are going to be less. The forum police are heavily on patrol, deleting any factual posts or something that has a lot to do with hacking. This post is probably next for all we know.
  9. Careful now, they might delete your post.
  10. If there is some kind of compensation, I want compensation for the 1000's of G1C that I've bought "OVERPRICED" over the years
  11. I literally want to Jay N Silent Bob you, just hop on a plane, fly to your house, and beat the shit out of you.
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