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  1. As i dont really see the point in barring new players from fc, my estimate was done having malicious experienced players and cheaters in mind. New players will definitely take longer since there is a high chance of losing missions.
  2. I assumed the standing for wins without premium although 2250 might be a tad high since it also depends on the score, still 2 hours is enough time to fit that in
  3. A minimum of 15750 standing is required for R30, with a 2250 average standing per mission this would be about 7 missions + some overhead. I would estimate this is achievable within 1 1/2 to 2 hours. That is quite short. But while i wouldnt say that its enough time to gather experience for new players, i recently saw some people repeatedly joining with fresh characters after (i assume) they were banned by a gm in asylum. So the R30 condition would definitely help out with that issue. If you plan to raise the rank requirement, please keep in mind that fight club is needed to complete the tutorial and thats ideally what new players should do.
  4. Loom

    On-Eye VR Glasses

    More variation is always welcome.
  5. Why are most options in your test either reflecting your opinion or otherwise ridiculous answers?
  6. I would like to mention that the pol options are ambigious since there is no option for people who won the skin to definitely say that they are for giving it out to all participants.
  7. Got the skin and don't care if other people who didnt won a round get it or not. And if you are planning on making Autumn Assault an annual event the point about exclusivity is moot anyway.
  8. Although the engine update seems far away, this is the kind of information i like to see. Great update!
  9. Same here, just staying in the character selection kicks me out after approximately 20 seconds.
  10. While i agree that there are blurry lines between colors, i can't really see how the white colors used can be seen as a shade of orange since you could replace it with brown and get an indistingushable result. And as far as i understand the rules what counts is what the result looks like not the isolated colors used. I would suggest sticking to a specifc theme instead of colors for the next outfit contest. E: Or specific clothing items
  11. According to Lixil the colors have to look like purple, orange or yellow.
  12. Loom

    Armas Premium Counter

    I'd really like to see how much premium i have left
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