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  1. Meg just wanted to be part of the snowball gang
  2. Loom

    The USC: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel)

    1. Loom 2. Enforcer 3. Cats on Trees 4. Asteroid B612 5. Female 6. Obeya FBW
  3. With the new trade system I'm wondering if we be able to send legendaries to friends per ingame mail ?
  4. The people who dislike them probably think its offensive to parade Nazi uniforms. Also the staff said no symbols representing hateful ideologies.
  5. Baylan is much more comfortable to play with 16vs16, i think asylum is fine as is.
  6. Those are Wehrmacht uniforms, they arent illegal without the swastika.
  7. I think its important to mention that the uniform you are recreating does not belong to the Wehrmacht (german military during WWII). It's a uniform of the SS, so you should be even more careful since the SS is (rightfully) labeled as a hate group in germany.