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  1. No one mentioned it recently but I am sure if it is requested they might do another one. Thanks for asking @TheValiant!
  2. Yea I dug this. It was cool. 10/10. Here's mine.... Give it a chance.. it's for old hipsters like me. =D
  3. as much as people will want the TK back, there will always be others who complain about it. Forum used to be flooded by complaints about this too. Danged if you do and Danged if you don't.
  4. Apparently the question on my mind for years has been answered in this one avatar. Although mimes can't talk, they can still apparently communicate in forums. Thank goodness. Nice name too 10/10 =D
  5. Mini Games can be triggered by any community member, anytime. Just look at WitchQueen who was like, the first who put on really good - large based community games. If we had more people from the community step up and host events, forum members can help spread the word to get participants. You don't always have to have prizes either.. most people have been supporting this game through thick and thin and just want to have a strong community bond. I say just post something you want to see done and ask for help from Forum and just DO IT! WOOT!
  6. I can value the struggle of addiction to pay to win mode of hacking. It is certainly part of the gaming culture to not want to be out skilled in anything however, the thought of being out hacked hurts the roots of our gaming egos. The idea that you lost to an actual good player is respectful, but loosing to a hacker just plain hurts. However, the mode which you "Dark Knighted" the threats and are now promising to further hack so you can catch these hackers seems noble except when you see the addiction coming in, and you don't turn off the hack even when playing a "legit" player. Thus, I have to disagree with the way you are handling things. Put the mask and cape away for now Sir.. with great power comes great responsibility and hacking is your Kryptonite. But nice try =D
  7. To be fair, nothing was done without prior approval so no one was a lone gun in the forum bans. At least at the time that I was leader, these had to be approved first. I can't say what happened for the past 1 year or so though.
  8. OMG, thank you for bringing that up. When we monitored forums, this was always an area I felt that didn't get enough attention. I know a few of us that would sit and try to translate forum posts and answer but it took a long time if you say... knew Spanish but not Portuguese. I can tell you from experience... Spanish is NOTHING like Portuguese and Google translate still needed time to get better! so yea.. would love to see this happen too! Great point. So much truth. The program itself went through many changes and reinventions. I am certain that vets like you can help give great advice and experience. I've always liked your posts, even if they stung a little =D
  9. Hey Skay =D Glad to see Community Events are still going on =D Let me know if you need any help... I've had an itch to start working on events again.
  10. I would support all of these people. Anytime I held any kind of Community Event, these guys have participated and assisted. Good ladies and gentlemen all around.
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