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  1. I'd assume that most of these cheat accounts are F2P accounts, why would even legit cheater see all that effort to get some old accounts back when they can just create new accounts? i think you'd be surprised sir.
  2. honestly the shredder isn't the biggest issue, i'd say JG's are a bigger deal and possible some of the CSGs, they kill VERY quickly with half decent accuracy. that said, most shotguns seem a bit over the top and it is quite boring to play like this.
  3. Funny part is the Yukon isn't getting nerfed to death like everyone assumes, it'll be a regular mountie with a burst fire mode, which is exactly what it's intended to be
  4. Psygo

    Reapers [Crim]

    It's definitely been a while, I'd say 2013/14ish.
  5. She was present during the stress test on OTW
  6. if only you actually knew how the different threat systems worked.
  7. you used to be able to bug parts off the cars, I had a moirai with no hood for ages, and the engine bay was fully detailed and ready for it, and I'm sure others are too. Personally would like to see it back aswell.
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