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  1. Skillzor


    seems fine, altho i doubt it will ever be used for anything but ramraiding That's why it needs +8 slots, because it costs 60k, at the moment with +4 slots is useless. I don't think. In full fire you can have more accuracy with AUTOMATIC slow fire rate. It will be a little bit op (for ntec, shaw, medusa, NFAS and more). Same thing can not be said about the semi-auto, that's why we have the marksman rank. All semi-auto are more op if you have a good accuracy, just reducing fire before you took the max fire. So, the HB3 with a new configuration will be great for automatic gun so as to balance all weapon ranks. This is what I meant too. It could decrease the capacity of the loader instead the weapon damage. It could decrease movement speed in marksmanship by + cm/s. Or just increase % of vertical recoil.
  2. Skillzor


    At the moment we have two red updates useless: Heavy Barrel 3: 30% accuracy loss | -15% weapon damage Improved Rifling 3: +7.5m effective range | Reduces fire rate 18% How about this new configuration: Heavy Barrel 3: 30% accuracy loss | Reduces fire rate 18% Improved rifling 3: +n°m effective range | -15% weapon damage If a weapon get more accuracy, it lost fire rate, not weapon damage. I know that when shot from long distance without IR3, the weapon damage is decrease, so if IR3 will set with -15% weapon damage and someone will use it the updates of "effective range" is useless. Unless the effective range are more than 10m. We should find balance updates with this two modifications. Extra cargo capacity 3 = +4 items. This is bad. It's really useless only 4 items, I think 8 is enough. I think that the tax of the market should be decrease to 10%. The market needs a tax when you enter an item in the market for prevent the abuse of this by players. In the social district would take a showcase where a player can pay for write something for 2/8/24h (like the market), like for example "Clan "Blablabla" recruit criminal etc..." or "[WTT] X for B". A GM can monitorate this showcase, if a message is inappropriate, he can take action on the player. Regards.
  3. An update that changing the SFR to fix the FPS to 20-30-40-50-60-70-80 for example, not only 62. I know that SFR usually works for 60 fps stuck, but I know that some pc players work for 35 fps, for example, so with this update they can put it to 30 and got a low lag. Regards. It's summer. People in San Paro need to open the window
  4. You didn't even read your own thread did you? You don't understand. Before change the threat system I was "Pistol Silver" (level 7), after change it, when I had log-in, I was gold. How? Why I get gold if I was silver? And it was a good gold. Because before returning silver I have played many missions, even if not very easily.
  5. So, we need this threat level: This threat level has 30 different icons (so 30 different level per colour). It's more hard to increase/decrease your threat.
  6. If you want to fix this problem, all you have to do it's about balancing the districts with three threat districts: 1) Gold district for gold player - A gold player can't join in a silver district. 2) Silver district for silver player - A silver player can join in a gold district, but can't join in a bronze district. 3) Bronze district for bronze/green player (T is included) - A bronze/Green player can join in a silver/gold district. You will see 2 full gold districts, 2 full silver districts and only one bronze district with 30 Criminal and 30 Enforce. I think. Anyways this process never fix Dethreat, but it's good for green/Bronze player and for real silver player. And so, who really is a gold will be gold (because play vs only gold, not some silver or bronze. If a silver/Bronze join in a gold district it will be his problem). Eliminating the green district, the ram raid farm will be deleted, because more ppl dethreat (or create new account) to bronze/green for join in the green district (empty district) for farm Apb$$ with ram raid!!
  7. With the old thread you know that you will always have to improve. This is much more engaging.
  8. I remember that in 2011's the thread level of apb was this. I prefer this.
  9. Goodmorning guys, do you think that it would be right to change the matchmaking? In the 2011's in Apb there was the threat level made by Realtime world: After an update by Gamersfirst, the actual threat level is: This new threat level has 4 "colours" green, bronze, silver and gold. But the icon of the level isn't your threat level, but the Reputation level. This means that your threat level is based only on 4 levels of colors and 26 levels of your reputation (not influential in matchmaking). The old threat level was based on 30 levels of your threat, without including your reputation. The reputation was used only for increased your experience with the game between the weapons, weapon modifications, player modifications, vehicles modification, vehicles and equipments. What does it mean? It means that a player R120 with Gold threat Level 8 could be much stronger than a player R255 Gold threat level 1. So, with the old threat level, the matchmaking will be balance, because a player R70, silver threat level 10, will found, for example, an enemy R180 silver threat level 8, and this will be fair. How I can say that? I can because the old threat level is divided by 30 different levels, and it's so hard to increase/decrease your level. With the new threat, more and more player can take gold without difficulty and the silver threat is like the old bronze threat. In the game only 10% of the players are green and only 20% of players are bronze, so this new threat level is useless in matchmaking and new players can not get into the dynamics of the game just because of the threat level. I think that we need an official survey by the staff (Vote poll on the top of topic). Regards, Skillzor.
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