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  1. Every online game in a nutshell
  2. And that's only accounts for the people who play the game on steam. If you use the launcher from g1 like me you're not in those stats, which means the population was even higher than that
  3. Yup. Here's a graph showing population of steam users too https://steamcharts.com/app/113400
  4. Just... how. Did they wipe their patootie with 1000$ bills or something?
  5. 10 players in a team, sounds like fight club in mission district
  6. I believe Matt said that they'd be working on it once the engine upgrade is finished.
  7. They're not really golds, they're just silvers that got gold from playing against new players. The reason they play in bronze is because either they just want an easy match and/or they know that if they play in a silver district they'll get shit on by actual golds and probably get flamed themselves.
  8. I agree,that is a very big problem, i see a lot of new players, even though i play in silver districts, but they don't seem to stick around much. I personally blame the matchmaking system, the dethreat exploit and the lack of a good tutorial for that. If you ask me, i'd consider putting a video tutorial explainig the game and maybe the individual weapon's mechanics (kind of like league does with the champion spoilers) to make it easier to understand.
  9. Kamo

    Hey Little Orbit:)

    Why no Improved Rifling 3? 
  10. Kamo

    Hey Little Orbit:)

    Joker Carbine, i'd main it again if the servers wouldn't slow down my fire rate for some reason (probably ping).
  11. Idk where you got that idea, but high ping doesn't favor us in any way, quite the opposite. If the ping surpasses ~150 ms things start to go downhill, cars become very difficult to drive and not crash against pretty much everything, not being able to nade properly without exposing yourself to a shit ton of dmg, being killed behind walls and taking all the dmg in a single burst. And if you think the hitreg is bad with ping is much MUCH worse. I can't even count the amount of times that i don't even get a single hit even with my crosshair fully centered on the enemy. Me too, it'd be great to play with 40 ping again, and my APB experience would be a lot less frustrating. Maybe if the population grows back up we'll get one soon, since i remember being a decent amount of players in hoplon when i played back in 2014/15
  12. Kamo

    Can't login Jericho

    Yeah, maybe someone spilled coffee on the server
  13. Kamo

    I like the DMR-SD.

    Oh yeah the quickswitching, i wonder it they have kevlar you should stun them with 3 shots, since it doesn't increase stamina, right?