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  1. Why do you guys keep postponing stuff? Just don't give dates, so far i'm happy with the communication itself but the amount misinformation is beyond acceptable (dates, patch notes, news) Like "sorry, i forgot to mention", "we apologize for the misunderstanding". It is ridiculous.
  2. What about the rewards in JT for testing weapons? NA testing districts are dead now...
  3. OBIR and FFA: I guess you are experimenting changes that are not requested by the community. That's OK. But i suggest you guys focus first on the most needed weapons and leave the experimentation for a later opportunity.
  4. Why care about the name of the guns? lol It is fine the way they changed no big deal at all They should focus on getting new ways of getting JT, especially reworking RIOT if that's the case...
  5. i guess there is not too much to talk, Behind the scenes? they code lol i think Matt wrote pretty much everything on the last news, you can see that he even told the details on how far they are on the engine. I think we wont get much more info by the devs themselves also there is the toxicity problem and the harassment
  6. "To be clear, if RIOT isn't your thing, I totally understand." What??
  7. I believe it will work, but they gotta be creative, make the mode fun and balanced with more rewards. But LO have to be more strategic (which they are NOT), nobody plays RIOT, maybe they can make a more structured feedback instead of going through thousands of posts. Gather the feedback and make decisions, that would benefit the new players, old players and the company. Target an audience. Be smart ffs there are APB streamers out there ask them. Tbh I would be very happy with a simple BR.
  8. They already delivered the game mode and the concept, to throw it away would be a huge waste of time
  9. JT Weapons added to the Joker Store: Keep them coming Fun fact is that people are playing more FC than RIOT because of the rewards. Also RIOT is still boring, some ideas: - increase the rewards with more JT, otherwise people will just join FC - Tweak it so that you have more action between the fights. Get rid of the arming device thing, make it automatically, more dynamic. Maybe some mines? Running around arming devices is not fun at all. - Buying your custom loadout is not good. The BR is supposed to be random. Don't have to mention that there are NTEC and OCA gods out there. I suggest you guys remove the custom loadout. Wanna play it? Go FC then.
  10. Why post screenshots if they are not the final product then? There are still lighting issues. Honestly, it looks average, i am sure we expected more regarding the graphical quality. Hope it gets better, cuz now it looks meeh
  11. APB is safe until some company releases a game with a unique PVP and A LOT of customization. People come back to check if there is something new... Development is very slow (due to their complicated process of delivering new features on this engine) and i feel that LO is being a little stubborn instead of listening to the community, we did not want RIOT, yet they delivered it with all the bugs and guess what? It's not fun, it's boring af Result: Old players did not enjoy it very much, new players.....well, no new players
  12. RIOT is boring; - No cool rewards for playing the game, JT is not enough. Also 5 levels for a skin?? Too much grind - Waiting to start a new match due to the low pop - Spawn system is way ridiculous - In the final stage you guys could've been more creative, like you have to drive the car to some place for example. - No sounds playing in the background, too quiet - Too much running around trying to figure out what to do RIOT is confusing: - What to do? Tutorial is not enough, the game mode is not intuitive - IU is inconvenient. Too much is going on and a lot of unnecessary messages - What to expect for new players? 1 hour for them to figure it out how to play it? Even if you read the tutorial.This games mode is NOT made for new players. - Bribe the driver or kill everybody. Why make two options if most of the time we use only one = kill other teams. - Buy a primary weapon or picking it up from the ground? Which primary weapon? My own loadout maybe? - The message that pops is very confusing - Disarming devices is not fun because it can kill you as well - Grouping with randoms: each player goes one direction and everybody dies in the end Positive: The map design is OK My opinion: just make a standard BR with the collapsing map(gas), very fun, quick and straightfoward You guys are trying to make both new players and APB players happy, thats why a mixed mode was created. Result: FAILED Give new players BR and old players Engine upgrade
  13. what's the point of buying premium weapons then? @MattScott i could just steal them from other players and play with them, bad decision imo
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