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  1. RIOT is boring; - No cool rewards for playing the game, JT is not enough. Also 5 levels for a skin?? Too much grind - Waiting to start a new match due to the low pop - Spawn system is way ridiculous - In the final stage you guys could've been more creative, like you have to drive the car to some place for example. - No sounds playing in the background, too quiet - Too much running around trying to figure out what to do RIOT is confusing: - What to do? Tutorial is not enough, the game mode is not intuitive - IU is inconvenient. Too much is going on and a lot of unnecessary messages - What to expect for new players? 1 hour for them to figure it out how to play it? Even if you read the tutorial.This games mode is NOT made for new players. - Bribe the driver or kill everybody. Why make two options if most of the time we use only one = kill other teams. - Buy a primary weapon or picking it up from the ground? Which primary weapon? My own loadout maybe? - The message that pops is very confusing - Disarming devices is not fun because it can kill you as well - Grouping with randoms: each player goes one direction and everybody dies in the end Positive: The map design is OK My opinion: just make a standard BR with the collapsing map(gas), very fun, quick and straightfoward You guys are trying to make both new players and APB players happy, thats why a mixed mode was created. Result: FAILED Give new players BR and old players Engine upgrade
  2. what's the point of buying premium weapons then? @MattScott i could just steal them from other players and play with them, bad decision imo
  3. not fun and very confusing to play And u got to grind 5 levels for the skin...
  4. Played RIOT for 2 hours and i can say that it's not fun, especially for new players. I would prefer a vanilla BR, it's much simple, quicker and straightforward. LO need to know if the players like it or not and make tweaks in the next weeks, otherwise it would be pointless to update this mode. I would play it just for the rewards then quit Also: RIOT kills doesnt count towards the main kills (every damn event it happens)
  5. thank you , Matt. Is it coming in the next update?
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I also appreciate that you guys are concerned about server performance after the engine upgrade hits. It must be really difficult to migrate such an obsolete hardware, so props to you guys.
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