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  1. I'd love to see more SEDAN cars. Currently the best cars are definitely Sentinel and the 4x4 Vegas. The Espacio is not as good as the Sentinel, and other 4 door cars just don't stack up. A classic 70s/80s 4 door would be a good option. Whether its a car, truck, or even like a station-wagon/van type thing. As to why the Vegas 4x4 needs a nerf: Great top speed, INSANE torque. Absolutely nuts. Can't be blocked by a van, espacio, and can even push a sentinel. Surprisingly durable, can take a LOT of hits from the ALIG. Small sight signature. All of these things combined make the car overpowered as shit, because it can keep up/outrun most cars, can't hardly be blocked/stopped, and is actually quite hard to kill with gunfire. Larger cars like the Espacio and Sentinel can take more ALIG/small arms fire, but they're slower and are much larger so they're easier to hit with full auto spray. A 4x4 will zoom past you in a blur before you can sink 10 rounds into it, which won't even make it smoke. And yes before anyone says it, I DO think the Sentinel is slightly op, but only by comparison. It's better than the Espacio, and the espacio's 5% better speed doesn't make up for it. EDIT: Mistyped, SENTINEL=PIONEER
  2. I feel like the HVR was always a tool for the weaker/newer players to even the playing field somewhat. It doesn't need mods, its not expensive, gold, or unobtainable. Yes, it would absolutely help with weird map positioning and getting midranged by ARs. As it stands, OBEYA/OBIR and other weapons in the category wreck the HVR in the hands of anyone but a noob. Meanwhile experienced players know how to use cover and dodge around it. You kind of nailed it with "silver sniper". Yeah, it gives middling silver players something to be good at if they're thrown against golds. Also, in a very fast moving game like APB, landing those shots definitely takes skill. Flick shotting someone with an HVR and not killing them is perfectly reasonable IMO, especially because it's fire-rate is shit.
  3. So, why is anyone complaining about HVR? It was always a super situational weapon that could make or break a mission, but as it is, it's the opposite of a shotgun. One shot super high damage with lots of time to get into cover, slow movement, unable to shoot out of cars, etc. Seems like people are mad there's a high skill high reward weapon. Also, it only really shines in 3+ player missions. In 1v1 its largely pointless and in 2v2 it can be countered. In fact, how is HVR more OP than the scout, the damage? Maybe lower it's mag to 5 rounds instead of 6.
  4. Happymrsnowman


    1. We do have the vault over fences animations and a pretty decent jump mechanic. In fact, jumping in APB is pretty refreshing in this day and age of "contextual" jumping that makes games worse. New animations require a TON of resources though. Motion capture, coding, etc. Its no impossible, but I wouldn't expect it until the game got my feet under it. 2. While I think this might help in the short term to get more people playing and playing together... the usual cross play problem would arise. Golds on console would be silver AT BEST on computer, due to aimspeed and accuracy when compared to KB/M. This would cause a massive problem with what people considered fair, and could potentially fracture the community because console players would feel gimped against PC. So, short-term good, long term awful.
  5. I think that in the short term, districts should be open conflict, allowing all skill levels to play with each other, and hide threats until end of mission like what CounterStrike does. You don't know yours or your opponents ranks until after the match where you can fuzzy bunny about it. But bitching mid mission that you happened to get paired against someone a bit better is juvenile. Not to mention, the OP himself had said in the last minute the mission was back and forth. That sounds pretty perfectly balanced, no matter which side won.
  6. Under no circumstances should things be REMOVED from the game. I don't think ANYONE thinks that's a good idea or will accomplish anything. Yep, we all know the SWARM sucks patootie and the ISSR-A and a few other things. However completely nixing them isn't going to bring any more variety. Put them in the joker store, or add them to the regular rotation of the game. I personally think more guns added to the standard (non armas, non joker) rotation would be a benefit.
  7. Okay, can anyone at all explain WTF is with all of these newbros crying about the HVR? I've been playing this game since RTW and while the HVR was always a great option as a weapon it had so many drawbacks, especially after they nerfed quickswitching. -Can't sprint with it -Can't quickswitch to pistol anymore (have to do the reload animation) -Slow reload -18 rounds total I'm starting to think people don't know how to play against it. Vehicles are a direct counter to HVR. Closing distance and using cover is a direct counter. Yes, I understand that some positions make for great sniper spots, but that's also part of the game. Using a car to get closer or sprinting between cover aren't "difficult p2w tactics". I've tickled many snipers to death with a STAR or ACT44 or Obeya. Just don't peek the same corner and don't be predictable. If a 2 man squad with an HVR wins, on attack it's because you got outplayed, not because the HVR is some godlike unstoppable force.... just my opinion though.
  8. I don't agree. If there is a match with 2 vs 6, the 6 player SHOULD be able to just through volume of fire/positioning overwhelm the 2 high rank players. Now I realize that's not always the case, but just by virtue of SHOOTING you should be able to hit them enough. At what point do you take away the welfare and expect people to be able to perform basic actions in game?
  9. Granted, but it still doesn't fill the void. I wish for die happy.
  10. To add to my point: Car surf can be unlocked in joker shop for levels under 195 for $750/J250. I think it should be available to players sooner than195 anyways, but that's just me. ALIG always wrecked cars, Car Surf just makes it way better, but its not necessary. JG wrecks cars, HVR wrecks cars, DMR wrecks cars, 2 mags from most assault rifles (which can be fired out of windows) wrecks cars. I simply don't buy that blowing up a car is a difficult thing to do, seeing as it happens all the goddamn time, and not to the OSMAW.
  11. Car surfer is available for not a lot of joker tickets, but I think it should be a MUCH lower tier mod. Something along the lines of 80, like Clotting3 or so. Futhermore, having been playing this game for years before car surf was a thing, its very possible to stop cars with JUST an ALIG or volume of fire. Chasing cars and lighting them up with rifles works wonders, especially because cars with items/vip are slowed down. Or JUST jumping out and hitting it with ALIG without car surf. Which further brings up the other cars. Only pioneer/espacio should be able to survive a significant amount of bullets, but the new Vegases are absolute bullet sponges. This should not be. Also, the game is already favorable toward experienced players. Knowing all the fortifiable spots to fight at and roof accesses doesn't make it any more fair. I'm not really sorry for that. Map knowledge is absolutely something that comes with playing the game. But I think more variety than "stand here and shoot" is better.
  12. I think weapon variation is really good right now, with reskins to break up the monotony and a good number of weapons well suited for every engagement. A few things could be tweaked a bit, like the NTEC being the overall best weapon. But overall the rock-paper-scissors game of weapon range and fire-rate is really good. Only thing I'd say is there should be more ability for new/low level players to mess around with modding their guns. Getting slotted weapons and mods for them comes very slowly and doesn't allow much room for playing around (outside of test server) Cars is where I think a BIG change needs to happen. Right now the only cars worth using are the Vegas, Pioneer, Fresno, Micro and Espacio. Anything outside these vehicles is either seldom seen or simply not worth using. Instead of adding more cars, I think the existing cars should be reworked into either sucking less, or the "top tier" being less good. Speed doesn't matter much, versus factors like acceleration, torque, and push ability, so currently the cars that can't just plow through everything (Vegas, Pioneer, Fresno) are just not worth using. More missions should center around cars/driving/chases/etc. This brings up the next point: missions. Currently cars are in a sad state because you seldom have to use them except to get from point A to point B. People complain about "running bitches" and all sorts of nonsense, when back in the day car chases were much more common and much more fun. More missions should involve holding a vehicle, running/driving, or transporting things. Some attack/defend missions are okay, but spraying/breaking in/burning shit gets old after a while. Same with mission phases, the last mission phase coming down to item hold/gang war/vip is somewhat stale and could be changed up to either EARLIER in the mission or altered in a way such that the VIP has to go to a certain place. The item has to stay mobile, a vehicle has to be driven through several checkpoints etc. APB's strength isn't in being a competitive shooter with balanced teams. It's strength is from being dynamic, mixing vehicles, asymmetric teams, and varied weapons in with asymmetric missions. I think it's time we rediscovered that a little bit. Rather than having 3/4 of our missions be a slug fest in the alleys/streets, MORE people should run with the item. More people should fight for control of a building.
  13. I understand where you're coming from, but you need to understand something: APB wasn't about pro-player vs pro-player. It was about asymmetrical gameplay. Under old threat, and even currently it's very possible for 2 sweaty golds to get matched against 4 silvers without the need for backup. While some may say this is unfair (to the silvers) it also creates a very interesting and sometimes fun game dynamic. Golds only playing against golds eliminates dynamic matches that turn into a fun ****show, like starting 2v4 and becoming a 6v7. Instead all it does is make boring 2v2 or 3v3 matches. IMO this is very against the spirit of the game of having OG high level gangsters fighting alongside rookies. In fact, IMO servers should do away with threat restriction altogether and instead have a balance of a little bit of everything. That way low level players get to experience playing with and against high level players. It would also create more dynamic missions. On you second point: I frequently use the basic STAR and JG with 0 slots/mods because they are simply good guns that do the job better than my ALIG/NSSW/SHAW/Artermis. Clotting3 and Happy landings 3 don't make for a good player. Cooling jacket, while useful doesn't make for a good player. If you think that dethreated golds wouldn't absolutely **** on low silvers/bronzes... you'd be wrong. In fact getting obliterated by a basic N-tec/STAR should be a wakeup call to most newbies that the guns are not the issue. Players dethreat because they're tired of the perfectly even 2v2 and 3v3s that constantly happen. Because sometimes they want to play a 2v4 or 3v6. The better way to address that is to get rid of this segregationist district stuff and just let people play against each other the way the game initially intended. Maybe throw in the ability for the losing side to always call backup or something. However penalizing and disincentivizing players won't get more people to play the game and it won't make the game more enjoyable.
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