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  1. SgtOzone


    1. did i say to implement it before a working updated engine in specific? no it was a suggestion to add in general. 2. no shit, doesn't mean they cant work towards it.
  2. SgtOzone


    bump pls LO read dis
  3. i was banned by a GM for jump scouting like most people were doing, once you get the hang of it, it isnt hard, i still missed, but apparently thats not good enough
  4. i dont think you understand why they are unbanning people.. i am going to say this once, and once only, the devs have already stated why. They are unbanning people, because FairFight and some GM's banned people, that weren't actually hacking. Fairfight autobanned people, and GM's would ban people if they think someone looks sus, but its so hard to tell on this game if theres someone cheating if they are a closet hacker. ESP for instance, you can easily snap behind you because you saw someone behind you whilst having your char face that direction. They aren't unbanning because they want to put hackers back in the game, they are helping OG players back into the game who use to play but got banned for BS reasons, they dont know who hacked, there is no evidence, so its easier to unban everyone, on a clean slate, and the hackers will get re-banned if they re-offend. Since theyve done this, population has swarmed back to the game.
  5. i just wanna know why they arent vocal about the next unban wave
  6. when is the second unban wave happening is my question
  7. would be lovely to know when the second unban wave is happening.
  8. when is the next ban wave i didn't hack at all, yet got banned for jump scouting so bs, heaps of people did it.. (this was like 6 years ago)
  9. trust me i am patient, ive been waiting years to get my ban reversed lol i can wait a few days, but i am just trying to understand that's all, my ticket number that i was given was the number that matt scott said several hours later was the amount of tickets that had been put in, and all the ones requesting an unban got fixed up, and mine didn't so I am just a little confused thats all.
  10. my ticket number was 3159 and i sent the ticket in 20 hrs ago and matt said that was the exact amount of tickets about 5 hrs ago or something, but i still havent been replied to/unbanned.
  11. get streamers to stream and advertise the game once its more fleshed out because alot of people dont actually know about apb
  12. they already stated they are implementing battle eye anti cheat in the next patch.
  13. SgtOzone


    1. Revamp the movement system, like animations and perhaps add vaulting over things and parkour, would make gameplay alot more interesting! 2. If its not already in (i don't believe it is) Cross platform play so there is more people to play with and i can play with my friends on console whilst I'm on PC
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