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  1. Such a story with many, including me. I have been playing this game since 2012/13 and I really like it. but in order to somehow resist the cheaters, I resorted to using the triggerbot in the beginning of 2020, for which I paid with a ban from EAC. Do I consider myself guilty? Not at all. I became a victim in this war. There are many such prisoners. This community needs a total reboot.
  2. I also have an account since 2012 and got banned from EAC in January. Some kind of super skill game, I'm not different to give a ban. Moreover, when you spend most of your gaming time in a social district and do themes. Coincidence? I do not think. The support wrote that I used a third-party program. It's a pity only 5000+ hours of play on the character.
  3. Mass unban needed. This will be a great way to raise online at the expense of old players, and those who use cheats will be banned again. I want to return to the game, Matt must give one last chance ...аnd then maybe I'll change the icon to Matt's portrait!
  4. Are you kidding me? LO? Where is my 400 pages with jingles on the mailbox? *hatred* THIS migration is pointless!
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