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  1. The real og uses total commander xd
  2. Yes please change it into turf war but AFTER the engine upgrade, not before baka!
  3. AHK is supposedly working now with eac 'implemented'. Word around is that there are already updated private cheats for apb and a hard to find public one. Allegedly going around the a/c now is easier than before. Game is still easily reverse engineered but that is going to be until EU.
  4. Well sometimes when I close apb the normal way its still actually running in the background with like 20% usage on my cpu
  5. Hazmat suit is a meme fix pls Would be also good to maybe equip only the gas mask in order to preserve most of char customization
  6. tbh if there were any other games like this or even better, then apb would be already dead
  7. No please let's not implement communism into the game.
  8. It's low-key fun until the game crashes on you. Definitely not polished enough. Because then you not only have to wait for players you have to basically restart the game in-between matches and that is certainly not fun
  9. Hey quoting you because you might know :3 Do you have to stay in the match until it ends if your team is eliminated in order to get standing? Becuase sometimes when having really good games it gives next to zero standing or not at all.
  10. As a modifier to a game mode in FC perhaps. Otherwise no and hard no to action districts because of balance.
  11. You forgot /s And yes it is fun to crash every other match after which it doesn't even bring up the crash reporter anymore. /s EDIT: also what is the point of OTW if you are (allegedly I hear) not going to change anything? Because it clearly wasn't a testing ground for deployment; we've seen how that went last week.
  12. jerycho

    RIOT 'New Game'

    After pressing yes for new game, the game loads me into one but as soon as I open any menu "example: music player or character menu" the game crashes. W7 Ultimate sp1 64bit
  13. Well maybe if you made your post coherent I would actually be able to answer and yes I still use win 7 even with the old look so it looks like 98. I plan on ungrading in like a year or so but thats beside the point. The best argument for not upgrading tbh is that w10 was made for normal users and I do have a personal distaste for its new settings because its fucking awful; it's like I'm browsing a console menu like some peasant. Also no one should be using wmp to play vids; you get k-lite for that.
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