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  1. Entry level systems are bad idea but thats just my opinion. Anyway you'd be better off buying processor and graphics separately if you plan on gaming. In mmo's you could get severely bottlenecked by your cpu or gpu possibly both (I'm betting on cpu) and in sigleplayer games by gpu only probably. I also recommend getting at least 16 gigs of ram if you want to have browser open (among other things) in background when gaming or on a second monitor. If anyone's at least slightly serious about gaming, apu's are a bad idea since they were designed for office computers not much more beyond that.
  2. Dog ear is straight upgrade imo and is a really fun sniper to play with.
  3. First and foremost I'm telling you this the third time but I'm not going to repeat myself. Read my previous replies instead about the AO rating. +17, no minors or adolescents should be around. If you are 17 you should know the value of money. Puh-lease mainstream media jump on the opportunity to trash video games.
  4. The real question is when are we getting those boots in armas
  5. This ^ please do tell. I don't want to waste time and probably more money than needed on going from paypal to razer to armas.
  6. Might as well make a odachi out of it if its going to be worn on the back.
  7. Oh yeah I was just saying it is worth it simply for the clothing decal limitations. Like excuse me 3 decals on my hoodie? I call bs
  8. Limitations on customizing clothing. The difference between non to premium on limits is actually disgusting at some points.
  9. I think you can move the authenticator data to new phone with titanium backup too. Unsure if you need root for newer androids since I use ye olde android builds.
  10. AOnly rating implies brutal things or sex in-game neither of which is present or that you can cash out the money you win which is not true either. And I told you this already. Guess that means we should get the T rating instead as a thread back suggested since that one does include simulated gambling. /s
  11. Wym, fragile + oscar is meta :3 I run it all the time and its my fav combo. EDIT: Now that I'm reading carefully flak jacket op maybe add slight sprint speed debuff or something
  12. Obviously holding the gun with both hads has less recoil :3
  13. Uh I didn't mean bringing the rating up. Although I would love if they spiced up the lore in-game and made it for more mature audience. ESRB are doing their job on ratings right afaik so far except for the sports games. Adult only implies you can cash in and out the money you've gambled and as someone said one year difference doesnt matter all that much at this point 17-18. We can't have laws that essentially protect you from yourself applied globally. With kids its parenting, with adults they should seek help on their own if addicted. Now I didn't see any draft of the potential laws being put in place but if its only some warning or sticker on the game then I wouldn't mind I suppose since nobody is looking at those anyways + maybe showing the odds would be nice.
  14. Hol up. This game is rated M so no children should be around. Unresposible parenting is a whole other issue. I know the line 'think of the children' gets the boomers going in parliament, but think of the ratings too. Thats why sports games are getting a lof of attention regarding this.
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