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  1. they should limit the amount of car spawners and radars a team can have .
  2. This guy is probably one of those players that opted sprint shooting to be deleted because he cant track . learn to track players better , deleting everything you dont like shouldn't be an option rofl .
  3. i have been here longer than him/her? it? and money is garbage . it has been braindead since the game started , /mute that waste of space lol edit: i would also like to add that it started cheating allot once it realized how trash he was at the game . he got banned aimbotting in fc many times . kinda funny watching this idiot troll around again .
  4. i have name , 1 million ruble exchange for name yes?
  5. i don't think its paranoia , some people just no longer cared and are still cheating on r200+ accounts . secretly implementing battleeye would been like a surprise hit to the gut because they don't even announce the bans .
  6. bann deadliest battleeye gods pls >:)
  7. who would be that smart to start cheating after an update like this....
  8. lol after his ban dude raged hacked in FC for like 2 years xD oh well time to smack him around in fc again
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