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  1. So I made a ticket just today couple of minutes ago And I am wondering how much would it take 1 day 2 days?
  2. This started happening like 3 months ago as I remember btw I only face this problem in social.
  3. Well the circle Keeps on spinning forever.
  4. Hello, This Bug happens a lot for me, and I am wondering If other players face this problem which looks like this After this appears it keeps loading forever the only thing I do is open the task manger and end apb reloaded. I am looking for a fix or Is the problem from my connection or from my pc? Moamen147
  5. Hello You know what nice suggestion, and I hope it gets added to the game since it's really a pain to collect all the mail. Moamen147
  6. Hello, Thanks for the effort you did both moamen147
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