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  1. I'd go with anything account bound. I'm more of a clothing duck so I buy the packs of clothing if account bound is available. Weapons are the same though. I think it best to have a variant of just about everything. It's good to have a long-range weapon, mid-range and close range. Pick whatever looks good to you and get to learning how to use them.
  2. I mean they can do whatever they want to it honestly. In the end people will still get butt-hurt. The only way to truly nerf the HVR is to make the player only be able to use it while sitting out of a car window with really wide cross-hairs so that it has no good accuracy. Heck I'd still use it if this were the case just to piss people off.
  3. The list of fixes will eventually be addressed and fixed by LO in good time. Remember that APB is not the only game you should be playing all day. Make sure to put other games in your day. It allows for a "healthier" gaming life mentally.
  4. I have to agree that BDO is definitely disappointing if you're not a die-hard MMORPGABC123 fan (I honestly don't know what it falls under but the amount of shit it doesn't explain properly makes my head spin). On the other hand buying G1C may not be a good purchase right now as well. I'm all for supporting this new team but don't use it up if you decide to purchase some. Store it and wait a bit. We still got a bunch of other issues aside from what BE is dealing with. The gameplay of APB is what needs attention now. So until the fps and lag problems are dealt with I wouldn't invest my G1C into anything. Just a suggestion though.
  5. Still too early to celebrate in my opinion. Gotta be a little restrained. One good thing is alright but it isn't a huge milestone yet. The problem with lag and fps still needs to be fixed. I'd wait until then.
  6. Better to wait before spending the money imo. I still haven't considered putting any until I'm diehard back in the game. When did you put money into the game? Immediately when Little Orbit acquired the game?
  7. Someone devoting all manner of resource to put down servers that allow people to play a game. I will never understand the intentions of some people. Truly something to study if ever the chance.
  8. I spat my drink. Also I kinda like the idea of guild/player housing. It would add more in terms of an RPG standpoint, but even then, that is more data for them to store. The system would probably have to be somewhat similar to GTA's version, with slight customization, a trophy system, but the base layout is the same. And sadly, while I typed this, I realize someones gonna make a brothel. Oh god why am I cursed with this mind.
  9. As a musician, I totally understand the pain of the limitation of the music editor in APB. I can't say that I know the limitations when it comes to the servers storing our creations, but I imagine that the limitations made by the music editor are for the purposes of being able to store all the information of every song created by every player.
  10. That is definitely something to consider, considering the only part of social to offer these kiosks is the bottom left portion. If allowed to other portions of the map, it can definitely allow for the spreading of the population and allow for a more utilized district.
  11. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." - John Emerich Edward Dalberg
  12. I am all for the increased utilization of social district, but I may have to disagree with you on the shop system, mainly for clothes, for one reason. This game is a designer suite, meaning that it is very easy and simple to set up outfits in clothing kiosks because we have everything available to us to try and see what works. I really wouldn't like to have to leave the clothing kiosks, to go and buy certain clothing from somebody, only to put it on in the kiosk, and hate my purchase, and have to tediously go back and forth in the hopes I come up with the right combination. I'd rather all clothing be available so that my trial and error is more condensed and less of a chore. Other than that, I guess we can add a soccer ball in the middle of social that we all just spam kick and see what happens (I've been playing too much Destiny 2). We already have faction side clubs and stuff, but even then I don't like the idea of isolating myself from Criminals just because I'm an Enforcer. We're all here to show off our characters, talk, troll, etc. Isolation from the other faction doesn't seem like something I would do. I'm all for bench sitting and more emotes, and just more little things that make a game feel like it has more life, maybe even a working bar with a bartender. I'd laugh if it was Kempington's character model as the bartender. You have your heart in the right place. It's a good thing. I just wouldn't want to sacrifice what makes the game easy in terms of design for the purpose of utilization. Players themselves will just need to be more open to using locations in social for meetings, events, etc. In all honestly, if you want more utilization, you need to put more orange and purple kiosks all over the social map so people don't have to run back to the bottom left corner of social to change a layer of clothing, or to change the tilt of their nose.
  13. Could have been done better, as Similarities already pointed out. Better to have a constructive argument ready than this "shitpost." I mean half a face isn't much, you're still hiding something.
  14. APB is the "free-est" game when it comes to expressing yourself with a virtual physique. As well as artistically and musically. No game can touch it still.
  15. My culture is not your meme material. I actually found this funny, plz don't hurt me.
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