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  1. Only downloading it with 1.3 mb/s, too slow for this time. This is not my internet tho, it's the servers which are probably limited or smth.
  2. I have started the game with the launcher so it had to be updated. An hour ago it downloaded ~40 mbs of data. I used it during the previous Beta, when I also downloaded it. So, is there any chance that I've downloaded the wrong OTW? The installer was also downloaded from the forum. My internet works perfectly fine. Although, for some reason in the Log In Screen I can see the old graphics.
  3. It says servers are unavailable right now to me, error code 10007
  4. Bruh, this game is literally dying in front of our eyes. With a population of less than 1000 people they're probably not going to open more EU servers lol. They don't have the money to invest in this game, if they did we would have had more than a short preview of the new 'engine update'. The reality is that APB is barely surviving somehow, very interesting since it's a game from 2010 with no major updates.
  5. Hi, I've seen a lot of offline games and even online ones that offer such freedom to their players so that they can start modding the games(GTA V, Cities Skylines, BeamNG.drive) and I believe that APB should do the same. I am not suggesting mods for the online game, but a launch of an offline version of APB so that players can come up with ideas for the developers themselves and even help with certain projects. Even more, if there are good modders, they might even get hired by LO to get APB to where you want to get it.
  6. DISCLAIMER: These are some points I consider important and are not related to the survey Matt gave to the members of SPCT team. This is what I have noticed during this short test: Weird Camera when the player is dead There is no menu for the items you can buy We'll need a better mini-map to provide us with information about the "dead zones" and the safe zones Kicked due to inactivity (while dead and active) New loading screen stresses the game and lags The new contact cannot be found in the Contacts Menu (the one you open with J) I believe that there should be better tutorials regarding this game mode. 1. Weird Camera While I was dead and spectating another player I could notice that my camera was reacting to the players aiming. This seemed odd because I was looking somewhere else, so the angle was not quite right. 2. Menu for items you can buy I'd rather enjoy a menu to buy unlockable weapons or one extra life rather than a pop-up that cannot be accessed at any time. 3. Better mini-map, more information In my first game I didn't even notice when the square I was in turned into a toxic zone. I believe that games like PUBG or H1Z1 provide the player with a better mini-map, which offers information about the zone, time and everything that is needed. 4. Kicked due to inactivity While I was spectating someone I have gotten 4 warning messages due to inactivity and then I got kicked. I was indeed active, pressing Up, Down, V, and any button on the keyboard. So you will need to address this. 5. New loading screen While I appreciate the new loading screen, also thematic for the game-mode I have seen some lag on it. My PC is decent and I run the game at max settings at 60FPS, so it was a game issue. I believe you should find an alternative, such as images rather than a GIF or a Video for the current game engine. 6. New contact I know this contact is meant only for this particular game-mode, but I believe players should be able to access it at any time for more information, daily missions or other rewards. 7. Learning the Riot Mode I have seen that you've implemented a new section in the Tutorial Menu. Although, that is a bit hard to access, it is a great source of information. But you should take into consideration making a video explaining how this game-mode works or how players should approach it, specially those new ones. Overall the Riot Mode seemed pretty fun, it's something else from the main game and missions and I bet you'll have fun with some friends and even playing alone it seemed to be enjoyable.
  7. Activate them from the legend, by clicking on them, if they have a thick they are shown on the map, if not, then they're absent.
  8. I have way too many, you can just check my profile on steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/9872301) for the pics. Tho I'll leave some here (actually stuck in the fence)
  9. Again, just to be sure, I'd like to have my character maxed out too: TestServerChar Thank you once again!
  10. I didn't get my 255 rank, tho I was involved in the Stress Test. I'd like to have it in order to test the mods.(TestServerChar) Thanks!
  11. IGN: xxVellaxx https://imgur.com/a/ZSrugZp
  12. I have found these 2 human errors, I will provide you with the pictures. https://imgur.com/a/dMUOE3p https://imgur.com/a/AhOKslp
  13. They should copy or at least do something similar to GTA Online's money system. Have a way to put what you want into your wallet (on a character) and have a bank account in order to have all those resources for all of your characters. They could put up a locker system, or a safe house, like buy your own property in San Paro, that would be cool.
  14. Finally someone who got my point. I agree with you and I am sure we have to wait for the UE4 upgrade until we see some changes. For all of you, it is not about performance issues here, I have a good PC that can run APB good enough on maximum settings, the idea is that they want to port the game to UE4 for several reasons. One of them is optimization because even if you have a good enough PC you will still have problems with the game, because of its various bugs and scrip issues.
  15. As I have said, this is something they need to take a look on after they finish the major problems. And running the game on "Maximum" doesn't do anything, trust me, people have talked about this too.
  16. All in all, we have to wait and see anyway, hopefully they will make this game look and perform as we expect to. After all, it's 2018 and so it should perform and look at least as a game from 2015 and not 2010.
  17. I agree with you, didn't even say that we need huge improvement only on the visual quality, after all, this is a shooter. But you have to agree with me that an improvement in this way, that will not have major consequences on the hardware requirements, would be welcomed, otherwise, the costumization system is almost useless. Anyway, the game lags right now mostly because of the engine it runs on, but on UE4 we will not have problems like we have now, the code will be done right, without the bugs and performance issues we see and have now.
  18. They talked very little about this topic, but they said that even on UE4 we won't see a significant change on the visuals. What I am trying to say on this topic is that we need more quality overall, not necessarily way better graphics, but the resolution of objects, decals, characters. As we all now, everything is a bit too pixelated at the moment.
  19. After you finish all the "Top Problems" can we see a major improvement on the way the game looks? I know you said we wouldn't, but as everyone knows, if you have a small decal you can't really tell what it is, so this is a major problem. More, we can see this throughout the world, with objects, vehicles and even characters and clothes. Please do something about this. We are waiting.
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