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  1. I think after 25 to 50 boxes you should have the Legendary in your inventory, if you get it earlier the counter resets. The winning odds of all stuff included also should be displayed. Instead of random weapon leases, there could be a selector with all or selectors for a specific weapon type (SMG’s, AR’s, Rifles…). Consumables Selector, maybe. I’m not sure on this, because you might have leads of them in your inventory.
  2. As awful as this “review” is done, it show that APB needs an overhaul of the tutorial asap.
  3. M4N!4C

    Kempington Incoporated presents: The Weekly Theme Scene

    Next weeks theme scene theme will be Drum ‘n’ Bass Also congratulation to all winners so far.
  4. M4N!4C

    Worth of legendaries

    I would say Mountie SF9 ‘Yukon’ is currently worth a lot, but LO is aware that this gun have to be fixed. So if you can spare one, sell it asap. There are also quite some decent guns that are currently get traded for less than 1 Million APB$.
  5. When I think about it, last time I used N-HVR 762 or its reskins during the 12 deaths of Christmas Events and on weapons test district back in 2015. Also never QS’ed and never jump and lean, memed with N-TEC 5 or reskins, am I so out of touch? I prefer N-ISSR-B as sniper.
  6. Mountie SF9 ‘Yukon’s hip fire rate needs to be fixed, the gun might be quite underwhelming after that. If LO manages to fix the hit registry in general, the NFAS-12 ‘True Ogre’ wont be as broken as it currently is in close quarter combat.
  7. LO first needs to do all the things done named as “infrastructure” by Matt Scott. Nobody wants to play a lagging game with occasionally freezing client, right? The Engine Update is also very important, making it easier to further improve the infrastructure and adding new content and improving matchmaking. The current tutorial is just a brick wall of text barely describing how APB:R works. An intuitive Tutorial in a separate district might help. Another current problem is player distribution. If a new player gets thrown into a silver district and gets obliterated by a legitimate gold clan probably wont be beneficial to the decision if he /she will try to learn the game or just quit. The current constellation of only two thetas beeing used for mission districts actually benefits de-threating. In silver districts you face golds and silvers and in bronze you face new players, bronze, silver, borderline golds and other de-threaters. This situation makes it kind of difficult to improve for mid-class players as well. I would even say that de-treating also heavily damaged APBs midle- class, I’ve just seen too much fake golds in the past who barely could hit a barns door while shooting in the open holding down the left mouse button.
  8. M4N!4C

    Lixil’s public stream

    I have that horrid feeling even if Lixil had taken precautions, like creating a new account, play solo and so on, it would have come to that point anyway. Sadly a minority has thrown away a big opportunity for the entire community. That whole incident actually makes me also assume that a banned player probably never can fully redeem its reputation. LO lifted lots of bans to give banned players a second chance and also give the community some kind of restart. Sadly this restart probably wont happen because there are some individuals who digging out some stuff from the past on any opportunity given to tarnish the reputation of a certain community member, his/her clan or team mates.
  9. M4N!4C

    Kempington Incoporated presents: The Weekly Theme Scene

    I think it is unfair to someone not using the extension exploit. What about a second category for normal 5 second themes?
  10. M4N!4C

    Little Orbit, I have one question...

    No, it doesn’t fit into APBs lore. It also would be hard to balance. The two top dogs PUBG and Fortnite also have a lot of players, I’m also not sure what LO could pull out to attract players and get a peace of the cake. There are also a dozen of other BR games that tried to entice PUBG and Fortnite players. So the market is pretty oversaturated in my opinion.
  11. Currently my biggest concern is that the community expects to much in short term. The weapons balance pass hopefully wont end in to much controversial changes and drama. Engine Upgrade to version 3.5 could be bumpy and it might take some time until it runs smoothly.
  12. M4N!4C

    Can we have this please?

    Looks like one of these pocket shotguns. Would be a great addition to the game.
  13. For sure it isn’t pleasant when I have to I have to pay $ 7,500 in taxes on a weapon mod sold for $ 37,500. I rather see that $ 7,500 as a commission to the marketplace for getting advertising, distribution and a secure trade. You could easily sell your stuff via your mailbox but have to advertise and distribute your goods to sell on your own and you won’t have the security to receive your earned ingame money. The marketplace taxes should be lowered, especially for higher priced goods.
  14. M4N!4C

    [GAME] Removal of car spawner and remote detonator

    Car Spawner could be removed if LO fixes the spawn system in general. Remote Detonator could need a contraction. A consumable jammer that blocks such stuff as Remote Detonator, Radar Jammer, Radar Tower, Spotter, Satchel Charges and Boom Boxes.
  15. M4N!4C

    Questions for LO

    Are there any plans to improve the current theme and song creator? I would love to see new Instruments, new ways to modify sound and extended themes. Will you put back translations to other languages than English and Russian? Are there any plans to overhaul the current Tutorial? Actually I only see a brick wall of text which isn’t appealing in general. There are plenty of retired ARMAS weapons, which are normally not available, what will happen to these ones, will they permanently return or even retire forever? Is there a chance that APB Reloaded Special Edition Boxes or any other kind of Starter Packs will be released on ARMAS or even as retail Codes or boxes?