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  1. M4N!4C

    Can we have this please?

    Looks like one of these pocket shotguns. Would be a great addition to the game.
  2. For sure it isn’t pleasant when I have to I have to pay $ 7,500 in taxes on a weapon mod sold for $ 37,500. I rather see that $ 7,500 as a commission to the marketplace for getting advertising, distribution and a secure trade. You could easily sell your stuff via your mailbox but have to advertise and distribute your goods to sell on your own and you won’t have the security to receive your earned ingame money. The marketplace taxes should be lowered, especially for higher priced goods.
  3. M4N!4C

    [GAME] Removal of car spawner and remote detonator

    Car Spawner could be removed if LO fixes the spawn system in general. Remote Detonator could need a contraction. A consumable jammer that blocks such stuff as Remote Detonator, Radar Jammer, Radar Tower, Spotter, Satchel Charges and Boom Boxes.
  4. M4N!4C

    Questions for LO

    Are there any plans to improve the current theme and song creator? I would love to see new Instruments, new ways to modify sound and extended themes. Will you put back translations to other languages than English and Russian? Are there any plans to overhaul the current Tutorial? Actually I only see a brick wall of text which isn’t appealing in general. There are plenty of retired ARMAS weapons, which are normally not available, what will happen to these ones, will they permanently return or even retire forever? Is there a chance that APB Reloaded Special Edition Boxes or any other kind of Starter Packs will be released on ARMAS or even as retail Codes or boxes?