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  1. When you become n5, gain cosmic powers for 20 seconds, then explode.
  2. I'd rather be silver cos golds are mostly toxic. People that just wanna have fun have to de-theat, because they don't want to be on the same planet as said people. You do you silver
  3. I used the alias "Nexus" in 97, now everyone is called it. Who gives a shit? Make something more unique.
  4. This is the reason to remove segregation, cheats and dethreaters do it for the same reason - It's more fun to feel like a God,..so let them kill the odd noob by pooling everyone of every skill together.....
  5. Grouping threats together goes against the design philosophy of the original vision of APB [Watch some of Dave Jones' Interviews from 2008] which i personally liked. I'd prefer it to go the other way.. A giant cauldron of mixed skilled players. Solutions exist.
  6. Values are read from memory, not files, so it's not going to do anything positive. Bar being able to edit the config files, of course.
  7. jnexkk

    Threat revamp

    Just an quick idea, please elaborate or amend. Firstly, reset everyone to a mid point value. New players start at bronze and have no more generated by the game. Threat is then won and lost from player to player.. The more threat a person has, the more threat value you gain from them. Gold needs to be a long grind of consistent high quality play, similar to a long grind in in an MMO [Since the original idea of APB is almost a WoW / GTA hybrid.. You shouldn't be able to just trip over and find yourself being gold, so the gold value threshold needs to be set quite high. A gold player should be a rock star. Someone you idolise... There would be no need for de-threating as you wont have it to begin with. Segregation of servers needs to be removed to bring in the dynamic experience of [1 prestigious and awesome gold] being the equivalent of 4 unlucky silvers. This would require the server player cap to be raised to 100 again as the original design intended. Bronze 1-10, Silver 1-10, then only GOLD would be required. Remove green.
  8. Go look on the cheats forum and see how many "thanks" just the free apb cheats have and say it's not a widespread problem.
  9. Lag wouldn't make you actually spawn across the map unless there's a bug in the logic, but I've not seen that happen on apb myself. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The smooth
  10. Almost sounds like the textbook definition of a forum.
  11. Just make secondary weapon unavailable with the hvr equipped? It would make it more niche, encourage groups to use a variety of weapons to support said sniper user, and you'd still be able to run if you holster.
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