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  1. download more RAM lmao
  2. I found out what was going on, apparently some smart silly person decided it was a nice idea to have an option ignoring all commands you plug into cmd to activate it or deactivate it.
  3. It.Does.Not.Work. I already opened a forum post about this. Nothing said there or in the internet works.
  4. Game problem, not user problem, hardware which has DEP cant worjk with APB because it requires external executions, they have to fix it, it's a recurring problem every update they do.
  5. It's not our fault, is their end. Been having that issue for 16 days.
  6. How about that support catching up on tickets huh? i've been waiting for 15 days to play APB, missed the new updates, and even the whole halloween event, because something broke. and i cant fix it on my end. Not pissed or anything, just asking.
  7. Didnt cahnge anything from before the patch when halloween update arrived, so count that out
  8. Nothing, played fine before halloween update, after the patch this error poped up and im not able to play anymore.
  9. I never install games in my OS harddrive. So that would not work :c
  10. I've tried all the ways pòssible, plus you can't execute those kind of ocmmands without being logged in as admin, so yes, i've tried, ive reinstalled APB twice so far without any help. My pc is not the problem, the last update brough the problem up. Most likely their end.
  11. Still haven't found a workaround i guess i'll have to wait till support sees this. @MattScott
  12. Already tried that, did not work, might be something on their end, i didn't have these problems before.
  13. After the halloween update this error poped up. Ive tried everyhing i found on the internet but nothing has given me a solution. Any idea whats going on? I've noticed some other AMD processors have had this problem with other updates before, my processor didnt have any problems up till now. Note: Neither ways of fixing it in the image work for me. EDIT: FIXED
  14. Nothing enervates me more than seeing how little interest reviewers put in their work.
  15. also this should get fixed https://clips.twitch.tv/TastyUnsightlyVelociraptorMau5
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