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  1. have you seriously been playing since 11 but are still bronze/silver
  2. constant 2v2 vip is the only reason i hate playing apb with my wife.
  3. HS1/2, EM3 and Mobility Sling make it a very versatile weapon. EM3 is great for tap firing and range, Mobility Sling allows you to move almost as well as an Ntec while moving, and HS1/2 still gives you plenty of non-ADSing capability
  4. Oh dude, i was trying to remember what name it was that datazian hated being called, thanks
  5. be dramatic to a therapist, not a video game community
  6. @CookiePuss what server do you play on and what's your character name?
  7. Right, that's my point. Just because they're not announcing bans doesn't mean it's not happening.
  8. How do you know that people aren't getting banned when they stopped announcing bans?
  9. Just because there are cheaters doesn't mean there are as many as people want to believe. It's much easier to blame cheats when you're getting destroyed than it is to just admit the other player is better than you. If every hackusation was accurate than many, many people I know would have been banned hundreds of times over.
  10. Seems like there are more pressing matters at hand. Fixing this would probably end up making the controls more clunky and sluggish, which I think would be a major disappointment for many.
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