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  1. If you think it helps you play better, you play better. I've used 1240x720 on a 1920x1080 screen for the past month. Switched to 1920x1080 and my skill didn't change. I found myselft comfortable with both resolution settings. You are just delusional.
  2. Don't know what you 'fixed' but my game is lagging now.
  3. Kominis


    *Clap* Add *Clap* a *Clap* join *Clap* district *Clap* queue *Clap* already *Clap* please *Clap* *Clap* My *Clap* Name *Clap* Jeff *Clap*
  4. So glad you bring back headless horseman, the event is actually gonna be fun to play. Not that grind fest we had last year.
  5. R.I.P English District chat, all the intellectual talk will be washed with cyrillic madness. Was nice talking in-game with you guys.
  6. Not blaming anyone than myself, gamer.
  7. All i wanted was Torn stockings from this pack. And now it's unpacked. kms now
  8. Civilian vehicles filing up the streets.
  9. What kind of bs do you manage to believe in ? Are you 12 ? like me ?
  10. Since when is g1c 20% off ? or are you talking about the 5$ = 500G1C thing ? I don't know if it's any better than a sale considering some of the packs are expensive and could get a tiny discount on a sale.(You probably have everything so why'd care) ..... guess i missed something, I dunno, anyways was just wondering if I have to save my money for the sales or I can spend it rn.
  11. I wonder if LO has something in mind about racing in APB, could this be a possible game mode for APB ? Personally i think it could work and would be nice.
  12. *CLAP* Where *CLAP* is *CLAP* the *CLAP* info *CLAP* about *CLAP* the *CLAP* ARMAS *CLAP* sales *CLAP*
  13. lole, so basically, 1st is a dead game and the 2nd is suffering APB
  14. Yes, I knooow, but I want to BUY it and not GRIND for it.
  15. I REALLY appreciate your work on the event and new content. But please... Please try and give more time for the Christmas event rewards. I don't know how everyone feels about this, but personally I play events for rewards such as in-game currency and Joker Tickets. So many complaints about Halloween rewards not being delivered or the reward activities being to hard to do looks just not right. I know you're trying your best, but i do want my selected Joker Tickets from the Halloween daily activities (in game mail reward selection) actually registered to my character.
  16. Oh man, i remember my young, F2P days and how i wished on getting some of them ARMAS goodies my self. Never whined saying that ARMAS weaponry is P2W. As a long non-premium player i agree on making modification cooldowns the same. Also I wish they try to re-work ARMAS yet again and unpack all the pack bound items. For example i wan't to buy just a stock 4 slot Vegas G20 4x4 for G1C, but there's no option. Now i have to grind ingame for JT.
  17. Just here to say. Discord is trash(for voice chat), teamspeak is not dead.
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