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  1. exactly what i did lol im playing this game since 2012 and last year i started playing with autoclicker because i was just getting pissed off by the hackers. at least gain some advantage but guess what I got banned and im not frustrated by the fact i got banned, this game just got worse and worse just let this game die. better move on another game
  2. I have i5 4440 3.2ghz, 8gb ram ddr 1600 mhz or 1800 i dont remeber and asus gtx 1050ti 4gb oc strix gaming and im running the game terrible . If I play on 1920x1080 with medium settings I have 55-60 fps with a lot of frame drops.. actually im playing with 1280x1024 something like that with minimal settings. Resolution because hitboxes and minimal settings for fps. Maybe its because of my pc. I haven t reinstalled windows for few years, I have 3 partitions.. a lot of things can cause lagg on my computer, besides the fact that it runs slow already.
  3. @MattScott if you are reading this comment, this game definetly needs to be advertised, promoted everywhere! thats why this game is dying ( basing on steam charts and other apb statistics ) . i know its hard, but this game is special, no game is like apb, the gameplay is unique and this game dont deserve to die! at least, advertise it after the engine upgrade, do a cool review about apb and thats it. its sadly for me to see this game dying, im playing this game since 2012.. i can say i played this game.. im really sorry for whats happening right now. You are a great man, Matt! All the best!
  4. Not worth. Still expensive. I really prefer to spend 30$ on buying a game than buying a fucking CHARACTER WEAPON for 30$. @MattScott I'm sorry, but this is a bad move. This is not what I / WE was/were expecting for.
  5. When the Gifting option will be back on Armas Marketplace?
  6. When the servers will come up?
  7. My game freezes on max settings for 0.3 seconds something like that and I run APB on i5-4440 3.1 ghz, 8GB Ram, and gtx 1050ti o4gb
  8. hmm.. you are right but still the chances of getting a legendary weapon and wasting 2000$ it s not okay.
  9. I would better pay 5$ for the gun, instead of wasting 2000$ on JMB and getting nothing.
  10. Nipps22


    "jUsT TroLlInG dUDe" this is a serious topic stop posting shit
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    dude, go sing at another table
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