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  1. Well that will be a bit sad. But i will be back the minute you get it remastered and re-released. I have really enjoyed the game , and its kind of a surprise that it has been 10 years (almost) since it was released on Steam, I remember the excitement of seeing it "i can get the last of the v8 interceptors???" lol Mad max this crap now, take my money! . Yeah its a shame that everyone started exploiting where they could, rather than just playing nice, human nature i guess, only takes a few clowns to mess it up for everyone, also a shame how past owners chased off so many players through silly decisions. I do hope you don't loose heart and just give up on her (the game), but actually get it sorted, and even if it is just similar to the original roll out (where the maps opened up in sections, i remember when Tiggs "turned on the weather".) as you get the bugs sorted, and although i hope we can port our original character and gear, if we can't that is still fine for me, i will come back and do it all again as a noob lvl 1, For now i am playing 7 days to die and Gloria Victis for the community "fix". Will try to log in for the 10th anniversary events, hope your handing out some Hamsters. If possible, see if you can add combat ability for pets into the next version. That would be pretty cool. See you all when I see you.
  2. I noticed that the Forum does not work well in Win 7 I.E. looks good in Google Chrome, haven't checked it in Firefox as of yet. In I.E, i get a white back ground and a bunch of links on the left hand side, looks like its a "temp" design to test links. FE's main website still works in I.E, with full colour.
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