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  1. Hey Folks, I too have been regularly checking to see what is happening, and its dead quiet on the Forum. Either we have a Reboot, (which means please keep up dating us, i have seen nothing on Facebook either) or its dead for ever and we need to move on and stop coming back to check up. We are adults , we can take it either way. Decided to do a brand "fallen earth 2" then go with that, but keep up with the updates. communication isn't a hard thing. Golden Wombat.
  2. Well that will be a bit sad. But i will be back the minute you get it remastered and re-released. I have really enjoyed the game , and its kind of a surprise that it has been 10 years (almost) since it was released on Steam, I remember the excitement of seeing it "i can get the last of the v8 interceptors???" lol Mad max this crap now, take my money! . Yeah its a shame that everyone started exploiting where they could, rather than just playing nice, human nature i guess, only takes a few clowns to mess it up for everyone, also a shame how past owners chased off so many players through silly decisions. I do hope you don't loose heart and just give up on her (the game), but actually get it sorted, and even if it is just similar to the original roll out (where the maps opened up in sections, i remember when Tiggs "turned on the weather".) as you get the bugs sorted, and although i hope we can port our original character and gear, if we can't that is still fine for me, i will come back and do it all again as a noob lvl 1, For now i am playing 7 days to die and Gloria Victis for the community "fix". Will try to log in for the 10th anniversary events, hope your handing out some Hamsters. If possible, see if you can add combat ability for pets into the next version. That would be pretty cool. See you all when I see you.
  3. See this makes a lot more sense, you give a taste to those who may have the means to invest in the game, and some bonus to those who cannot. or do not have the funds, I like this idea.
  4. A reward for time invested, and habitual playing is a great promotional idea. even if people were just logging in for the reward, they are going to line up their crafting. I think F2P crafting ques should be about 5 or 10, i think 1 then 3 is kind of lame, its time to rethink the whole game set up for the 3 levels of "premiums" and the rewards they give. Many people would be OK spending 100 bucks a year (like the old subs) but not 30 bucks a month for a premium commander sub, especially on such a mature game. You can buy a whole game for 20-30 bucks and its got a lot of game play for the money. People like the game, and dont need much to suck them back in, they want to see the game succeed.
  5. Im waiting for a Dye-able Horse, with a uni horn attachment that would be a very cool mount.
  6. I have a heavy weapons toon, I would like to see a AP heavy weapon, a new rocket launcher perhaps. a flame thrower would be pretty cool though, something to battle close range PVP..
  7. So.. things that make people quit. Well for one, I have been here the day it went live on Steam, and its the little things that pissed me off over the years. being a legacy account, I remember paying for a years subs (about 120-130 AU), but now its "subs" at about 40 bucks AU a month.. how about bringing back those years subs for a reasonable cost? where did the rewards go? Even if its a stack of INsta-crafts, it means a lot of people will drop insta's for crafting and community at Cit or SH. Also, i have to agree, market prices are bonkers. You want people to fill up Ah with fair pricing, but over charge for harvester premium fuel, genetic enhancers, fodder, etc. To run a farm for 72 hours takes 16 extensions. the "ranch" 12 plot alone is 299 creds.. it adds up, and drives the prices even higher. If you put up a premium year long subscription for around the 100 dollar mark, then you are going to get a lot of people investing in one. - more serendipity drops. more rare items from bosses. Grinding in S4 and OP should be rewarding. an item of clothing, a rare dye, etc. i can kill hundreds in a few hours, and in some places and events, you have to kill 60 attackers, and. each attacker soaks up 20 rounds, and drops.. nothing. (cog attack on the tech base for example). Why aren't their vehicle boxes dropping along with the rest? where are the old items many of us missed? The example of only certain weapons usable at the lvl 55 .. if your going to top out at 55 (and we all know the idea was to keep the levels going to 75-100 back when it started) offer some more weapons, your pretty much locked to a single weapon once you hit 55. Heavy weapons in pvp and most pve are pretty much not that effective. they were once, and should still be effective enough to still be an option. Not many people have heavy weapon toons, most have dropped them. I would like to see a flame thrower perhaps?
  8. Yup, I agree with this, nothing more disappointing in shooting a lot of rounds collectively into a boss level NPC and getting "this character has nothing" , happens all the time when farming Boss Hulks. Then there are the missions in Out Post, where some of the spawned NPC's have loot, while other types have none at all, and you have to kill 60 of them. I would also like to see an increase in the serendipity drop as well, the chance to gain some very rare loot no mater the character. If someone grinds a 1000 kills in a day, they should really get something other than a "pale chemical" or a green lock box the will simply just delete (pretty much everyone deletes all lock boxes except the Black ones), I would also like to see the vehicle boxes added to the random drop as well.
  9. If i remember right this has to do with your setting on your computer, i think (i had a similar problem when i played the game on my laptop instead of desk top) so, go into Options and disable Post FX ( i think) and it should go back to normal.
  10. I noticed that the Forum does not work well in Win 7 I.E. looks good in Google Chrome, haven't checked it in Firefox as of yet. In I.E, i get a white back ground and a bunch of links on the left hand side, looks like its a "temp" design to test links. FE's main website still works in I.E, with full colour.
  11. Its doing my head in. So much so, i wont be spending a red cent on this game until I see it fixed. I would also like to see some sort of plan with FE, even after the fix, before i consider putting more money into it. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I want to see more recipes, an increase in level from 55 to 60. I have been playing since the game went live on steam. and i would like to see a future rather than a count down to shut down. Simple as that.
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