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  1. it's just a joke sweetie wdym? thanks so much!!! means a lot
  2. oof, i was kinda hoping my shameful past would have been forgotten, tho i'd be lying if i said i wasn't flattered to be mentioned by such an esteemed player herself ty to anyone and everyone else who remembers those days all i can offer is my sincere apologies for the way i was back then. if it's any consolation i ended up trans (3 months HRT now) and if that isn't sinking low enough for ya i also ended up a vtuber needless to say karma caught up with mctosh. i'll always regret i didn't find a more productive outlet for my problems i can only hope you can forgive me, those whose missions i ruined to escape my own pain. much love, i've always silently been rooting for APB to continue and thrive again. https://youtu.be/6-U3nAIygwo
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