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  1. no they couldn't. that's server-sided. that's just sh*tty g1 servers. but no this game isn't full of cheaters as this game isn't work coding cheats for, i'm not actually sure if that's good or sad news. imagine not being *worth* making cheats for
  2. it's just a joke sweetie wdym? thanks so much!!! means a lot
  3. oof, i was kinda hoping my shameful past would have been forgotten, tho i'd be lying if i said i wasn't flattered to be mentioned by such an esteemed player herself ty to anyone and everyone else who remembers those days all i can offer is my sincere apologies for the way i was back then. if it's any consolation i ended up trans (3 months HRT now) and if that isn't sinking low enough for ya i also ended up a vtuber needless to say karma caught up with mctosh. i'll always regret i didn't find a more productive outlet for my problems i can only hope you can forgive me, those whose missions i ruined to escape my own pain. much love, i've always silently been rooting for APB to continue and thrive again. https://youtu.be/6-U3nAIygwo
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