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  1. Doesn't it also slightly reduce recoil + muzzle flash?
  2. If i'm not wrong, Tracers end up causing a lot of lag on the current engine, which is why it was removed forever ago. Also, If the servers could handle it I would 100% agree with bigger district caps, as well as a queuing system.
  3. It's hard to do something about this, because they can't change player behavior, they could make players not in your mission solid so you can't move them. Make it so you drive straight through them if they're in an action. But I'm not to knowledgeable about this.
  4. I hope you enjoy your time playing!
  5. Just monitoring the players would be the best thing possible. There isn't too many cheaters, but you might not be wrong that people would cheat for the reason to win the premium. So the tourney would be a good way to... catch hackers?
  6. I assume you're saying you've been waiting to long and you haven't been unbanned. Well, you could of never been unbanned. So just wait, I've been anxious about it too, but all we can do is wait.
  7. Social indeed crashed, I was messing with my hair
  8. Yeah, It's kind of stressful not knowing if you're going to be unbanned or not, But the best thing we can do is wait!
  9. The issue with this would be giving currency that would allow people to gift that g1c to others (I know it's disabled right now) But, Giving a paid for currency as a reward is a difficult task, because then it incentivises people to bot/cheat to get a bunch of g1c, to either gift or do other things with.
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