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  1. Yeah noticed this one, basically, as soon as you pan your camera left or right from the middle as you're driving, the position of the engine sound changes immediately as well. This was with headphones, mind you!
  2. I submitted my comments via the reporter app, but perhaps the biggest surprise was how poorly the server was running. Lots of spikes. Took a latency test and I assume it was sent with the collection app as well. FPS on "medium" settings was bouncing around from 20-60 and mouse did not feel very smooth at all, setting "Smooth frame rate" on alleviated it a little bit but not nearly enough. I feel like one major problem currently is that there are way too many visual settings that you can touch on the beta. It's impossible to know which graphical setting is affecting performance the most and the least. I'd like to just see the game get to a baseline 60 FPS on some basic preset instead of having all these options.
  3. Traditionally, weapon variants in APB:R have been so wildly different in feel and mechanism that it makes perfect sense to be sensitive in announcing any changes. In many cases, the variants might very well be different guns altogether
  4. These are extremely heavy changes but admittedly APB:R has always had the weirdest meta if you look at it objectively. There's so much weird, unintended stuff that you have had to know. I'm not opposed to giving the weird combinations a bit of a kick!
  5. While I agree, there's additionally something to the maneuverability of the car right now, it's very different from all the other cars to drive - I wouldn't want to lose the specialty, but again, it does need a bit of help.
  6. There was something on the servers that created a consistent lag spike. Net code and ping felt fairly good overall, but there were recurring moments where there'd be a spike every other minute or so for a quarter or half a second, completely voiding all action, creating "hitches" and ruining engagements (character actions would be delayed/halted). It very much resembled the feeling of the good old garbage collection bug that was present in the game previously, but seemed to be server-based this time, since my teammates had the issue at the same time as I did. On the first server I picked (20vs20) my framerate and performance was much better than during the last beta, but on the second (also 20vs20) the performance degraded back to unplayable as during the previous beta. I was actually able to play somewhat this time around until we switched server. There seems to be something about performance degrading with time and/or each server. My friends who switched together with me from server 1 to server 2 complained of similar performance degradation, but since my computer is the oldest, I suffered much more from the server change.
  7. Appreciate the 2 cents. That's one way of fixing how papery it is! I do think it's earned a buff to gain some more usage from the player base, though, so while anyone else is free to disagree as well, the actual point here is to amp its usage
  8. I'd love to see the Moirai get a minor HP buff to go with the other cars! That's my thoughts on the patch for now
  9. I'll add one more note: Normally LO is completely on top of the public-facing aspects of the game. Matt's constant stream of updates is actually a little bit astonishing given how much time it has to take, and there have been some really fun and nice streams too. The next time the beta comes, though, how about a completely separate beta Twitter account for the beta tests that would keep Matt's and the official Twitter free of the beta stuff? It would be completely dedicated to spamming out the times, dates, potential delays, extensions, hiccups, guiding people. Its tweets could be displayed in-game too, and on the forums as a ticker.
  10. Here's feedback: I was super happy to see so many people trying in! That was cool. We're here. It's good. Folks wanna do this. That said, this event should obviously have been delayed. How many of us are going to try again next time, having experienced this? Two thirds? One third? You're going to have to wrestle with adding capacity with no idea of who's going to try again. Conventional wisdom says you only get one shot at things like this, but knowning APB:R, I truly hope people continue to be as forgiving as they have been. The next time, logging in to the client needs to be more informative for us. At the very least the client has to be able to tell us whether an event is on or not. We went in completely blind, the event was delayed, logins didn't work, the event was first extended and then called early. All this information needs to be visible ingame. Error codes and messages should be legible; 1) if the beta has not started yet, let us know. 2) If we can't log in due to traffic, let us know. 3) If the password is actually wrong, let us know. Error code 8 and 9 and 11004 aren't meaningful information and made the experience, at least for some players who did not know what was up, much more harrowing than it should have been. The illegible error codes made the start of the event completely hazy. If you tried to log in at the start date and time, you wouldn't have known the event was even on since it was running way late! Use Twitter (or some other live messaging platform) should be used to announce any potential delays. Any problems? Let us know right away. You should be live-tweeting the situation or running a devstream. The beta launcher should have had its newsfeed directed to the APB 2.1 Beta forum. The known issues were only available in the beta forum which was hard to access and, ultimately, didn't even have all of the relevant information (the early shutdown of the event was only announced in the Social District, not in the beta forum). The beta client should have had Steam login altogether disabled (button removed or darkened) if it didn't work. Unnecessary confusion. Using Steam event notifications was good, but we were completely in the dark as to what was wrong and why we couldn't log in - or when the event ended! There should have been a constant stream of live updates on the nature of the issues and reasons as to why we couldn't log in.. The beta Launcher had very, very slow download speeds. I waited until late Friday to download, as recommended, and still nearly missed the (nonexistent) start due to having to download so much data so slowly.
  11. This information should have been in the Beta forum! Why is this in the Social District and not there? Only reason I saw this was I opened the Admin Tracker page. I was finally able to inform my clan mates about what's up. I was refreshing the beta forum all night and had no idea the beta had already ended. There should have been updates on Twitter or a dev stream to go with the test to keep us up to date instead of just trying to blindly log in.
  12. TL;DR I hope you take some extra time to frame the beta test launch with some infographics and concise language before actually going ahead with it! I think language matters here, and you should potentially consider giving the forthcoming test a special spin - not "Open Beta", or "New Engine", but rather something that will properly communicate what we're getting and what the expectations should be, i.e., this is not the full new Engine Upgrade. It could be "Test Drive 1", "APB Labs", etc. The marketing could give a go at some funny graphics and ads to go with it, as long as it's made clear it's small, it's the beginning, and it's not THE engine upgrade - remember, when APB:R originally opened from Closed Beta to Open Beta, it was pretty much the same game it is now. If you use the same terminology, I think we'll see some disappointed and confused returning players. Furthermore, the test should be clearly framed as something that has the intention of minor extension rather than major in terms of player population. We obviously want players to rush back in, but the fact of the matter is, I'd much rather keep this first test to the existing community rather than disappoint potential newcomers or returnees. It's been proven over and over that there are legitimately tons of players willing to give APB:R another shot, but I don't think this will be the shot they should be taking. I think conveying this matter to streamers is also very important.
  13. It's so fun seeing this much new APB:R content on Youtube. Lots of views too, there's a ton of people waiting in the wings to get back to the game or try it out once it runs right on the new engine.
  14. The fact that we have a list of streamers to display the open beta is a really good thing. We're all partial to some people, but this streaming event is everybody's gain no matter who (out of the potential pool) is going to be streaming. Game First this time around. See y'all on Twitch!
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