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  1. Traditionally, weapon variants in APB:R have been so wildly different in feel and mechanism that it makes perfect sense to be sensitive in announcing any changes. In many cases, the variants might very well be different guns altogether
  2. These are extremely heavy changes but admittedly APB:R has always had the weirdest meta if you look at it objectively. There's so much weird, unintended stuff that you have had to know. I'm not opposed to giving the weird combinations a bit of a kick!
  3. While I agree, there's additionally something to the maneuverability of the car right now, it's very different from all the other cars to drive - I wouldn't want to lose the specialty, but again, it does need a bit of help.
  4. Appreciate the 2 cents. That's one way of fixing how papery it is! I do think it's earned a buff to gain some more usage from the player base, though, so while anyone else is free to disagree as well, the actual point here is to amp its usage
  5. I'd love to see the Moirai get a minor HP buff to go with the other cars! That's my thoughts on the patch for now
  6. Lilith looks a bit blurry in hers, too!
  7. TL;DR I hope you take some extra time to frame the beta test launch with some infographics and concise language before actually going ahead with it! I think language matters here, and you should potentially consider giving the forthcoming test a special spin - not "Open Beta", or "New Engine", but rather something that will properly communicate what we're getting and what the expectations should be, i.e., this is not the full new Engine Upgrade. It could be "Test Drive 1", "APB Labs", etc. The marketing could give a go at some funny graphics and ads to go with it, as long as it's made clear it's small, it's the beginning, and it's not THE engine upgrade - remember, when APB:R originally opened from Closed Beta to Open Beta, it was pretty much the same game it is now. If you use the same terminology, I think we'll see some disappointed and confused returning players. Furthermore, the test should be clearly framed as something that has the intention of minor extension rather than major in terms of player population. We obviously want players to rush back in, but the fact of the matter is, I'd much rather keep this first test to the existing community rather than disappoint potential newcomers or returnees. It's been proven over and over that there are legitimately tons of players willing to give APB:R another shot, but I don't think this will be the shot they should be taking. I think conveying this matter to streamers is also very important.
  8. It's so fun seeing this much new APB:R content on Youtube. Lots of views too, there's a ton of people waiting in the wings to get back to the game or try it out once it runs right on the new engine.
  9. The fact that we have a list of streamers to display the open beta is a really good thing. We're all partial to some people, but this streaming event is everybody's gain no matter who (out of the potential pool) is going to be streaming. Game First this time around. See y'all on Twitch!
  10. Someone said Beacon? Hells to the yes! Best part of APB:R by far!
  11. Matt is exactly right. Once the engine upgrades begin to roll out, we'll be able to see if everyone can turn their existing settings up first, let's think about new features after that!
  12. I would love to get an RSS feed for the news updates since that was how you followed the Blogspot blogs!
  13. Perhaps you could get APB on the Steam Translation project list? :)
  14. I would strongly recommend against pulling the old forums offline this quickly. I can understand wanting a clean slate, but the old forums have a ton of irreplaceable content. They have a wealth of information that is going to become unavailable to new and old players alike if you pull them so quickly. Three months is nothing in the overall development scope of this game. The beginner experience in APB:R is not very easy and the forums help alleviate problems by allowing players to search for necessary information.
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