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  1. Matt is exactly right. Once the engine upgrades begin to roll out, we'll be able to see if everyone can turn their existing settings up first, let's think about new features after that!
  2. I would love to get an RSS feed for the news updates since that was how you followed the Blogspot blogs!
  3. Perhaps you could get APB on the Steam Translation project list? :)
  4. I would strongly recommend against pulling the old forums offline this quickly. I can understand wanting a clean slate, but the old forums have a ton of irreplaceable content. They have a wealth of information that is going to become unavailable to new and old players alike if you pull them so quickly. Three months is nothing in the overall development scope of this game. The beginner experience in APB:R is not very easy and the forums help alleviate problems by allowing players to search for necessary information.
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