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  1. And? What does this prove? A sort of prescription hypocrisy? Times change, world changes, people doesn't change (well, debatable). "My way or the highway". Or ask 'em, ALL TOGETHER, to look closer and deeper about this (not so interesting) issue, persuading them to change their minds.
  2. This reminds me the good ol' times (not really) when the kekkest thing I witnessed was a "wonderful" showcase of Pedobear vans just when (incredibly) GMs were on, and players offering free candies in district chat without risking anything (no warning or bans considering the same people were daily playing). Anyway I agree: "their" game, their rules, even against common sense (if any). I hope a "Hello Kitty" flag I have in mind is not going to have the same problems. And remember: "The right to discuss is a privilege—it is not an entitlement you earn by playing the game". Hehehehe
  3. You reap what you sow, dear "Mr. Pirbu". Btw, playing the smart "alpha male" role, showing your (pumped) muscles, taking selfies all the time, mocking others because "You ALL KNOW WHO I AM and I can do it" (not mentioning buying followers on IG (and you're not even - what was the term you used? Oh yeah - smart (repetita iuvant) to hide it)), and then complaining as your were still virgin, doesn't underline your sensitivity and intelligence. (not mentioning your previous ban...Uh? What you say? You weren't "him"? I apologize in this case!) On a (more) serious note: You didn't express your 2-cents only, like you pretended, but facts or, worse, speculations, hearsay, interpretations, lies (if we take granted what that person - who was him? I can't remember, LilyV2/LillyVanilly/whatever - said on these forums: "Everybody lies"), generalizations (dozens of players? why not hundreds? Do you know the exact amount or are your guessing? In which ratio are there "silvers, casual players, veterans never accused of toxicity or worse (do you know if they used alts as well?). Did you really contact "multiple of the banned players"? In which %? How do you know they are telling the truth? How can you say - for sure? - "they remove from the game that last healthy part that you had left of it" (sic). Do you think they are telling what exactly happened because the mighty Darleenko contacted 'em? About the "I'm not here because I'm a "streamer"and think I'll be better served, but as a player" part and the "Che Guevara" role you're impersonating: sorry, sir, it doesn't work this way, irl. It's called "pars pro toto" and linked to what you've done, how you acted and reacted from when you appeared "here" (read this last word in the widest possible meaning, not "on the APB world" only). I surely don't like some harsh comments about you, but, as I say, you surely aren't that unharmed snowflake. Read this (IF, in your case) unfair "accident"/false ban, a chance to reconsider your future behaviour and to leave behind/elsewhere that "unpunished", arrogant, irreverent (mind you, I didn't type "disrespectful") dimension of your soul. Absit iniuria verbis! (Side note: I'm "disillusioned" enough to say my reply will be deleted for (alleged?) derailing within an hour or two. I hope you will read this in time!
  4. So, basically, it's not a "goodbye", but rather than a "farewell" (to arms).
  5. Probably the only decent thread we'll see this year.
  6. @JellyTOP I really like and appreciate your efforts and time spent to "develop" this "new mode". You have a lively mind. Congratulations, and feel free to upload more images and/or show more ideas (not zombie-related too). Unluckly, keep in mind none of them will (almost) achieve something at the current state of the game.
  7. I just finished with Mr. "Everybody lie" and Mr. "We ALL believe" appears. Are you able to speak for yourself/selves and not for others? No one asked me what I think about this McBolton or whatever is his (I hope "her") name. In any case, I find him funny, in a certain way... just like AdolfiaReptilary and his alts. Kek. NO PLEASE! I know you're here! I withdraw the first part! I apologize!
  8. "[...] What this means practically is that rather than chase large engine upgrade that remains out of reach, we can focus on updates that serve our current player base now, so you guys can finally benefit from some of our work". So we'll see the light soon™. And you were worried about the silence surrounding the game. Patience is a sweet virtue. Tbh, I'm more worried about this one: "[...] Similar to last year, I took some time off at the end of 2021. But this time it was to get married. After that, I took a couple weeks to sit with APB and to decide how I want to proceed". So did he marry APB? And why is he sitting and not lying with it? What if they split? O.o Anyway, the most important thing is that you keep spending real money in this game to keep it alive. Kek.
  9. Wrong again (surprise surprise). I was quoting this one. So, no, I didn't lie. My fault was to add the word "new". I totally agree with you, people blatantly lie. What I was trying to say in that now closed thread was I didn't lie to you, simply because I had nothing to gain doing so, just typing my personal and extremely limited experience.
  10. Repetita iuvant: reason why you - in general - wanna promote/advertise/whatever this game in its current (read: past (and near future?) state is something beyond me. Besides the EU, besides lack of new contents, besides all the problems APB community highlights every single day on forum, you are "interested" in "getting the numbers up". Long story short: "let's pull the wool over people's eyes over and over". Mind you, it can work for some days, but people is not that stupid, realizing spending money in this game is useless if you can't see any improvement in short time. Advertising an already well known (infamous?) "broken" game is not a smart move. Read what people type on Steam: this can/should be a good start for everyone (except if you think, like LilyRain, people purposely lies). Ok the "endless" customization, ok the fact it's a unique game, but if we all know how APB is and perceived now, well, it's much cry and little wool. Pax et bonum - Ite, missa est
  11. Sir, you're ma nu hero! FFbans site was pure platinum, la crème de la crème! Sigh, I miss it.
  12. I totally agree with you and thanks for you efforts to keep this thread alive providing useful data so even a new forum member like me can understand game mechanics (a bit) better. Hats off
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