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  1. Was back when LO took over and stopped after a month... Is it worth coming back or are things still the same?
  2. Im not a cool kid... so i cant join?
  3. Its hard being a gold when you suck All the silver blame you...
  4. Ok its definitely not a DDOS... servers down for over 4 hrs now...
  5. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/2259-server-lag-update/
  6. Just your Daily DDOS... Any idea when this will get fixed? RIP
  7. KoiPanda

    Rip jericho

    The money from the sale...
  8. KoiPanda

    Rip jericho

    With the sale ended, shouldn't they devote most of the $$$ to servers??
  9. Just to double check but there is a repair for Steam and a repair for APB Launcher, have you tried both?
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