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  1. That’s not really practical for a proper HOTAS rig. Are there any other options from a software perspective?
  2. Since 2013 until about a year ago, the only game I played was APB. Every day. I love you APB. Anyway-- I recently started playing another PC game and so I now have a pair of T-16000M joysticks. I tried to play APB for the first time since the purchase of those joysticks and I find my camera spinning indefinitely. Even though Windows shows that there is no input from any button or axis, the camera spins. If I touch the the joystick or move the joystick, the camera responds by moving in the corresponding axis. example I really miss playing APB, I thought about coming back. Please fix this so I can return to the game I love. Thanks.
  3. NatTurner

    Old threat system

    Keep your jokes confined to the game and the topics of this forum and we shouldn't have an issue. Thanks.
  4. NatTurner

    Old threat system

    I agree with that. I think that there should be some striation in the threat levels to discourage dethreating or people that lose gold and go seal club in bronze to return to gold. As an important aside I’d like to say that I don’t like that the opp essentially publicly sexually harassed a woman at work. That is unacceptable. Lixil works here so treat her with some respect. You wouldn’t do that to your waitress or a shop attendant: it’s their jobto be courteous and nice to you even when they want to tell you to buzz off. Don’t take advantage of that and cause them to have uncomfortable situations where their employment comes into question should they act on their true feelings. Don’t be that guy. I don’t tolerate it in life and I won’t tolerate it in my APB.
  5. I like this. I think competitive district should be what open conflict was supposed to be.
  6. Yeah, this is bad. I actually signed out. I actually live APB.
  7. That's essentially what the original Anarchy event was.
  8. This is a key point! The original Anarchy event was incredible.
  9. At the very least being able to organize your list of primary and secondary weapons would be very nice.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion! Have you tested with BE yet? Currently BE just blocks my app and prevents it from changing the priority. Are you able to set priority and affinity with this app? Oh no my friend, BE has a warning message saying the app is disabled and it’s intended functionality doesn’t impact APB. So in my case APB opens and loads but my app can’t set the CPU priority. In your case I would imagine it just won’t allow you to use your equalizer controls.
  11. It gets blocked by BE and doesn't allow the application to do it's job. Setting priority for the 2 applications that need it (PnkbstrAprogram, APBprogram) isn't a huge deal, but it's a minor annoyance. I'm sure I'm not the only person with a situation like this. My application and purpose might be unique but I'm sure there are many others that have done something or another to deal with this game being poorly optimized. For them, they might not be so lucky to have such a simple resolution.
  12. Hello APB community and moderation team, I have a question regarding blocked processes and battle eye messages. I'm sure many of us will also have similar questions. What is the best way to address them? Personally, I use an application called Prio Found here It's a small application that fixes a minor annoyance in the Windows OS that came about with the advent of Windows 7. It basically automatically sets the CPU priority for an application. From the website: When I upgraded my PC and added a new graphics card and faster processor APB was subjected to constant crashes. I found that for whatever reason the OS was not lending the appropriate resources to APBprogram so I have to manually set the CPU priority to High or Realtime in order to prevent crashes. I am one case and I'm sure there are many others that have done what it takes to continue to play the game we love. I am a clean player and have never been banned for anything across my MANY, MANY, MANY accounts. I love this game. I don't want to login and get beat on for using an application that made APB playable for me Please advise!
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