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  1. LO said that we can use it and in the future they'll add a way to lower graphics settings in-game without the need of an external software. From what i remember, i may be wrong about the second sentence.
  2. I wish I was a baller I wish I was a little bit taller.
  3. An easy access to Inventory\Veichles\Sprays ecc... and a better "press TAB and check Enemies & Team" The first one is slow and laggy when you go to change gun\mods or whatever, same for the pressing TAB to check team and opponents. PS: Weapons should get deleted from Inventory once they expire, without having to manually delete them.
  4. That's an easy and safe solution i'wd say.
  5. I feel you, but sadly a 70\80% of those who got banned, got banned for a certain reason, as long as they can find excuses or ways to hide it. As long as they don't have proofs it's hard to tell, unbanning was kinda of a good thing to do, but still i see no reason for people crying about any in-game currency\item lost. I would rather say that LO should take a look to those people selling and buying on forums for real money...just to avoid related bans, because that's what it looks like from my point of view.
  6. That's toxic, i see your point but that's toxic, in some games once you get banned or whatever, you start getting matched with those who got banned or you end up in different servers with different people to get matched against. That wouldn't work for APB just because of the lower player base that we have at the moment. I'm just happy about having Battleye implemented to be honest with you
  7. They all used to act like that, even some streamers, one in particular that i don't want to name right now, he was hacking but he called it as an "unfair" ban, once he did know about the "unban" by answering some viewers questions he stated on his live stream "i got banned because i did hack, the reason i did hack is because i wanted to be at the same level of the cheaters, but i learned the lesson" not his actual phrase but that's what he said.
  8. Just in case, i've gotta point something else too, many people used to buy and sell on forums (outsiders) for real cash, maybe some of those weapons were linked to accounts banned for fraud, and when they found the source of the weapons they took em out, i don't know, i'm just trying to link all the stuff together, but as i said before...maybe it's just bad luck.
  9. As i said i didn't accuse noone, neither i said you guys scammed, read my post
  10. I don't want to accuse noone, i just want to point this out, i know one guy who used to scam, he's on my friendlist once he logged back on his account after today's unbans he didn't find "his" LEGENDARIES, same happened with another guy who was known for scam, i suppose those who didn't find their Legendaries problably scammed or did something unlegit. It might be a stroke of bad luck or pure chance .. but I still wanted to let you know.
  11. They didn't even have to unban your accounts, the fact that the previous company's anti cheat system sucked has nothing to do with LO same for the Bans, they decided to do something that wasn't a "MUST" for LO to do, be glad about that and stop crying for whatever reason, is it that hard to understand that it was impossible to use FF and spot those who actually cheated and those who didn't? is it that hard to understand that they just did wipe APB$ and JT just to make it somehow "fair" ? For those who said "People didn't cheat to get in-game money" i saw many people back in the days using the refer link to get free premium + act44, cheating with an Enforcer and farming in-game cash. In my opinion wiping APB$ and JT is the least of the things you people should worry about. Peace.
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