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  1. iTs sO haRd tO chEaT in tHis 10 yeaR olD gamE eVeN thO eRrYthaNg is puBlic, tHere nO sOft becauSe oF bAtlLeYe teKnolodGy (beSt anti cheAteR) )) Ur jUst bAd hahA!!
  2. yeah lets don't care about all of my legendaries that are missing x)
  3. Nice! I hope the asian support can help me with my ticket which I requested 96 hours ago.
  4. Maybe it's off-topic but... I just came back playing APB after a one year break and I'm missing my yukon, oca nano, sitting duck and my medusa? And no, my Account is not from Innova.
  5. Gentix

    Show us your setup!

    SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4GB, USB-A 2.0
  6. Gentix


    Haha yes!
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