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  1. You fully admit that it's not fair, and yet you still think it's a good idea. What on earth makes you think the players in the bronze districts will want to stick around if threat restrictions are removed? It'll just drive down the already low player count. It's happened throughout APB's history and yet people never seem to learn from it. You reap what you sow.
  2. Like 95% of players use CA2 or 3. Not using it puts you at a disadvantage in comparison. Developers have to balance guns based off of the assumption that all players use CA. For anyone who says it's not OP or broken, name a single instance where you would prefer not using CA over using it, and if applicable, have you actually done so in practice?
  3. The fact that you consider having to fight people of an equal skill level "ruining the game" is beyond telling. Have you ever even taken the time to consider what it's like to be on the receiving end of being curb stomped? Judging by your attitude on the matter, obviously not.
  4. Destroying new players to feed off of easy kills ruins the fun for new players. No new players is why the game's population is struggling, ruining the fun for everyone else. It's okay though, because you're "technically allowed to do it". Say what you want about that other guy, but at least he has a concept of sportsmanship and common decency, which is more than I can say for the majority of this community.
  5. Yeah, and how do you think it got to that point? Too many players in this game just come up with excuses rather than address the actual problem.
  6. Am I reading this right? The snub is going to have a higher equip time than a bunch of other secondaries without getting any kind of buff to even it out? There's not much of a reason to use it now (in my opinion anyways). The FBW and RFP-9 have a 0.35 second equip time, the N-FA 9 and S-AS PDW have a 0.4 second equip time, and the the .45 has a 0.45 second equip time and are all much better choices than the snub even before the patch. I can totally get behind the reasoning behind wanting to get rid of an exploit, but the fast equip time was the one thing the snub had going for it. It's damage may be slightly higher than the FBW but it can't hit the broadside of a barn past close range. I (personally) think that the equip time should be no more than the FBWs, and should have some kind of buff to even it out (slightly more damage or accuracy, something like that). Otherwise I think these changes are good, but a straight up nerf to the snub this hard makes it non viable in just about every aspect.
  7. There's a difference between babying and giving newer players a fighting chance. Relentlessly seal clubbing noobs isn't going to do a thing for their skill other than make them think the game is P2W. If they don't know all the mechanics yet then there's no way they're going to understand, let alone learn from, whatever hardcore pro tech people pull on them.
  8. The behavior displayed by an unfortunately large chunk of the APB community is a big factor as to why this game's population has fallen so low. The constant toxicity has driven away normal/average players, and prevents new players from wanting to get into the game. This leaves us with the riffraff who are more concerned with their KD and in-game "clout" than the longevity of the game itself. The other day I was in district chat with a couple of others talking about how the community should take efforts to help new players rather than farm them for easy kills (when encountered as opp). Some agreed, but some said that they shouldn't have to because it's the devs' problem and not theirs. If they get put up against noobs then it's all fair game. I was in a silver district where I got put into a 2 v 1 match with me (silver) and a green player against a gold player. My teammate was undoubtedly new, mostly just sticking next to me the whole time and not totally grasping the gameplay and mission mechanics yet. Our opponent still decided they needed to call for backup, all while wiping the floor with both of us. If it was just me then whatever, it happens all the time. But this guy was pulling out all the hardcore strats on some noob, killing them before they even had a chance to realize what was happening. I called them out for it only to be told "Stay mad, it's just a game." There was a match I was in (a 2 v 2) where one of our opponents was definitely new, easy pickings for my teammate who ruthlessly decimated him (again, probably before the even had a chance to realize what was going on). I said "Shouldn't you at least go kinda easy on the new guy?" with my teammate's response being "It'll teach him to get better.". These are just few instances of things I encounter far more often than anyone should. Are they anecdotal? Sure. But I highly doubt I'm the only one that's seen this happen. It's worth noting that I do see higher ranked players that will go easy on lower ranked opponents, but this is (from what I've seen) few and far between in comparison. Far too many of the game's remaining players are for some reason incapable of looking at things from the perspective of a new player, or possibly anyone else's other than their own. Their self-centered "I got mine" behavior just brings this game further into the cesspool that drives people away, only for these same people to complain about the population being so low. And the part that I imagine many don't want to admit is that it's a sizable portion of this community.
  9. For months now, it seems that there's about a 25% chance that I'll crash when I go to the respawn screen. I'll try verifying the integrity of the game's files on Steam again, but is this something else other people are dealing with? If so, is there anything in the works to fix it? (For what it's worth, I try to submit the crash log every chance I get.) Edit: I have learned that this might be an issue related to APB's compatibility with Nvidia 20 series GPUs.
  10. But if the mods are supposed to be like sidegrades (i.e. the benefits and downsides of the mod equal out) then not using a green mod at all should be just as viable as using one, right? Yet that's not what we see in game. Buffing the other green mods to be as competitive as Clotting Agent would arguably be even worse because then there's absolutely no reason to not use a green mod, further screwing over new players. These mods should provide a change in play style, not be an overall upgrade.
  11. It's a hot take but I have to agree here. The downsides to Clotting Agent are minuscule compared to the benefits. People claim it isn't unbalanced but the vast majority of high ranked players use it. Just go in any silver or fight club district and say "Clotting Agent is broken" and check to see who tells you it isn't. Like clockwork, 90% of them are using it. People will shit on you for saying it but it's just because they don't want their crutch taken away. To anyone who disagrees: If it's not broken then why is it so overused? Surely if it were balanced then we'd see a lot more people choosing not to use it so they don't have to deal with the drawbacks of it.
  12. In my book, a tryhard is someone who puts clout and winning at any cost over having fun. There are a lot of people out there who fit this description that wouldn't admit it though.
  13. If you're talking about the changes they made in Battlefield 5, then those are changes that removed the traditional spotting system and replaced it with something different. Meaning that if it wasn't received well, then players prefer the Battlefield's traditional spotting system. Battlefield is just an example. There are plenty of other games that have spotter mechanics and I rarely see people complaining about them. That wasn't the point. If the AWP is disabled on a server then that means nobody can use it, but players still have equal access to all the other weapons. Weapons, modifications, and vehicles are locked behind progression that requires substantial playtime (especially in the case of weapon mods). New players don't have nearly the same amount of options compared to a more seasoned player which is inherently unfair in a competitive sense. Because it's a competitive game that was balanced from the ground up based on that fact. Again, APB was not designed to be a competitive game. I regularly play in the silver servers and move to bronze when the population limit is reached on the silver ones. I see the field suppliers and blowtorch twice as often as I see spotter. Your concern seems to be with new players encountering someone with spotter equipped and getting destroyed, which is completely valid but I believe misses the mark. The better question to raise is why are new players encountering R195+ players in the first place. In that situation it doesn't matter if the R195+ player has spotter or not, they're naturally going to destroy the new player anyways.
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