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  1. In my book, a tryhard is someone who puts clout and winning at any cost over having fun. There are a lot of people out there who fit this description that wouldn't admit it though.
  2. If you're talking about the changes they made in Battlefield 5, then those are changes that removed the traditional spotting system and replaced it with something different. Meaning that if it wasn't received well, then players prefer the Battlefield's traditional spotting system. Battlefield is just an example. There are plenty of other games that have spotter mechanics and I rarely see people complaining about them. That wasn't the point. If the AWP is disabled on a server then that means nobody can use it, but players still have equal access to all the other weapons. Weapons, modifications, and vehicles are locked behind progression that requires substantial playtime (especially in the case of weapon mods). New players don't have nearly the same amount of options compared to a more seasoned player which is inherently unfair in a competitive sense. Because it's a competitive game that was balanced from the ground up based on that fact. Again, APB was not designed to be a competitive game. I regularly play in the silver servers and move to bronze when the population limit is reached on the silver ones. I see the field suppliers and blowtorch twice as often as I see spotter. Your concern seems to be with new players encountering someone with spotter equipped and getting destroyed, which is completely valid but I believe misses the mark. The better question to raise is why are new players encountering R195+ players in the first place. In that situation it doesn't matter if the R195+ player has spotter or not, they're naturally going to destroy the new player anyways.
  3. There are quite a few games that have a "spotting" feature. The Battlefield series comes to mind. APB is by design, not a competitive game. If it were competitive then, all players would have access to the same weapons, equipment, mods, and vehicles from the start (either that or players could unlock items in any order they wanted and wouldn't take nearly as much time). Imagine playing CS:GO but you have to get 5000 kills with the M4A4 just to use the M4A1-S. APB was originally designed as an MMO game, not a competitive shooter. People need to stop pretending it's something it's not. I do agree that there needs to be some kind of downside to using the mod, like a notification that says "<Player> spotted you!" or perhaps losing effectiveness the closer/father the user is. Also maybe it's just me, but for as horrible as you're making out this mod to be, I don't really see people using it all that often to be honest.
  4. I agree that Clotting Agent 3 is over used, as there isn't really a reason to not use it over the other health mods. However, the Kevlar rework that you gave is a bit drastic. Kevlar should give the player 50% more health (at most) while keeping its speed penalty, in addition to also having a small extra delay to when health starts regenerating (the opposite of CA3).
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