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  1. They do. Did you know that there are mouses with more than 3 buttons? Tbh idk im arguing with a guy who thinks spreading misinformation will make him right.
  2. Are you meaning that their hardware is so powerful that it can run thousand games at the same time... what?
  3. They do. Its also more comfortable to do one action than 2, if you get my point...
  4. You mean delete every single yellow mod including lo weapon and game changes xD
  5. But a controled tap fire that is macroed yes. It also somehow fixes ntec shitty hit reg. And you are spct... i see why this game is getting shittier and shittier.
  6. "Oh, im so opressed i cant even breathe" *OF OF OF OF OF OF* Getting old bud, go be feminist elsewhere.
  7. Ty. I didnt undertand the somewherelse part... is your computer running the game somewhere else, or theirs?
  8. Wrong. This game will never expire take my words, they literally shitted on it because they cant handle it. Very simple friend.
  9. They cant, a year have past and core issues seems there, add the shitty changes.
  10. What is stadia? I agree to anything before lo keep doing changes to my loved game, im suffering.
  11. Doubt, they have the same moderation system with same abuses.
  12. It happened to me in tiggs era... since the same support remains is kinda possible they ban for literally anything, more if you acuse as female.
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