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  1. This patch is sick and the fact that mission timers and design is even on LO's radar is an awesome sign, since that's the kind of background base game stuff that keeps people playing and interested
  2. Why do games wait for 15ms of hold time to register a hit? Shouldn't it just see that a button is pressed and immediately do something with that info?
  3. I know this is the wrong opinion to have, but I think this shit is hilarious and is one of the "features" of APB that makes it feel more real and exciting compared to similar games
  4. Yup, remove it. By definition, it's P2W and there's no reason for it to be in the game
  5. Hey OP I've just thought of a new title that you could have used on this post, it would go something like "Bring back fairfight (or something similar)" instead of the terrible one you put instead. Let me know if you have trouble thinking of post titles and you need suggestions for better titles in the future, I'm glad to help. On topic: hackers bad fairfight good
  6. Report back with a screenshot if you can, I'm actually curious about what thought OP is trying to piece together
  7. Just look at the number of zeroes you dummy. It's no one's fault except for yours.
  8. Nice to see it's already been a month since someone "found" these screenshots, I'll see everyone next month when they're posted again
  9. So how does this work? I'm picturing it right now like there are 10 dudes in an office that currently work on the game ("work on the game") and keep the servers running. With Little Orbit, is it the same 10 dudes with someone else telling them what to do? Is it up to G1 or Little Orbit to hire more people to add more things to the game?
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