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  1. Just gonna hop on here rq and share my frustrations with med spray. I like to use scout a lot and I have been struggling vs med spray. For example, I shot a guy, he med sprayed, then I shot him again and my teammate finished him. This second shot was no more than 2 seconds after the first (probably closer to 1) but I got an assist for one scout shot (58). I think med spray should be nerfed because there's no way you should be able to recover that quick in apb.
  2. I have an RTX 3060ti and also have issues with the game freezing on spawn screens. Basically my ez fix is to ctrl+alt+del then hit cancel when that comes up. It almost always unfreezes for me then.
  3. I played in both waterfront and financial today 11/22 and financial ran fairly well 80-120fps while waterfront struggled to break 60fps and had plenty of dips to 20. I am running a 8700k and 1060 at 1440p. Some other things I noticed were the rendering was somewhat jarring at times. Every now and then something would suddenly render in that hadn't been there before. Also, why do the NPCs keep blinking after you kill them lol.
  4. If you sell about 500 trading cards or other steam game items you could buy G1C with that money. Orrrr you could get some cash money. Goto local gas station. Buy paysafecard, steam gift card, etc., buy G1C with that and just not tell your parents. ^-^
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