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  1. Someone really hates APB i guess if they still DDoS.. like what do they get from it why DDoS a game with 1k players.. yeh i guess someone got banned and they are mad lol
  2. And anyways if someone for some reason did get falsely banned im sure they will unban them but i don't believe anyone crying on the forums that they got falsely banned and im sure Little Orbit did the right thing and didn't falsely ban anyone...
  3. So you play a game where you have to capture and pick up and drop items half of the time and say it isnt fun.. flogic i guess
  4. So people always say how they want new events or more events or anything and now you get one and you complain and cry about it? why do they even bother making stuff if people end up complaining more than anything else so i guess they should just stop making events then lel
  5. How dont you notice a mod is selling for 700k instead of 70k .. and anyways noone is selling mods for 70k if they are (IR3,CJ3,HS3 or something like that) since they would only lose $ with it
  6. I would like to have R255 and max roles on my characters Zan and Zaan
  7. Maybe you bought the G1C when they had those promotions that you get more G1C when you buy with paypal or something.. for me the prices are the same as they used to be i just get 1000G1c instead of 800G1c for the same price.. i get 4,000 + 560 G1C for 42€ and before this change i used to get 3200 G1C for 40€ or something like that
  8. How is it not cheaper you get 1000G1c for 10€ instead of 800G1c for 10€ and even if you have to pay tax it's the same as it always was since the price of G1C didnt change they just increased the amount of G1C you get for 10€..
  9. I started putting all my enemys on my ignore list but there was a problem after 2 days since i can have 100 people on my ignore list and extending it is way to expensive and not worth it.. and anyways there was this one person who msged my friend and told him to tell me to kill myself so yeh this game is full of toxic people same as in all other games and since people feel like they can say whatever they want on the internet it's never going to change and the best you can do it disable the parts of chat you can if you cant disable the whole chat and if you don't want to do that just ignore it. People say alot of stupid and dumb stuff in games like this and most of the time they just get mad cuz they lost and don't really mean to be toxic or anything
  10. Shotguns are okay as they are now and they shouldn't change anything about them. you can perfectly 2 hit people if your aim is good and making them more forgiving is a bad idea.
  11. Items wont be permanently cheaper you'll just get 20% more g1c when buying them instead of 80 per 1$ you'll get 100... that means you'll spend more g1c and unlock rewards faster
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