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  1. does anyone have the video where a guy with Saints clothing goes under a bridge on financial and flies up in the air? i've seen that video a thousand times years ago
  2. i was able to send him the weapons through mail without problems.
  3. can i send a legendary weapon through mail to someone that has a trade lock currently?
  4. nothing is more annoying that people that use opgls in Abington towers
  5. there are gonna be more players coming back when you release the engine upgrade and summit1g and shroud and all the other big streams come back to the game.
  6. Naminuks

    Unstable and low fps

    i only get around 100-120 ish fps and i have a 144hz monitor and i get quite alot of drops, i have a ryzen 5 3600 and a gtx 1080ti with 16gb of ram but i still get stutters, i use advanced launcher and everything but it doesn't help, i watch streamers with worse pc's run the game at stable 140 ish fps, and not getting stable fps really messed up my aim, is there anything i should turn on or off to get good fps ?
  7. can we get an option to spring by default?, i hate having to press shift to run.
  8. it's a full crash, and i get "general protection fault" error in the logs
  9. everytime i sign in and get to the character selection page my game just crashes, i've reinstalled my apb already and that did nothing
  10. please add option to pay with crypto when buying g1c, i think me and alot of other people would appreciate this
  11. @MattScott tried buying some but the link account doesn't work anymore
  12. https://www.amazon.com/800-G1-Credits-Reloaded-Instant/dp/B00A2V3086
  13. went on amazon to buy some g1c since i had a amazon gift card and i saw that the prices are messed up, 3200 g1c is worth 40$ instead of $32, so if i buy the $40 worth will i get 4000 or 3200?
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