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Few new things with engine upgrade ? Enter your ideas here !

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Im not perfect in English language but i will try to do my best.

I have few questions about new engine upgrade and new things that may be implemented.
1. Discticts connections and threat disable.
We all know that after engine upgrade all players from distrcts will be connected. When system will be looking for enemy for my group i will dont see any threat. My question is, that threat will be only hidden or (it woud be nice), the system will calculate players stats and try to give us similar enemy?
2. Clan fights.
For now if we want to make clan fight we are going on empty district and then just pressing ready with our opponent. How it woud be work after engine update if districts will be connected (my group and opponent group can have diffrent threats and stats).
3. Cheaters - a very broad subject.

For study this topic i was searching that cheats are easy avaible for every people (just putting that in google). I saw comments that most or the are detectable or just dont working - There is a good job!

The are still some cheaters that have new accounts to break the game for us and the second smaller group, people that program they own cheats by SDK libelary.

My offer is to observe people with very high stat and give them a new rank - to avoid banning people with just being good.
When people get for example "platinum" rank force them to fight each other and then caluclate their accurcy (good players always will have some missing shots).

The problem is still with new accounts with cheats and persons that have wh - what you offering in that ?
What to do to resocialize cheaters? I think good idea will be put them on another district FOREVER to play each other just they can see how it is after another side ;)

4. Weapons from pocket.

I think that will be nice to add animation when climbing on ladder to place your weapon on your back. You can add that on key. 
5. Mailboxes.

Add filling by category - for example purchases, gifts from missions, message from another player. Add button that will do massive things for example: Get all consumable item (setchel, sheild etc).

Search by name - that will be awesome! Just start typing and the system is searing mail that contain specific word.


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functions that i would love to have with the engine upgrade:


-Multimonitor support

-FOV Change

-Custom Crosshair support (png files?)

-Abillity to have uncapped FPS / Choose your FPS limit with a slider

-Abillity to use Hold/Toggle for Both Crouch and Aim



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This topic has been moved to the Game Suggestions section of our forums.

Thank you.


- Azukii

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-More inventory room

-More HUD options

-Fixing of longstanding bugs


I can't think of anything else to be honest, what I'm looking forward to most of all is the engine and phasing. And what they'll do wth threat

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-Dynamic Headlights

-Suspension Tweaking

-Separate front and rear wheel customization (For example if I wanted the Vegas to have larger and wider rear tires than the front to give it a bit of a dragster look)

-Fix wheelies in engine upgrade (They don't currently work in the upgrade and I really don't want them to go away)

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