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Apb reloaded can't find the Pumpkings ( HELP )

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So i spend 2 Days getting the pumpkings, and this happen. The game say '' The last pumpking is nowhere '' In both districts Financial and Waterfront but i dont get them all yet. Please help me 😞




file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/86436515/760/remote/113400/screenshots/20191024160909_1.jpg






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While I can't see the screenshots due to those links not working outside of your system, this sounds like the same issue a number of players have been getting.


On the first day of the event shooting pumpkins in the Headless Horseman event district wouldn't fully progress the role.

We patched out that issue and for players affected by it, we ask that they send in a ticket with our support team as mentioned in:


Update Oct 29th: This should be resolved as per this post, do let us know if there are further issues.



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