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Found 5 results

  1. I know this will be a controversial topic (AKA everyone will call me a scrub and that I'm wrong in every way, whatever) but this game has a well-earned reputation of being incredibly hard to get into, and it's what's holding back community growth. Could we please address the flat-upgrade mods/ tools? Far too many modifications come with no downside, or the downside is irrelevant to gear which they apply to. The listed downside for target marking is that the victim can see when they are marked. That's a comedically pointless drawback since it doesn't really help your situation any, just inform you that you are in a bad one. Car surfing with rocket launchers is such an incredibly effective tactic which new players have not even the faintest hope of achieving for a long time, and furthermore, besides being out in the open, there isn't much of a limitation to car surfing itself. On the topic of cars, there are barely any tradeoff modifications outside of them taking up a mod slot, which I wouldn't really consider a full penalty. Experienced players just have better cars. There is no aspect of side-grading. I'm not going to list every grievance here, but let me also point out upgraded tools. Why is it that the most experienced players who have a substantial advantage in knowing the map (and therefore objective locations, flank routes, vantage points, etc.) ALSO have the ability to complete many objectives faster with no form of penalty? Could unlocked tools at least make you take more damage while completing the objective? Speed is critical in many objectives, so why have the best of the best be able to both reach the objective location faster via upgraded cars, but ALSO rush objectives faster when they get there? It's pointless. Speaking of pointlessness, when new players complain about their weapons sucking compared to unlocks/ purchases, they are often recommended the N-TEC as an effective starting AR. While it's true that the N-TEC is good, it hardly comes close to ones which are running say, Hunter Sight 3. Oh, and another thing about weapon power, let's bring up one thing that should be made very clear. Rocket launchers are broken. Not in that they're better at killing than other weapons, rather they perform two critical actions which are NOT available through normal progression for a long time. The first is vehicular stopping power. Yes, the ALIG is a great weapon for anti-vehicle, but rocket launchers are the single most effective way to lock down car-based objectives. (Besides the dreadfully strong conc grenades (by the way, if you say that their big limitation is that you can only carry one, don't kid yourself. Your resupply options are crazy. In the heat of the moment, you have one less nade, it's true, but that's hardly a good downside considering their killing power and vehicular stopping power) ) Their other advantage is the simple bypass of cover. In a game where working corners and using cover is integral to the core of combat, launchers are a tool which allow you to ignore that factor. If you're pinned down by a sniper, you can at least hold out via cover. Until someone with a launcher forces you to either die to the rocket, or leave cover and get put down by the sniper. Is that really okay? (If you are saying yes, you're a sadist with no consideration for those at an objective disadvantage. Sorry, but it's the truth.) So many times I see someone try to get into the game, only to abandon it because they feel helpless against the equipment of people with more skill in the first place. The game requires IMMENSE patience and persistence to be invested in, which considering there are more newbie-friendly PvP games out there, puts APB at a staggeringly bad position in the market. Okay, time to get dogpiled by everyone.
  2. I feel some weapons in this game has no point since they are tooo weak and unbalanced.
  3. i don't even know how to start this, that's how bad these changes are, holy crap. im just gonna get straight into it, ill start with positives since that's a much shorter list Positives: N-TEC 7 'Ursus' Delay before bloom begins to recover: 0.075 -> 0.085 (Nerf) Maximum Bloom: 2.4 -> 2.8 (Nerf) Marksman accuracy while moving: 1.2 -> 1.6 (Nerf) Minimal changes that make the gun handicapped enough to not be as big of an issue before. thanks. why can't you do this for other guns? N-TEC 5 Maximum Bloom: 2.4 -> 2.0 (Buff) Allows the gun to be viable enough to spray in close quarters again. thanks, it's not terribly accurate but its enough to not lose every fight because you have your ntec out. Stabba PIG Stamina damage: 950 -> 675 (Nerf) i mean, it doesn't fix pig perc, which was ultimately the issue, but it does lower the strength of combos like JG pig or CCG pig. so im ok with this change, it's not awful. N-HVR 243 'Scout' Damage per shot: 550 -> 600 (Buff) Equip time: 0.6 -> 0.8 (Nerf) small change, noticeable enough to make the gun seen a little more commonly, while keeping it balanced. im ok with this Obeya CAP40 'Sergeant' Recovery per second: 4.44 -> 4.5 (Buff) Radius at 10m: 37 -> 36 (Buff) nice FAR Maximum Bloom: 1.45 -> 1.65 (Nerf) nice Colby PMG 28 Accuracy when crouched: 0.8 -> 1.0 (Nerf) Accuracy at 10m: 33 -> 34 (Nerf) Effective Range: 35 -> 20 (Nerf) Min damage Range: 50 -> 35 (Nerf) Recovery per second: 7.2 -> 6.9 (Nerf) It's a little overkill, but the gun's still useable, so props. onto the negatives we GO OBIR Bolt timer: false -> true (Nerf) Reserve ammo: 240 -> 144 (Nerf) this was by no means the way to fix the OBIR's strength. lowering the damage so that the gun didn't have literally insane overdamage(as it still does) would have allowed the gun to keep its place in the meta. now there's no reason to play the gun because the Obeya CR762 exists. please for the love of god do NOT touch the cr762 and just revert this change and lower the obir's damage. N-HVR 762 Damage per shot: 850 -> 800 (Nerf) can't you just revert the stupid crosshair thing and then lower the damage to 750? S1-NA 'Manic' Accuracy while jumping: 2.2 -> 4.4 (Nerf) Damage per shot: 115 -> 110 (Nerf) Maximum Bloom: 0.6 -> 0.725 (Nerf) a great way to completely destroy a $50 gun and completely remove it from the meta. Joker SR15 Carbine "We decided to bring the Carbine back into the spotlight again" Bloom per shot: 0.23 -> 0.20 (Buff) Reserve ammo: 100 -> 140 (Buff) first of all, the carbine was never not in the spotlight, second of all, now you have people lasering with the carbine at ranges they shouldn't be. ACT-44 Effective range: 70 -> 60 (Nerf) Equip time: 0.6 -> 0.9 (Nerf) im ok with the range change, but why would you nerf the equip time? like, yeah dude, the #1 thing I want to do is switch to my ACT44 in close quarters because my close range primary is totally not a viable option. if a player needs to switch to this gun as fast as 0.6, it's because they're in a deep situation. now their secondary is no longer viable to get them out of the situation. by the time anyone pulls out their ACT44 they're gonna get melted by literally every gun that isnt a sniper/ marksman rifle. Colby RSA Fire interval: 0.85 -> 0.9 (Nerf) Delay before bloom begins to recover: 0.5 -> 0.3 (Buff) Accuracy while walking: 1.2 -> 1.75 (Nerf) Accuracy while running (not sprint): 2 -> 2.5 (Nerf) YOU NERFED THE RSA? THE ENTIRELY OFF META GUN THAT NOBODY EXCEPT ACORN AND SHERIFF ROLEPLAY DUDES USE BECAUSE IT WAS ALREADY BAD. I needn't say anymore about this. OCA-EW 626 Fire interval: 0.1 -> 0.096 (Buff) Recovery per second: 5.15 -> 5.35 (Buff) Maximum Bloom: 0.7 -> 0.66 (Buff) Accuracy when crouched: 1.0 -> 0.8 (Buff) OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' Effective Range: 50 -> 30 (Nerf) Min damage Range: 55 -> 35 (Nerf) Accuracy at 10m: 36 -> 33 (Buff) dude, wHAT? who thought this was okay? If you're nerfing the pmg you can't buff the OCA as well, ESPECIALLY NOT THIS STRONG. Now there's absolutely no reason to use a PMG, and no reason to use a shotgun unless you're holding a corner. You nerfed the range on the whisper but with the accuracy buff, it might as well not have even happened. Ridiculous. Colby SNR 850 Equip time: 0.1 -> 0.5 (Nerf) so the only benefit to an otherwise dead gun is gone now, nice this is entirely opinionated, you're free to disagree with it, just, y'know, be civilized.
  4. Releasing the new game mode as well as the engine at the current state of the game is going to be a huge mistake, I understand that you want to release both as close together as possible. However, I don’t think you should be delaying fixing the current game because of that. A lot of the players who quit the game quit because of the state the game was in and not because the lack of content. Besides from what we’ve seen from Riot it seems like it’s a far way from being finished and should probably be put to the side for now imo. Currently there are tons of broken things in the game, many of whom you’ve broken after patches/events. If the engine were to be released in the current state that the game is currently I’m afraid most of the players who come back to check out the engine and the gamemode would just leave again after realising that the basics of the game actually somehow got worse than before and the same problems still persist. Things that needs to be fixed Car Radar It’s just unreliable to the point where it’s not even worth running it anymore, spawn next to one and you’re permanently stuck until you die, spawn far away from one and you’re invisible while on top of the car. Spotter Did get a lot better after you applied the fix for it, but broke the patch after with the Halloween event. Currently the spotter is even worse than it was before you applied the fix for it. Points not appearing has been around for the last couple months and desperately needs a fix. The only way to stop this from happening is logging out from your account between every character swap and once it occurs the only fix is to restart the game. Ghostshots, names not showing up on corners and desyncing has also gotten a lot worse. However, some of these bugs might be very difficult to figure out a solution for so it’s understandable that some of them have been around for a while. On the other hand hitreg like this: Is just ridiculous, specially considering these clips are just a small portion of the hitreg from the last week. Balance Changes Something else which I just don’t understand is some of the balance changes which has not yet been made, such as: Low-Yields We still have 3 low yields, should be reduced down to 2 to start with. Remote detonator Still has no cooldown should be around 2 - 4 minutes cooldown. Yellow mods Yellow mods are still in the game, should be removed completely or nerfed significantly. Example: Shield HP reduced by 60% (Currently takes slightly less than 1 and a half mag for most guns to destroy a shield) You should no longer be able to resupply nades or explosive ammo from the yellow ammo boxes. (Would also give people a reason to play Field Supplier again) Shotguns Shotgun changes have yet to be reverted even though there has been numerous threads made about it, the change failed to make the hitreg of the shotgun more reliable which was the point of the change. Shotguns like the NFAS, Thumper and JG are now incredibly overpowered while the CSG is completely useless. The fact that it’s near impossible to miss with the shotguns also make SMGs completely useless within 20m if you play vs someone close to your own skill level. Cooldowns Why has premium / non premium cooldowns for both character mods as well as vehicle mods yet to be normalised to the current premium ones? HVR HVR still deals 850 damage. 850 damage is way too much for any gun in this game to deal, the damage should be reduced and the zoom in nerf should be reverted, this just made the gun feel clunky and unfun to play. The quickswitching was never really the problem with the gun but more so the fact that it deals 850 damage and takes you out of the fight for 10-15 seconds for minimal effort. What you should've done was reduce the damage of the HVR to 720 and make it drop down to 50 at 90-100m so you don't get 1 tapped at render distance. Side notes: Why does the Talon still have 10m less range than the regular RFP?
  5. For those who havn't tested the ntec changes or wanted a little better overview. From some minor testing I have found the following along with my thoughts: (Note that I was using my cellphone in one hand and mouse in the other to time this so there will be variance from actual statistics) Current TTK: 0.70s Test B TTK: .75-.78s Burst firing: 2 shots: ~1.18s attempted best accuracy - "Realistic" best accuracy i'd estimate about 1.15-1.3 Tap firing: ~1.35 sec - Best accuracy is about the same. If anyone has tested these values, i'll update this for a better reflection of both current and reworked variant. =========================================================== Thoughts: I like the increased TTK as it is more balanced towards the STAR's TTK, i don't have rough values for burst firing and tap firing so i cannot compare them to current. The reduced bloom recovery does not feel bad and it still allows the gun to be accurate at range, and feels "smoother" while firing as well. I can understand why people would be upset at the change, though it feels easier to manage tap firing when done right. Burst firing is trickier than tap firing. Bursts of two feels fine up to roughly 40m, 3 round bursts feel accurate up to about 20m, but you don't want to go further than that. The bursts however do not feel accurate against corners, so that is something to be careful about. Full auto feels like a real no go in cqc, its likely reduce its cqc ability but i havn't played missions with it to best test how that feels with it. I cannot imagine cqc being nearly as viable as it was, but that's likely for the best. Conclusion: I do not have any real dislike for the changes and after testing them they seem fine as is, however I would have one suggestion as stated below. I will be honest and say that these changes I have wanted something similar to happen to the ntec to begin with so it's nice to test, so I may be more partial towards liking these changes. Suggestion: Slightly lower the bloom gain at the 3rd and 4th, shots. I understand why the change is being done, however I feel that the bloom gain may be slightly too harsh.
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